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Default The Egyptian Pyramids


To this day, atheistic scholars and scientists are at a loss to explain the megalithic structures and extremely advanced civilizations that existed in ancient times. These structures still stand today after thousands of years.

After the flood, much of the landscape was eroded. A landing base was needed for the Gods and the twin pyramids at Giza in Egypt were built to replicate the twin peaks of Mount Ararat. Measurements were taken from the skies.

There are 365.24 cubits in the pyramid's base. This corresponds exactly to the solar year. The sum of the base diagonals gives an approximation of the number of years in a total precession of the equinoxes. (Just short of 26,000). The pyramid's apex corresponds to the North Pole, the perimeter is equivalent to the equator, and its four plane surfaces accurately represent the four quadrants of the hemisphere. These measurements parallel the ley lines and magnetic fields of the Earth.

The exteriors of the great pyramids were originally covered with limestone and they shone in the Sun. The limestone has been picked off over the centuries. Crystals were placed inside of the pyramids. The power of the crystals produced a beam that reflected up to the sky. To this day, the electrical current at the apex of the pyramids is so powerful it has knocked men unconscious. The pyramids also reverberated from the inside to serve as a landing guide. They were called the "lofty houses of eternity.

The pyramids were built in the Age of Leo, according to what was written by the Gods. This is the reason for the Sphinx, which has the body of a lion. The face on the Sphinx was originally that of the Egyptian God Thoth. Due to rivalry between brothers Thoth and Amon Ra, the face was eventually changed to that of Amon Ra.

Archeologists and Egyptologists who have explored the Pyramids are at a loss to explain the absence of torch marks at a time when they believed electricity and other means of light were not yet invented. Napoleon, in the year 1798 entered one of the Pyramids. When he came back out, he was pale faced and in awe. He would never reveal what he saw as he claimed no one would ever believe him.

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Default Re: The Egyptian Pyramids

and one more little bit of info, the position of the three Pyramids align directly to Orion's belt 3 stars.
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Default Re: The Egyptian Pyramids

I have come to understand that the Law of One reasoning for the pyramids is total horse puckey, the theory is that it was built by collective consciousness is half true because it did take PEOPLE to build.

The pyramids are taught to you in Masonry actually as i have spoken with a Mason in my town and he was surprised i knew about the laying system (go research it) alot of old Masonry got its measuring/building concepts from in fact the ancient ones.

The pattern is quite astronomical and it really made me understand what humanity can do if it really desires it.

Best luck in your aspirations!
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Default Re: The Egyptian Pyramids

Orion or Cyngus....

Ive covered both of these theories at The Matrix


The three major Egytian Pyramids at Giza are aligned to the three stars in Orion's belt.

the Orion Theory

Was Giza Constructed to Depict the Constellation of Cygnus?

Hall of records
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