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Default This Really Grindes my Gears!!!

Since my awakening, every time i see articles like this i just want to scream!!!
I cant believe, like myself previously, how many inteligent people fall into the same trap of misguided info.

Moon landing? Hogwash ó a hoax to distract the public from the Vietnam War. Princess Dianaís car accident? Thatís rich. The Royal Family clearly had her offed ó as blithely as if it were removing a thorn from its highborn flank.

At least thatís what conspiracy buffs believe. And there seem to be more of them than ever. London Times columnist David Aaronovitch says that our rampant infoculture provides a breeding ground for crackpot theories.
The create your own conspiricy wizard is quite cool, tho why would you need one with so many crackpots on the net making them up for the world.

Link to Wired Magazine Article
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