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Default Where we are at :)

I know many think that the Galactic Federation are a joke and made up. I can accept this and understand this and I can't pass judgement either way as I don't have enough personal experience to do so. I would like to share the following u-tube video as it really sums up a lot of what I have come to understand in my research into the subjects we discuss here. It is a good summary and for anyone new to the subjects. I would like to add that I do not know if aliens are going to have to intervine or not on our behalf. I would have to agree with many in that I believe we can raise ourselves up on our own and preform a prison break from this holgraphic prison planet and step into Tara and into a new dawn. Only time will tell. Anyway, the point is the summary is good. enjoy.

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Default Re: Where we are at :)

I couldn't get through the message, electronic voice overs annoy me, sorry.
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Default Re: Where we are at :)

Originally Posted by Shairia View Post
I couldn't get through the message, electronic voice overs annoy me, sorry.
I can accept that. here is a part of the message that I found a good summary.


So let us begin this journey of discovery. First are the secret operations within most governments of this planet that conceal a working relationship with entities not indigenous to this planet. These relationships are generally known only to a select few in the military and intelligence services. In some countries, these relationships can also be found within corporations and other non-governmental institutions. By indigenous, we mean the humans who were originally brought here several hundred thousand years ago as a part of the star seed project, the ancestors of Earth’s four races, and who comprise ninety-nine percent of the population. Those characterized as not indigenous or “aliens” arrived somewhat later.

The arrival of the alien races has been described in other messages published at this site and in other readily available sources. There have been many off-planet races who came and modified the original human stock, but this is the easy part of disclosure, this is history. The more difficult part is the reality of the current presence of non-indigenous races and the complicity of governments cooperating with them in ways adversarial to the good of the ninety-nine percent majority. For at the heart of all that is wrong with Earth and her human population is meddling by certain extraterrestrial races that have infected the institutions and beliefs of mankind. This too was presented in earlier communications.

In modern times, an example of intimate cooperation between a government and an alien race took place in Germany during the time of Adolf Hitler. As a technologically developed nation, and one that sought to develop technology for aggressive purposes, Germany was the ideal candidate for compromise by a race of alien entities. Agreements were made to trade technology for human experimentation. It resulted in the development of rockets and other advanced propulsion systems. It also resulted in atrocities against Earth humans. When German scientists came to the United States with Project Paperclip the Nazi philosophy and the connection to aliens was infused into the U.S.; it remains to this day.

In the 1950’s there was an agreement between the government of the United States and a race of aliens who wished to experiment on human subjects. They traded technology for the right to perform biological experiments on ordinary humans with an aim of improving their own biology. These experiments are at the root of the missing children and abduction phenomenon.

Another aspect of disclosure is the infection of institutions created by mankind. This began many thousands of years ago with religions set up to worship those who had descended from the skies. Most of our current religions are rooted in these ancient beliefs. These infections of mankind’s institutions are dependent on the ability of the outsiders to shift into human form. For many thousands of years this has been a hidden aspect of life on this planet. Humans who achieve some measure of wealth or prominence are likely to be displaced by a shape shifter who appears to be the same human but who soon begins to act in ways unlike an indigenous human. Most likely this is due to a lack of emotions and morals in aliens. If you look closely, you can see this operating in politics, corporations, banking, religions, sports, and the media. This is the principle means of human bondage. This ugly truth will eventually surface as part of any truly transparent disclosure project.

The technology received from alien races, plus the billions of dollars spent on their development, have now resulted in secret military bases on the moon and on Mars. Alien technology is at the heart of projects such as HAARP that seek to control human behavior by broadcasting frequencies to induce fear, as well as creating aerial phenomenon such as recently seen in Norway. Other mind control techniques are regularly practiced on human subjects to compromise those in power and to create instruments of death.

The whole subject of September 11, 2001 is riddled with hidden truths surrounding the events of that day. The truth behind those events will eventually surface and will undoubtedly show that they are not as publicized in the popular media, nor are they a valid basis for war, torture, or national policy. Unveilings like this will show the complicity of the media and religions in your enslavement. Similarly, the chemtrails that cloud the skies are not some sort of benevolent attempt to slow global warming; rather they are filled with heavy metals and biological agents that have now infected all Earth-humans. These biological agents, used in conjunction with vaccines, are designed to increase fatalities from otherwise mild diseases.

So the slippery slope is indeed quite slick, for once you open yourself to all of these possibilities, and investigate them to satisfy yourself of their likely truth, you can never go back to seeing your Earthly existence from a conventional point of view.

