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Default Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

I read the first 200 pages of Lawrence Spencer's book Alien Interview. I felt when I got into all the alien, 2012, whistle-blowing research I went down the rabbit hole. Well if this material is true it got deeper and more complicated. Lawrence Spencer is the editor of the book "The Alien Interview" in which he discusses a new testimony from an army nurse who interviewed the live Alien at Roswell in 1947.

The ET race from "The Domain" has lost over 3000 of their people to the "Old Empire" who is still pulling the strings on planet earth. The Domain would like their "Is-Be's back but haven't found a way to establish their previous memories on this prison planet. We are all from somewhere else and our memories have been erased. Great story line for the next Star Wars Saga, that is unless we are staring in it during the present time.

The nurse was placed in witness protection, settled in Ireland, and before her death wanted to unload this burden that she has carried. She had spoken to Lawrence once before, read one of his books and felt he was the one to get this story out. I'm hoping for some good discussion on this thread.

copy of book:

You Tube interview with Spencer (3 parts)
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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

I think I just found the information I was looking for from Bill Ryan, Scientology hoax. What will be next?
Remember, we new folks depend on you wise ones to straighten us out. This is all so new to me, disinformation and all.
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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

Listened to the interview, very straighforward guy that Lawrence Spencer, but haven't heard about him before. His other book also looks pretty interesting, anyone heard of him before?
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14 Chakras
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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

My take:

Alien Interview legit, no hoax. A piece of the puzzle.

HOWEVER, the ET that crashed was A) not enlightened B) has an agenda like the rest of them.

So for me, it was an interesting read, but not something I would recommend to everybody because it is one particular ET's view on reality, who has an agenda with her "Domain" forces and lives in a society based on technology, military and a class system. She doesn't understand unconditional Love, Ascension, the infinite or the reality that planet earth is a staging ground for the raising up of ALL of creation!

This earth, while it has been a prison planet for some, is truly a grand cosmic experiment to bring souls from all levels in the schoolroom of the universe together in One place so that we learn to all get along and turn this dark star into a bright beacon of Light and Life in the mind of God.

The ET points out that we have cycled through so many different types of societies in such a short period, whereas throughout the rest of the universe these kind of societies last for millions or billions of years (like Egypt, Rome, etc. etc.). This is not a bad thing, this gives us the chance to play many different roles in a very short time so we can learn much quicker and come up much higher. We don't get stuck in one billion year ego identity like the domain forces do. We're here to learn fast and come up higher.

This schoolroom earth is a tough place to learn, the risk are high (look at the drug addicts for example), but so are the rewards, and they're coming Now for those who are willing to come up higher Now.

Soon, humanity will be reborn into a higher reality and will truly have abundance made manifest on this planet.

The "I AM race", humans who choose to Be and remember they are More than their seperate sense of identity, will be reborn here soon... the caterpillar becomes the butterfly and you and I are destined for something More...
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Bill Ryan
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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

Hi, Folks:

I had to clear up this one. It's a hoax. This is a fact. Below is a review I wrote for Amazon. Enjoy


Unfortunately, this book is a hoax. This is definitive.

Lawrence Spencer is careful (presumably for legal reasons) to offer the written disclaimer that Alien Interview should be regarded as a work of fiction, but it does the UFO community (and the Scientology community - see below) no favors when Spencer maintained on subsequent radio talk shows, some with sizeable audiences, that the purported "interview" really happened. It did not.

Conveniently, the claimed source, "Matilda MacElroy" is "deceased" - and Spencer "destroyed all the original documentation". So we'll just have to take his word for it... and his word, publicly stated, is that he is portraying real events. Sadly, his word is not very honorable, and he is lying. I don't often deploy that unpleasant word, but here its use is accurate and fair.

Any Scientologist with any experience (and I am one) will instantly recognize the very large number of terms and concepts directly borrowed from (and sourced by) L. Ron Hubbard.

These are literally too numerous to list, starting right at the start with "doll bodies", "what's true is what's true for you", "If you were looking for Hell, the Earth would suffice", liberal use of the term "Space Opera", the concept that the Earth is a prison planet, and much, much, much else. Find any friendly Scientologist and they will be pleased and intrigued to go through the book line by line with you. There's a smoking gun on almost every page.

Spencer has maybe made an unfortunate judgment, and written an interesting work of fiction (and don't get me wrong here: many of the metaphysical concepts, formulated by Hubbard, may be valuable and have a great deal of truth to them) - but has then fallen into the trap of using his idea of journalistic license to portray the concepts in the framework of a "true story".

This does not help genuine UFO research one iota, and further confuses the complex Roswell issue - in which real, elderly witnesses, with great courage at the end of their lives, have come forward to tell their very real stories. Spencer discredits and dishonors these fine people by what he has done. This is my issue.

