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pineal-pilot-in merkabah
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Default iranian president speech at the UN

sounds like a common sense bloke to me no wonder they want to nuke him.
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Default Re: iranian president speech at the UN

I have always thought he was an OK bloke... I don't agree with the strict religious views of mixing religious doctrine with law of the land but his heart is in the right place.. I am half Jewish.... my mother was Jewish yet appalled at what Zionism has meant to the Paistinians... She was always a defender of the palastinian cause... she lost 39 relitives in the Holocaust and escaped nazi Germany her self as a refugee...yet she would never support the state of Isreal and how it came in to being...

His famous statement about wiping Isreal of the face of the earth was missquoted... He said that while he suported the JEWs right to a home land, ZIONISM should be erased from the pages of history!!! BIG difference! And even there he was qouting some one else , Khomani...

His supposed holocaust denial was also miss qouted... He said the figures of deaths had been manipullted to further the implimention of a Zionist state of Isreal.... we all know the theory here... that the Jews who died in The camps were Khazarian Jews ie eastern European descendents of a converts...
The Ashkenazi jews on the other hand or the Hebrew Jews are considered Real Jews by the Zionists.... the Khazarian guys aren't... these guys deaths meant nothing to the rightwing hard core Zioist faction who believe like the Illumanait, they are supperior to other humans by blood line... bla bla..
and that the millions exterminated in the camps were not real jews.
Thats the theory any way..... The Zionists were actually quite happy that these not real jews deaths occured as they got the sympathy of the whole world who said nothing to them when they violently overthrew the Palistinian people and hyjacked their land...
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