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Default Re: The fallacy of "good and evil"

Originally Posted by feeler View Post
In a phony democracy, evil things committed by evil doers need special attention; these evil things need to be justified and glamorized.

Water torture should be called water boarding.

Genociding should be called incurring collateral damage.

And just today, supressing the truth is for your own good.

Obama Moves to Bar Release of Detainee Abuse Photos

Phony phony phony.

Let's drop the political junk. I chose a bad example and for that, I kind of derailed things a bit.
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Default Re: The fallacy of "good and evil"

Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
Does the fear help the child?
When we come to fear, in my opinion there are two types.

The first is one imposed on you from an outside source, with the aim of stealing your energy and power of manifestation. This form can usually be safely ignored.

But there is the other form of fear - the one generated from within.

This is an extremely powerful form of energy that can be tapped into for your own purposes. An innate gift really.

I personally do not consider fear and emotion. I consider it an energy source that entwines with emotion ans amplifies it.

In the above instance, you have self-generated fear, entwined with love. If someone threatens you, you would have self generated fear entwined with hate. Both are very powerful combinations.

An even more powerful combination is fear entwined with love and hate. An example would be if you saw someone assaulting your daughter. You love your daughter intensely, you hate the person assaulting her intensely, and you greatly fear for your daughter's well being.

That particular combination would empower you with superhuman abilities such as enhanced strength, speed, agility and psychic power to break the will of the assaulter.

In the above case of the child in the tree, the love for your child and the hatred of seeing her killed or hurt, magnified by fear, would allow you to hold that tree in place through manipulation of the subatomic energies, or impel that child to stop by temporarily shifting her concisenesses aside, and taking control of her body.

If you are in a state of "detached love" and have "surrendered you fears" then you have basically dis empowered both yourself and your power of (negative) manifestation.

I know many movements out there advocate "detached love" and to "surrender your fears" Even in the movies such as star wars :Emperor to Luke: "surrender to your fears, use your hate, and your journey to the dark side will be complete"

In my opinion, the above is the path to dis empowerment. And there are those that do not have humanity's best interest at heart, that would like nothing more than to have us all do that.

The level of your emotional heights determines you fear potentiality. The less you love, the less you fear. The less you fear the less you love..

Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
I believe we are co-creators of our reality. Whatever we put our attention on, we give power to. I have heard it said the universe is a mirror that will reflect back to us whatever we send out.
Well this is true. In my opinion, ability to create your own reality at the personal level is strong, but weakens when we drift to the collective level. At the collective level, the balanced polarities in opinion and belief often cancel out any chance of collective manifestation.

Manifestation is: a though form, with a foundation of belief, and powered by emotion. The more focused the thought form, the stronger the belief, and the higher the emotion involved, the greater chance of manifestation.

Emotions in the human collective run high, which is good. But the focus of thought is lacking. "Free Tibet" "Save the forests" is too vague - the cosmos cannot do much with that and will flick the thought back at you to try again.

Drift into Theta brainwaves via meditation, visualize a geographical location, picture trees growing, mining tracks being washed out by rain, animals running free everywhere. That, the cosmos can accommodate you with, and your desire will invariably be granted.

Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
When we fear something, we may be giving it power. The more we fear it, the more likely we are to have to experience the fear. The universe responds with whatever you are sending it, wherever your attention is, the universe will reflect that back.
Precisely. In my opinion, you choose to tap into fear to power your manifestation, choose your thought form wisely, and focus it as tightly as you can.

Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
For example a James Redfield story, two men were traveling through a foreign country, one had an intense fear of getting arrested and tortured at the border, the other had no such fear. Guess who got arrested and tortured at the border?
This perhaps was a poor choice of thought form. Had he used that fear to power a thought form of a sparkling cylinder of light permeating his etheric aura repelling all beings with negative intent, for example, he could well have been fine. The fact that he was captured and tortures proved that it was a valid fear

Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
As Jesus said (paraphrasing): Anxiety and worry cannot add one day to our lives or one inch to our stature; they are not productive.
From a certain point of view, one could say that Jesus was an example of the perils of journeying too far into the positive polarity.

One could say that just as Hitler journeyed to far into the service to self polarity, and consumed himself, Jesus went too far the other way in service to others and was consumed by others. There is perhaps a message here.

Most belief systems have definite symbology that pertains to balance - ying yang / the merkaba for example.

In my opinion, to evolve we need to explore, experience then understand the shortfall of all polarities.

