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Default Need Avalon members help!

I haven't been on here in sometime as I have been quite consumed in research lately. Ive ran into a road block with info i received yesterday and was wondering if anyone has further info. My Friend has a brother in Afghanistan serving in the Air Force. he gave a distressed call yesterday 9/22 to his family. The message was passed to me by his brother to research and make sense of. He said the Project Trinity has began (I can only drum up the old project trinity where they tested the H bomb a while back) He said they had just began dropping leaflets into the small villages of Afghanistan. ( I found out from a vet that these are dropped behind enemy lines. usually cartoons with instructions on how to surrender). He said they are handing out lots of CRD's (Controlled regulatory devices) (did not specify who they were handing out too i think him and his troops tho.) ( have done my research and used my resources but cannot find out what these things are. he said there new and classified devices) He told his family he loved them very much and to be safe. The line became staticy and he HU. Sounds like there moving into Afghanistan but I want to find out what CRD's are and place anything more i can to find out what this is about. Can anyone help?
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