Almost as an afternote: there are many other problems with the book - many of which are already cited by other reviewers. Use of the terms "carbon dating", "computer", "database", "alien" (the Roswell survivor was called an EBE, or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity), MacElroy being a "Senior Master Sergeant" - and more - are all anachronisms: the words or terms did not exist in 1947, and show clearly that this is recent writing. The date stamp is also wrong: the author uses the English notation of 9.7.1947 for 9 July 1947... a little slip, written by Spencer, who although American is very familiar with England.

The final nail in the coffin is this e-mail, written by Spencer himself in 2000:

From: Lawrence Spencer
Sent: 07 November 2000 02:12
To: Graham Hancock
Subject: Your victory

Dear Graham,

Congratulations to you and Robert on your victory regarding the BBC 
attack! Well Done! I commend you on your courage and persistence.

I am the author of "The Oz Factors" (I sent both yourself and Robert a 
copy of my book last spring), so I certainly do have some first hand 
knowledge how the mainstream academic vested interests operate to 
suppress the truth. My book discusses this subject as one of the 12 
"Oz Factors" which prevent our civilization from discovering answers 
to the mysteries of our existence.

I have been a Scientologist for 31 years. A good deal of my book is an application of the principles of L. Ron Hubbard as regards the fields 
of study into which you and Robert have so bravely advanced. Perhaps 
the material in my book will be of assistance to you at some point in 
your research.

Keep up the good fight!

Very Best Regards,
Lawrence R. Spencer
author of "The Oz Factors"
Read this book as the metaphysically fascinating work of fiction that it is. Spencer's post-publication behavior, however, elevates this "fiction" to the level of a dishonorable hoax, for which he should be ashamed. He could have handled this much, much better.

I am a UFO researcher myself. If you want the truth, there are many other places to find it. And if Spencer wants to contact me, he can through the Project Camelot website which I run with my colleague Kerry Cassidy. I would be interested to know privately what possessed him to go so far and to paint himself into such a corner, from which escape is now almost impossible without him continuing to deceive his readers.
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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

Thanks for posting this Bill. This helps those of us not familiar with scientology. I did read it and it really didn't feel right, so this confirms some of my feelings.

Thanks again for your contribution.


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14 Chakras
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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

HI Bill,

Gratitude for sharing your opinion on this one. It is good to have all sides to a story so we can each see how it fits with us.

For me, I have no experience in Scientology. That is interesting if some of this work conveys similar themes to Scientology. That being said, I would certainly question to what degree it is shared? To me, this is a highly original piece, even if some of the themes or wording may be similar. I don't believe that because someone is a scientologist that makes their work false, even if it may confirm some of their Scientology beliefs.

Personally, I believe there are pieces of the puzzle everywhere, and we shouldn't discount ideas because they come from this place or that, more we should see how they fit into the grand puzzle of Truth (which is infinite) For me, I find the terminology connection interesting, but it's not enough for me to dismiss this body of work as a hoax of fiction.

Now that being said, I DO NOT AGREE with this "ETs" take on reality. I believe the "Domain" described has it's own agenda, and there is much ego and false illusions that this ET is communicating. Remember, this info is being conveyed to the shadow government, and this ET even claims to be a part of the Domain forces military. Do military personnel share the whole truth? Or enough to fulfill whatever agenda they have.

More importantly, do ET's have the ultimate truth? In my opinion, they are students in the Schoolroom of the universe like we are.

I believe personally, Truth is found beyond the material, Truth is spiritual. The spiritual realm is where the Truth is found. Beyond duality, is reality, Pure Being, in the Eternal Now.

As for this being a prison planet, I personally believe that for some souls, indeed it is. They are not from here, and some have indeed been dumped here. But not all. Some volunteered to come here. Many came from here originally. Some came here when they blew up their own planet: Maldek.

Truth is truly infinite, which is why we will only find the Truth that will set us Free when we move beyond the mind and into BEing.


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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

When I read this interview for the first time last summer I questioned it's veracity also. It definitely has a tenor of falseness about it. Perhaps as Bill suggests it is written as a piece of fiction intended to confuse the issue, or even display the Scientology teaching from an allegorical point of view. Yet there was known to be more than one crash in New Mexico about that time period. Could this ET have been a survivor one of the other crashes that occurred back then? Whether truth or fiction, it is an interesting read because it exposes a way of thinking that I feel is prevalent among certain ETs in this universe.

I do believe there are some ETs out there who travel from world to world as scientists studying the different worlds as they go, such as the domain referenced by this nurse (real or imagined). They lack a more spiritual view of their existence and put all their efforts into technology and science as the reason for existence. But no matter how much time we spend studying the biology of different species and planets, this is a mindless pursuit that distracts the soul from it's upward growth.

I wouldn't want a life focused on such a pursuit, nor do I believe that the people on this planet are trapped here by some "amnesiatic force screen" that causes us to forget who we really are and entraps us here forever, and that we can never get out of, despite trying.

Yes there is a veil drawn at birth that prevents us from remembering our past lives and knowledge gained, yet there are spiritual reasons for this veil other than just some amnesiatic force screen. And I know many people who have been able to see through that veil into the higher dimensions, as their souls grow spiritually. So that veil is not totally inpenetrable.