To finally turn on-topic to the thread starter 

In terms of positive/negative good/evil:

The path of the positive/magnetic allows you to draw the primal scalar waves, but you have no way to expend it, save being consumed by others. In essence, your fate is to become a victim to vampires.
The path of the electric/negative, allows you to expend energy, but without magnetic ability to draw power from the primal source, you end up consuming both yourself and others around you. In essence, this path leads to you becoming a vampire

This reality matrix we share is a truly wondrous learning vehicle. Nice and bipolar, so we can explore the polarities and learn from the shortfalls each one brings, sort of vampiric, so we can learn about energy flows, understand it and perhaps gain a semblance of control over it, and limited manifestation, so we can learn about the power of our thoughts, but in such a way that we don’t cause any damage when we make mistakes.

And filled with baddies and goodies to spice it up and make it interesting!

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Default Re: The fallacy of "good and evil"

Fear is a part of life. It helps to save our *** over and over. The problem is chronic and debilitating fear...which keeps us from responding responsibly. Is seeking to eliminate fear...a denial of reality? We live in a scary world. If you can remain calm in this situation...you simply don't understand the situation. On the other hand...we have nothing to fear but the fearmongers.

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Default Re: The fallacy of "good and evil"

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Fear is a part of life. It helps to save our *** over and over.
I totally agree.

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Is seeking to eliminate fear...a denial of reality?
I think the elimination of fear is almost impossible anyway. If someone was swimming in the ocean with sharks circling them, or in a plane plummeting to the ground, i believe anyone would be scared, and would find that fear quite real. The level of love they had for themselves and their life would probably determine the extent of that fear, but even so, their hatred of physical pain would ensure at least some level of fear.

That's when people generally pray - even the ones that don't believe in god. I believe it is a little gift given to us by source/god, to give us a little power boost to help us manifest our way out of trouble

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
We live in a scary world. If you can remain calm in this situation...you simply don't understand the situation. On the other hand...we have nothing to fear but the fearmongers.
I agree with this too.

For example swine flu: I didn't fear the flue itself.

What I did fear was the human collective buying into it. If billions had started running around dressed like Darth Vader, then that flue could well have got out of hand.

Fortunately, it seems a critical mass has latched on to the little scam of stealing our manifestation powers, and proceeded to meditate/visualise/pray it away. The majority of the rest didn't give the energy required either - I think they have heard the media cry wolf once too often.

Our collective emasculation of the swine flue was personally very heartening
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14 Chakras
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Default Re: The fallacy of "good and evil"

I completely agree that love without power is not balanced and not fruitful. However, I believe that true power does not come from darkness, but from light.

Yin / Yang

Yin = Father Consciousness, Creative Intelligence, God Power, Electrical, spiritual realm

Yang = Mother Consciousness, Nurturing Love, Magnetism, Matter realm

Father Mother = balanced union is our source

All beings with soul matrix's have both the father and mother within them. We must balance them out in order to ascend.

Planet earth right now is generally imbalanced in one or the other. For example, too much focus on father results in focus on power, or imbalanced spiritual growth without the love for others, you could say the power elite are focused solely on the father and not on the mother.

On the other side, too much loving nurturance in the material realm with no power or desire to grow can result is a society that focuses solely on comfortable material lifestyles without any growth in consicousness, and the world becomes a static place..

God is not powerless.

The darkness real source of power is the power that free will co-creators give it, by misplacing the light that they receive from the source.

Fear is a vibration. When you enter into the vibration of fear, you lower the vibration of your energy field and you open it up to a plethora of dark entities and forces. Those who have experiences in the astral or whose third eyes are open, can usually attest to this experience directly. When your vibration is low, the dark forces have much power over you, and can even start to think for you and manipulate you in many ways.

I believe this is why the emperor taunted Luke with "surrender to hate and fear". When you lower your vibration, you open up your consciousness and energy field to all sorts of baddies that want to steal your light and do the thinking for you. Humanity is far more mind controlled by forces like this than we would want to believe. (Which you might say is what happened to Anakin Skywalker when he gave in to the darkness)

The power comes from God the father, not from the lack of light, the darkness which is simply the mirror of God, the illusion that there is an opposite to the One. The power from darkness is simply stolen and misplaced energy, a temporary illusion that will inevitably have light shown onto it and be no more.

As for Jesus, although he demonstrated the path to Christhood and did spend a day on the cross, he did not die. He is very much alive today and the victory for his mission is at hand! This is a pretty big deal considering this planet was slated for destruction because it had fallen to such a low level in the distant past.

The freeing and raising up of this planet into a much more exciting and loving place, that is connected to the benevolent universal community has begun and the Christ is ready to be born in us!
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Default Re: The fallacy of "good and evil"

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
Love and Fear is more accurate but one can argue that we can't generally define good or evil because due to culture, people have different perspectives on what constitutes both.

Right on the money on this one

great thread .......
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