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Default Re: North Carolina

I posted some information on a potential piece of property in October of
2008. We raised approximately $100,000 and went to the auction hoping
to have an opportunity to buy the property. A land developer and the lender
got in a bidding war and the lender won the bid at 1.6 million. So it appeared
that we lost our opportunity to purchase this land.

Here we are 6 months later and the lender still has this property that he
wants to un load. He has recently approached us to see if we are
interested. It appears at this time no one else is interested in the property.
We are a group of well diversified people, some coming from the business
world, the non profit area, primitive skills and a herbologist to name a few.

We believe this property has some sort of spiritual guidance on it. We need
to raise funding to have an opportunity to buy it from the lender. If you
are interested in this opportunity send me a private message. We should
have a proposal written in 2 weeks. Anyone serious in this opportunity
will have a chance to look at this property and meet our group before
providing any funding. We feel we need to raise $300,000 at this time
to start the ball rolling.

If you seriously think earth changes are on the horizon and are willing to
make a commitment send me an e-mail. I believe there is no hiding
place on this property if you are service to self it is not a place you
would want to live on.

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Unified Serenity
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Default Re: North Carolina


My partner and I are in Tallahassee Florida. She is from Vance county NC, and we have pretty much decided we want to be in the Ashville NC area in the future. She is a retired radiological technologist (x-ray tech). I am a college grad with bs in marketing, management and sociology. I am also a trained blacksmith / Farrier, have gardening, building, and natural energy knowledge. I also have 4 children from a prior marriage who may or may not move with us depending on when we leave here.

We would like to create relationships with those in the NC area who are also light oriented and have a servants heart. I am not interested in a religious commune or political gathering, but more those who believe we need to walk in love, generosity, and positive energy.

We have been limited in funding this past year and are working to improve that situation. We have gathered supplies for emergencies, and I plan to focus mostly on earth friendly structures, irrigation, and food storage / gardening. I am also interested in natural healing, and spent the last 20 years focusing on energetics and have taught meditation and energetic workings.

I would like to hear from others of like mind, and possibly plan some meet ups.


Unified Serenity
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Default Re: North Carolina

Hey! Anybody still out there? I'm in Clemmons, NC and at some point in the future will be heading for the mountains to find a community of like minded and friendly people to live near.
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Default Re: North Carolina

Hello Riverine!

I grew up in Davidson Co...stomped around Clemmens a bit... If I weren't in Italy I'd be heading up towards Swannannoa area....good luck to ya!
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Default Re: North Carolina

Thanks WiaDeYo

I'll check it out.
I too was born and raised in Tobaccoville, NC and spent time in Army and 32 years in California. I am looking also at Taos, NM possibly an earthship.
I want to get some elevation but not nose bleed.
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Default Re: North Carolina

I'm in Davidson County NC


Kind Regards,
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Default Re: North Carolina

Hey Ya'll.......Raleigh here
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Default Re: North Carolina


Anybody interested in joining in a Chemtrail Watch group we've formed in SW VA to track chemtrailing activity and get some data together? There is NO information anywhere about when they chemtrail, and how that relates to our actual weather, so we're collecting our own info. We've got local observers scattered in small towns, and we could use some NC people too, as all our weather is linked, particularly anyone around Blowing Rock, Boone, etc.

Armed with info (observations, photos, videos) we plan on making a fuss and demanding some answers from local and state "governing bodies" who are not telling us ANYTHING. And also we'll demand some public health initiatives around the aluminum and barium falling so unnaturally from the sky.

Anyone? Contact me at Citizens' Chemtrail Watch ctwatch22@aol.com and I'll help your local group get started. Then you'll be allied with our group. And we're hoping for a nationwide alliance of observers as time goes on, to track systems coming in from the midwest.
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