If one wants to view this planet as a prison planet, then we must also realize that there is a way out of this prison besides being picked up by a spaceship and taken away. The entrapment we have here is a karmic one of our own making and can be dissolved and transmuted through methods such as use of the violet flame and attunement with the Christ within us.

So whether or not this story is true or a falsehood perpetrated upon us by a deceiving writer, nevertheless we can see through the lies presented by the ET in this story and see how the views given forth by this ET to this nurse misrepresent the true nature of our beings.

This ET (if real) is a sadly misguided soul who seeks to implant into our minds false records of history and life's meaning that is far from truth. If such concepts are also the concepts of scientology, then I can understand now why I never felt inclined to study scientology. I would be interested to know if the concepts presented by this nurse are the same exact concepts presented by scientology, or are they different than what L Ron Hubbard presented?
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14 Chakras
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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

After pondering this a bit more, it does make sense that this piece of the puzzle just doesn't entirely fit in the big picture. Not being privy to Scientology, I can imagine how it may be possible to take those concepts and put them in a work of fiction like this.

As I've stated, I don't really agree with almost anything this ET presents as spiritual Truth, meaning I don't believe it is the highest truth, while I do believe there are interesting concepts however, that may be one viewpoint into an ET's view of truth (mixed with whatever agenda they would potentially have). I also found some of the descriptions interesting, and the idea that some ET's have used earth as a prison planet does make some sense to me. There are some things in here that make sense.

So perhaps it is fully inspired from scientology, perhaps it is partially inspired by another consciousness that has worked through this fellow, perhaps there is some actual experience behind it.

However, if the fellow put in the kind of effort that it would take to create a hoax like this, which is very well written and thought out, it is surprising that he would spend very little time marketing it or promoting it. The book is available for free and barely promoted or talked about. I would have thought if someone put this much work into a hoax, they would have spent more time spreading the word about it and promoting it.

Interesting read nonetheless, and I agree very much with softwalker that the book or viewpoint does not hold very many keys to spiritual mastery other than potentially gaining a bit of an understanding that we are co-creators, not just little people (which they call Is-Bes)

This being fiction also makes the Grey story easier to digest as we are now, it appears, only dealing with Greys from the future that we're humans in the past (and their bio robots) rather than this added layer of complexity of Greys from the present ~ and don't we all like to wrap our heads around the impossible story to wrap our heads around ~ now who know's what is actually the full truth there ? No human, I believe, no human does.

(Here's thread on the Greys: Who what when where: http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=15720)

In addition, it definitely humbles me that I thought I understood something but it appears I did not... this is a good thing. Truth truly is infinite... and I have to stop 'thinking' I can figure it all out outside of me and surrender to the reality that the Truth that will set me free is found beyond the thinker, beyond the 'ideas of what is happening' and is found in the state of surrender, the state of Being in Oneness.

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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

I read "Alien Interview" a few months ago. It certainly didn't coincide with the already available information about the Roswell crash so I didn't dwell on it too much. Interesting fast read.

Dane Tops used the term "doll body" in the interview with Bill and Kerry.

Thanks for posting the thread, Mystique and to you, Bill, for exposing the hoax.

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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

I think it all depends on what your goal is and what you want to achieve in this life time.
If you believe that you need outside help to save the world and yourself then its an endless search into this and that---its never ending.

If you believe this world is the university of consciousness and that you are here to evolve spiritually then all the chasing here there and every where is a distraction and a complete waste of time.

Dr David Hawkins while not disputing other realms and astral places advises ---dont go there. He says that for the spiritual student on the path of enlightenment all the knowledge that is needed is and has been in form on this planet. ie Jesus Krishna Budah to name but a few. So if your goal is enlightenment dont waste time for it is short. Study the ones who are in the state of enlightenment for they know.
Eckhart Tolle -- Dr David Hawkins for sure, alive and here.

It only takes one enlightened being to save the planet, so its that important.
( thats a quote fom a cd of Dr David Hawkins, "The Highest Level of Enlightenment")
Regards Chris

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Default Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

so much information to sort through...
I have not read the book, I will check it out just out of curiosity...
I am sure some, if not many, if not all of us are indeed from elsewhere...
What did you mean Mistic when you said you felt you were going through the rabbit hole with the alien subject??

Have you read the book "the Custodians" by Dolores Cannon??
It is definantly NOT a hoax and really a great book....
"keepers of the Garden" too

I recommend them to anyone who wants something close to the truth
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Exclamation Re: Alien Interview; Another piece of the puzzle, or hoax?

If you read the book if feels like watching a hypnotic discovery channel program.
When I was reading it, I came across a part of the book explaining the volcanic activity which said that the earth is NOT hollow . Beep Error detected

Another is the timeline of Atalantis or Atlanta refuring to this book and Lemuria is in error with the Boy from Mars and Alex Collier.

This is just a very good example of mixing lies with the truth.

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