Of more recent vintage are beings who have come to this planet in human form, but who are advocates of the welfare of indigenous humans and the ascension process. For if the those who operate in their own self interests are here, and are in control of the planet, then humans will not lift their enslavement by themselves. Humans require the assistance of outsiders; they are here in large numbers to do that very thing. They are here as those who incarnated with this mission as part of their soul contracts. They are here as walk-ins who have come as replacements for original souls. And they are here as benign shape shifters.

There are over a million of these beings actively promoting the welfare of humanity at this moment. They are working in education and other institutions to awaken us to new ways of seeing and behaving. The most important truth about these more recent additions to our planet, and their associates in the vast armada overhead, is that they are unequivocally dedicated to our advancement and to Earth’s ascension -- all within the framework of Oneness with God.

The slippery slope immediately comes into play when the subject of disclosure is broached. For when one of the facets of disclosure is revealed, say the presence of the armada of ships surrounding Earth, this will eventually open the gates to full disclosure of the role of the non-indigenous beings among us. This will in turn show the control by aliens of our governments, banks, corporations, religions, and media. Then ordinary people will at last understand the extent of their enslavement. Then there will be chaos. It is from this chaos that the new Earth will emerge.

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Arrow Re: Where we are at :)

I listened to this video with some skepticism, but it correlates with allot of what i have been hearing.

1.The old souls coming to earth to help guide us into higher levels of

2. The large amount of ships in orbit around the planet at this time to make sure this shift occurs smoothly.

3. The awakening of the human race to the fact were being manipulated.

4. The realization that we are not alone in the universe.

5. The most important, the shift in Consciousness of our race.
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Default Re: Where we are at :)

i'm not sure where i stand on the concept of the galactic federation of light, but i think the message there rings true.
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Default Re: Where we are at :)

Am I the only one that has heard there is a distinction between the Galactic FEDERATION of Light and The Galactic COUNCIL of Light?

Apparantly I am the only one other here that has heard this distinction.... from George Kavassilas.

Which one attracts you, federation or council?
MIght there be anyone who might know more?
echo echo echo
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Default Re: Where we are at :)

Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
Am I the only one that has heard there is a distinction between the Galactic FEDERATION of Light and The Galactic COUNCIL of Light?

Some would say there is more than one federation, organization, and council
but my understanding is that the Council oversees the Federation.
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Default Re: Where we are at :)

I initially had a lot of apprehension about the Galactic Federation, it almost sounded like someone had been watching a little too much Star Trek Next Generation or Battlestar Galactica to take seriously. In time though my opinion changed to believing that we have galactic allies that are here to help us on our spiritual path. It's really sad that our leadership was so blind as to pass up the offer for spiritual guidance in favor of technology and weaponry.

In my heart I know that humanity has a whole army of races from higher dimensions (or Heaven) who are specifically here to help humanity over the speed bump and up towards ascension.

What we need to is to amass enormous amounts of faith and love onto our inter-dimensional helpers because it appears that they are busy at work helping us. Huge amounts of vaccine's disappear, Exchanger talked about a chemtrail plane getting toyed with and all kinds of mysterious things are happening that indicate help from the other side.

If we just begin to use our powers of creative visualization to protect ourselves, loved ones and the planet, maybe that's how we go about Co-creating a better world and way up towards ascension?!
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Default Re: Where we are at :)

What if Star trek and other similar type movies are based on something real? It was said here that part of the manipulation was to make movies about it and then when someone mentions it majority will say:"you have watched too many movies."
(I am still not sure 100% what to think about all those alien commanders and their fleets)
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Default Re: Where we are at :)

It all depends whether one sides with the fallen angelics or with the all Oneness and the Krystic principles of light.

The difference seems subtle but it is a choice between inmortal life (fallen angelics one world order dictatorial, black hole fall implossion agenda) that need to vampirize other systems like ours to keep going and avoid implosion; or eternal life that it is self sustaining and need nothing but chooses to experience other realms to know itself...

The galactic federation of light and Ashtar Command are runned by the Jehovian-Sirius A Annunaki (Page 244, Voyagers II By Ashayana Deane)

On the other hand the Krystiac races in this system of universes are afiliated to the IAFW or Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds to whom the Guardian Alliance belongs

The path of ascension takes one back to the fullness of who you are and becaming a true Ascended Master beyond the limitations of this 15dimensional matrix.

