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Post Planetary Dynamics of the 12th Planet

Planetary dynamics and effects on a glabal scale.

It's a long essay written by Dr. Grant.
So I am posting a small part of it and you can then continue, if you find this subject interesting, at his link here:


A Visualization of 12th Planet's Approach without its Moon Complex

Presently the world is in debate concerning the unusual weather patterns, global warming and icecaps melting on Earth, presently happening at an unprecedented rate. Speculation and theories are now running rampant, but consensus points to global warming, but with the future of mankind on the line why has the US ignore world views? The true cause is unknown to most of the world's scientists, but those in the know have been promised safety for their silence. Can the common man prove otherwise, no. Information to an Earth changing event would be of the highest secrecy. If it comes they are prepared, you are not. If it doesn't life continues with its inequalities maintained. What signs would occur if an event was known to occur soon and little record keeping would left for checks and balances? Wholesale looting of the banking systems, consumer accounts and ignorance of Earth changes. Acquisition of natural resources would be of prime importance at any cost. Sadly all of these events have occurred, for those in the know of a timely event, many hedged their actions assuming they will never be confronted for the atrocities. Individual men made these decisions out greed and self, not governments. The primary problem is the longer the timeline to passage the greater the chance of exposure, so the games play on. Is it fair, no. But neither is life. What is done has past, move on, you can not alter. Can you change the laws where the common man is treated more fairly, there is hope there. This action is in your hands with the power of the vote and accountability for both sides of power.

Presently the object appears here, there and doubt sets in as denial is high. This interloper that has arrived into our inner solar system and is presenting a new threat. We will examine planetary dynamics of this 12th planet, its orbital path, and the resultant effects on a global scale during its passage of Earth.

Creation and Planetary Natural Features

To begin, we will discuss some of the features of the 12th planet, which are unfamiliar to our science, confirmed life on another world. The 12th planet defies natural planetary form of the solar system by coalescing as a rocky planet with a diameter of that related to our gas planets. The 12th planet, approximately 29,000 miles across is similar in size to our planet Uranus. The similarities between the two planets end there.

Present day cosmology has planets similar in size to our Jovian type planets, evolving only as gas giants and this is false. The planet, which could have been a stellar seed was caught slightly off the mid point between 2 stellar gravitational sources and thus develop an orbit rare within the galaxy. Contemplating the origin of the 12th planet, we must examine the creation event in of this part of the universe, the Milky Way galactic sector.

Billions of years ago, this area of the universe was under extreme compression due to a Black Hole, which captured most available matter within the former galactic area. The gravitational force increased to a point where compression of movement was affected on the subatomic particle level, which lock down areas at the galactic core, source of the black hole. With nowhere to expand, this energy provided the trigger initiating an event that tipped the balance of gravity and repulsion within the mass, thus a core containment breach, reversing compression to expansion. The result is the Black Hole exploded, hence the localized Big Bang. Dispersal of matter clumped solidified and initiated rotation as the mass compressed, stellar systems developed and caught in between the repulsion forces of adjacent systems rogues develop rarely.

In our area of the galactic expansion, two gravitational giants developed, but the availability of lighter elements favored 1 side and heavier elements the other. Added a secondary cosmic mass developed in the neutral zone sharing the heavy elements as well as the light elements a product of that rare developmental event. So lets examine what happen and the resultant orbital relationship between all 3 primary objects.

Our Sun attracted massive amounts of H-He elements around its primordial rocky core and proceeded to light due to gravitational compression as the mixture of heavy elements to light allowed the fusion process to proceed. The other gravitational anchor mass had a larger proportion of heavier elements within the core before the H-He elements were attracted. The compression for fusion was there, but the heavy element dampen the process, similar to the control rods in our present day reactors. The stellar sized object did not light, but had a similar gravitational mass to the Sun. Without the added solar heat in the local system, the heavy elements coalesce into small rocky masses, too small to attract the light elements the repulsion force was invoked between the matter, thus the unlit star harbors space trash. Matter that never assimilated enough mass to form major planets.

