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Default Disclosure of the greatest ever cover-up

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to get sleeping souls to wake up? Have you ever speculated on the reasons that searching for the truth takes such a tremendous effort before moving from searching to finding? Have you thought about how it is almost impossible to grasp the bigger picture? Those who have begun to figure all these questions out know that the answers can only be found after we have really discovered what the true nature of human consciousness really is all about.

Those that have found the answer to that question might ask, "Why is this so difficult to discover"? What question, if answered, could move the world into a higher level of paradigm – one that would get us on the right track, and keep us there? This is the story of the greatest human paradigm that has shaped our human condition to what it is today. It is a step by step acknowledgement of the processes we use in our thinking, in science, religion, in our society that keep us constantly in the dark.

It is the mechanism that I call "Fragmentation". It is the sum total of how we create isolation, splitting, differences, one-sidedness and the conflicts that keep us from knowing the truth. Key words that are a part of this process include: One sided - rationalism, irrationalism, materialism, objectivity, subjectivity, reductionism, closed systems, segregation, competition, globalization, compartmentalization, divide and conquer, domination, etc. Still, the fact of the matter remains that we actually live in a holistic universe and we are interconnected, whether we like it or not.

The fragmentation paradigm is about to guide us toward collective suicide.

One of the greatest barriers to the fragmented mind that has based its world perspectives on either religion or science, is the perception that they know the truth already. Religion, based on faith and beliefs is essentially irrational or emotional in its search to find the truth. Science, in an attempt to take over the monopoly that the church had on the truth went in the opposite direction and insisted on a strict materialistic, rational and objective approach.

The intentions were good and the idea was that, “If the truth cannot be found on the one side, than it must be found on the other.” At this time it was unknown to mankind that our brains were split between a rational part and an emotional/irrational part and that in order to function those two halves of the brain must be integrated.

Both science and religion have thrown the child out with the bath water. The greatest change in our thinking would be to integrate our approach to the universe with holistic principles. One change to change it all!

All lightworkers, or ground crew members have been fraught with finding the best possible method or approach to waking up sleeping souls. It is a question often asked by the sponsors of this forum. I have also tried the different approaches:
1. Enlightening the darkness – disclosure of the NWO plans for total dominance – most people just don’t want to know. The issues are too big and it seems too dangerous to touch – afraid of being labeled conspiracy nut.
2. Enlighten the light – show the way to spiritual enlightenment – blowback from the religious or scientific grounded mentality –total shut down.
3. Metaphor an indirect approach – entertaining, but certainly not believable.
4. Enlightenment about the fragmented world-view and the evidence that the universe is really working on wholeness principles – not so frightening and possibly one that can reach even greater numbers of neutral people that haven’t begun to look for answers to the questions that they have not asked.


Free literature and essays on all of these approaches. PDF files. Help enlightenment go viral.
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Default Re: Disclosure of the greatest ever cover-up

The PTB working in psychological warfare/counter intelligence for hundreds of years to create culture, create thought. Fragment the survival instinct of the human so an altered program of reality can be placed in. One must understand the level of deception put in place. We are really born into a matrix, an alternate reality. When one can come to the depth of manipulation then you can loose that part of your mind that has been corrupted and start a new. This is a key.

Good luck
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Default Re: Disclosure of the greatest ever cover-up

You are quite right. Awakening is difficult, it takes determination and negotiating a maze of disinformation.

There are very few honest guides to point you in the right direction.

From all the years that I have researched the ascension process my conclussion is:

Step one: be clear on what you want to achieve. Are you ready to ascend?

Step two: reconect to your higher self

Step three: integrate your personality with your soul and discard beliefs that are contradictory to your goal of ascension

Step Four: get out of the rat race if possible. Switch off your television. As you harness more light your influence on world events increases, take responsibility on your creations and focus on what you want to create.

Step five: find a school of thought which works for you. I personaly found much sound clues on the St Germain Press books and the Summit Lighthouse Climb the Highest Mountain books.

Step six: be prepared to work round the clock on keeping your energy and vibration high. It is paramount to be in harmony...

Step seven: embrace unconditional love and a compassionate view of humanity.

Good luch

Love and Light
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Default Latest update on essay

I have now proof read the essay, added some illustrations and changed the title to: Challenging the Paradigm - the fragmented perception of reality

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