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Default Biophotons and conscious intention/manifestation

Hello All,

As a qualified (well in the traditional sense for what its worth) biologist, I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the subject of biophotons ?

These are supposed to be weak energy photons with a very low "candela" (i.e. the unit of measurement of luminescence) value. They are theorised to be emitted from DNA itself and therefore travel out into the enviroment.

I was cogitating about this when I surmised the following;

The biohotons themselves (individually) are very weak, but similar to the cumulative effect of individually weak hydrogen bonds in many molecules (including DNA itself) the overall effect is to confer a large stability to any molecule where hydrogen bonds are prevalent (no pun intended chemist readers).

Extrapolating this assumption, what if biophotons are, solo, very (energetically) weak emissions, but cumulatively can produce a strong effect ?

What I am proposing is, that the photon is emitted as a wave and then acts as a particle upon entering the environment. If, due to the wave-particle duality nature of photons this assumption is valid, then perhaps this creates the "solidity" of our physical environment or "reality" from moment to moment.

Continuing this idea, if the DNA is constantly emitting these biophotons,then this would perhaps suggest a solution as to how we actually create the "nus and bolts" of our own physical reality.

Additionally, the "thoughts are things" and "energy flows where attention goes" sayings, (so beloved of self-help "gurus" ) could be the fashion in which the DNA is "amplified" to emit a greater quantity or more powerful biophotons, when attempting to manifest a new physical reality.

So, whether solidifying our reality on a daily basis or doing some "manifestation" work, I wonder if anyone has any comments or hypotheses on this ?

Would appreciate any replies.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post



PS credit due to the work of Dr Jeremy Narby for starting me on this track.
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