The core of dark stellar object is highly magnetic and fluid due to some sporadic fusion reactions where all energy and heat is quickly absorbed by the surrounding mass. The primary difference is its slow rotary motion as the core turns at a low rate of rotational torque due to the low viscosity of materials composing the core and the greater differential between the mass of driving core and that of the outer shell.

The rogue object clumped and expanded slightly off center of the 2 gravitational giants seeking equilibrium. As time passed, the mass of the 12th coalesced. In its molten state, still surrounded by the primordial hydrogen clouds interacted with the oxides trapped within iron emitted from the planetary surface due to heat. The highly magnetic core invoked electrical storms within the forming atmosphere that was captured. H-He an NH molecules attracted from deep space ignited with the released oxygen and water formed. Attracted by gravity it fell upon the surface and cooled the crust. As it pooled on the newly formed crust, the water accumulated into an ever increasing depression thus forcing up land masses due to equalization within the planetary sphere on the opposing side of the globe in relation to tectonic plate weaknesses and total mass of water pooled. Due to its general interstellar medium location between the gravitational anchors most of the available hydrogen gas was exhausted, resulting in planet being partially covered by water. The released nitrogen from the NH interstellar molecules and excess oxygen produced an atmosphere similar to Earth's with a slightly higher O2 content. For more details on planetary atmosphere and its creation consult planetary formation.

The newly formed cosmic mass settled into a gravitational niche where the forces of gravity and repulsion were some what balanced, but motion occurred as momentum from the Big Bang place the 12th off the equilibrium or dither point of the binary gravitational sources. This was an unusual event in the universe, as the12th planet settled in a gravitational neutral zone between the Sun, which proceeded to light and another stellar mass equal to the Sun, due to its internal structure, remained dark. With a this slight initial momentum, left over from the Big Bang, the 12th planet after thousands of Earth years was eventually moved towards one of the gravitational masters (the Sun or the Dark One) and its bi-stellar orbit was initiated. The odd orbit approaches slows from the repulsion force, stagnates then is ejected. The orbit slows and reverses details discussed under 12th path orbital path. Without the strong magnetic field, the 12th would be just another capture planet revolving in a elliptical orbit about a stellar size mass.

The 12th planet also has a ring system surrounding the planet similar to Saturn with an accompaniment of several captured moons. These series of rings, segmented by mass and density of the particulate, rotate about the equatorial plane, pushed by the angular momentum of the repulsion force emanating from within the planet. This process is covered in the paper planetary orbital plane and motion. The rings are composed assorted fragmented cosmic matter and dust partial composed of iron oxide, attracted by the planetís strong magnetic field acquired through the many passages through the asteroid belt where the fragmented magnetic cores of objects that have collided were attracted. The position and formation of the rings are kept in place by a thin outward force emanating from the equator, the repulsion subatomic particle 2 flow and its high density return flow and eddies composed of gravity particles moving back into the center of the 12th planetsí mass. This action compresses the matter contained within spherical gravitational field into rings while moving about the dither point between both stellar objects, seen and unseen. The capture moons revolve about the planet similar to what is observed today, but when the planet is in motion, a new parameters affection motion of the dust cloud and moons change. Lets cover the changes that would be observe during a passage and movement through space.

When the planet is on the move, it's moons organize as stretched strings of connected objects vary and waft about shifting tubular containment field on the trailing side of 12th. Visually from a observation point on the 12th's surface, the moons would line up in a 3wobbly snakelike rows of cascading dim globes that dance and swirl about in a whirlwind formation as they are attracted and repulsed by the 12th planet and each other. They would shift rapidly in the background about a iridescent gold tinted red sky of perpetual daylight, similar to Earthís early morning light according to the laws of repulsion and particle movement. Their separation is determined almost exclusively by their mass in conjunction with trying to find a balance between planetary gravitational attraction and the repulsion force emitted from the other captured moons and the interstellar particle containment field that restricts the oscillation of the mutual center point of the forces of gravity and repulsion.

Please, continue here:
(same link as above)
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