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Default Ride the wave of potent energy

I posted something like this already, but I didnt want to bump the old thread as this version has changes. There are a few people I know who need to read this at this time - it is for you. It is written by me from my heart, but you should accept it, or reject it, without prejudice.




Radiate Love and Peace!

Exist in Love and Peace!

Resonate as one, a harmony. Sing as one, a harmony. Be harmony.

Take a look around you... have boundless compassion for those you see that don't yet understand what is really going on.

The energetic environment continues to change at an increasing rate and it is not going to stop in this mode of existence. Ever increasing catalyst is being unleashed on the world. In the endless stream of reflections presented to us in the world around each of us, opportunities are offered to heal our imperfections and blockages and to be transformed. If we can take the time to look carefully at ourselves in these mirrors - pay attention to nature, the planet, fellow humans, and animals we can easily know what to do and what needs to be done. Then you can set about doing what needs to be done before the universal teacher forces the issue! The universe is a kind teacher, but ignore it and the mechanisms of our mode of existence will ensure that you are "catalysed" into action. This is often harsh and the suffering is proportional to the urgency of the situation - you have to shape up - we all have to. Harmony must be restored.

For our bodies to conduct the powerful forces, they have to change. If we impede this natural process, ultimately the body will become nonviable and perish. The way we conduct our thoughts has a direct bearing on this kind of health. The vanguard of the changes are always within each of us, and it is manifest in and by our conscious intent. It is the way we choose to live, the mode of our thoughts, words, actions and deeds, it is the care we take of our bodies and the care we take of each other - in short loving ourselves and each other unconditionally.

The stakes are raised with each passing day and each passing moment - our progress towards the “no-time” event/transition that most of you know about comes and as it does the class moves on; remedial opportunities fade. The agenda plays out regardless. Asking for help always works...

I am human becoming, help me to become.
We are humans becoming, help us to become.
They are humans becoming, help them to become.

We are all in this together, let us live in harmony with ourselves and each-other.

We must forgive those that have and continue to trespass against us. They have no place in our future - but we must forgive while we still have the chance, to put the brakes on the wheel of karma and so that we can learn, enable healing, and ultimately find the high places where our perspective is of bliss and perfection.

See each and everything as a component of yourself. You are as one, as light, as love.

May the love and the light of the one infinite creator, bless us, protect us and guide us.

Thanks for reading this.


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