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Default Crop circles

share some knowledge on this. one of the most convincing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sbzzf...eature=related there is 8 parts to it i think check them out.
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Smile Re: Crop circles

Excellent video. Thanks for that.

Colin Andrews has been great over the years.

The Alien Face crop circle with the message was amazing.

"Beware of the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still Time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND) "

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Default Re: Crop circles

Crop Circles are most likely made by human beings, they are much to human.

I believe its an ancient teaching like how the Masons know of the stone laying patterns to make the pyramids, if you really open your eyes to the UFO biz you will see its mostly cash and stories.

Id like to find out who makes these things and what technology they use as its something hidden from us.
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Default Re: Crop circles

crop circles are sometimes man made i guess? but i beleive that crop circles are maps put on earth to tell us the layout of their planetary system/galaxy or whatever you want to call it or maybe the way the planet they are from revolves around a star.
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Default Re: Crop circles

While I agree that many crop circles are man made, they are most certainly not ALL man made. You can find tons of resources and information that can illuminate this subject for you....my personal favorite being Freddy Silva's book, Secrets in the Fields.

Most of the arguments against crop circles being "paranormal" come from the following sources.

1. The Doug and Dave story.

2. The obvious hoaxes. (which usually do not even compare with the real phenomenon)

3. The ability for some experts (Colin Andrews included), to be fooled by hoaxes.

The main aspect of crop circles which lends credibility to the assertion that they are not all hoaxes is actually their history. Crop circles, as well as similar depressions in snow, rock, and other mediums have been reported all over the world for many many years. It is no doubt that the great majority of the circles are hoaxes nowadays, in fact they may be almost entirely hoaxes nowadays, but as is the case with cave paintings depicting gods descending from the heavens....if even one of them is real, or depicting a real event...then we have some serious deliberation to do as a species.
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