The path of fall "assimilates" the being and devoures its soul and oversoul to sustain the fallen matrix, it does give you inmortal life as a ghost being that can no longer incarnate but has to "possess" a living being in order to experience dimensional life. It can not go further than the 7th dimenssion and their matrix is only 11.5 dimenssions in all. Black holes always implode sooner or later depending on how much fuel (living light, souls etc) they can steal from living systems

Both paths are valid; the choice is ours, but let it be a informed choice and not one borne out of the disinformation that is offered by the many channels of the fallen angelics

A different perspective of the current Earth Drama can be found at


An extract of a much larger release (link above):

Ancient Deception, the Fall of Atlantis & Comparative Review of Death Science Paradigms

In the ancient Atlantean period of Earth, the “Bloom of Doom” Death Science technologies became well-rooted in Atlantean cultural practices; our contemporary planetary environment, human DNA and the evolutionary potentials of Earth’s collective life-field are still suffering from the progressive, continuing effects of the applications of the Atlantean Death Science technologies. A primary factor in the spread of Death Science teachings and technologies within the advanced ancient cultures of the Atlantean period was the mass deception used by Illuminati groups to misrepresent these teachings as originating from a “Divine Inspired Source”; part of this deception involved the “demonstration of great powers” that could be achieved with application of the Death Science technologies. Masses of people were deceived into thinking that the “wisdom and powers” allotted them, through use of the Death Science teachings and technologies, were assisting them to heal, reach greater levels of spiritual enlightenment and attain mastery over the process of Bio-Spiritual Ascension.

In reality, the Death Science teachings and technologies progressively mutated the DNA, and entrapped the consciousness within a biologically-induced state of false euphoria — while systematically dissolving the organic evolutionary potential to achieve Genuine Eternal Life Bio-Spiritual Star-Gate Ascension. The ancient Illuminati races of the Atlantean period promoted the Death Science technologies precisely to achieve these results, for their true motivation and intention was not at all to “assist the human race” in aspiring to its potential “evolutionary glory”; the Illuminati agenda was to covertly USE the human race as “unwitting, expendable tools,” through which the Illuminati goal of achieving Earth “Templar Dominion” could be fulfilled.

In ancient times, both the Illuminati-Human races and their ET Illuminati-Elder-kin directors KNEW that every biological life-form represents a “biological electromagnetic quantum,” which exists in a symbiotic bio-electric interrelationship with the electromagnetic structures inherent to the Planetary Templar and Star-Gate system. The Illuminati intention was to harness this “raw biological power” of Earth’s most “genetically advanced” Angelic Human species, by cultivating the human biology into a “vessel” through which the interdimensional frequencies of the distorted “Metatronic Code” could be “electronically channeled en masse” into Earth’s Templar. If a mass of Angelic Human bodies could be genetically mutated to “run the frequencies of the Metatronic Death Code,” then a critical quantum of the “collective human body” could be used to create “quantum override” of the organic electromagnetic coding of Earth’s Star-Gate Ascension Passages, which are “electronically keyed” to the organic Angelic Human genome. Once such a “mass of Metatronically-coded biological electromagnetic human quanta” was created, masses of humans could then be “guided” to perform specific “spiritual energy rituals” at various key “Sacred Site” locations of Earth’s Templar, during the “all-important periods” of Earth’s SAC Star-Gate-opening “Ascension Cycles.”

This process of “invasion from within” worked relatively well in fulfilling the Illuminati small-scale agendas of the ancient Atlantean period, culminating in “Fall by design” of Atlantean culture and resultant cataclysmic destruction of the territories of Atlantis. These “small Illuminati victories” of Atlantis represented “baby steps” in the fulfillment of a much larger “Illuminati Master Plan,” to which these “small steps” were intended to lead.

(Detailed information on the symbiotic bio-electric interrelationship between human biology and Earth’s Templar, the historical evolution of the Illuminati Master Plan, and the history of Atlantis is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition, throughout MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVD programs and in Introductory-Topics Summary-1.

As the GA-MCEO Guardians’ teachings and the CDT-Plate translations have continued, progressively more of the joyous teachings and technologies of true love-based spiritual development and Genuine Eternal Life Ascension mechanics have been revealed. But due to escalations in the hidden, contemporary Earth Templar Conquest drama that have occurred progressively since September 2000, the GA-MCEO Guardians have also revealed, along with the joyous teachings, the “forbidden history records” of the CDT-Plates, which detail the “less-than-pleasant” history of the “Illuminati Master Plan,” and the “MUCH-less-than-pleasant” reality unfolding “cloaked before our eyes” within the contemporary planetary drama. As we have learned more about the organic structures, genuine processes and Natural Laws of Multidimensional Physics involved with actual “Bio-Spiritual Ascension,” the similarities and the differences between the Guardians’ MCEO CDT-Plate teachings and “popular New Age” teachings have become progressively more apparent.

At the beginning of the SAC I had read very little of the popular “Ascension Science” teachings that were emerging within the New Age movement, so I had limited reference from which to compare or question; most of “my questions” were first asked by other people who had come into the MCEO teachings after studying numerous other popular and traditional spiritual paradigms. As I questioned the Guardians about the differences in “subtle-anatomy structure, Ascension Science mechanics and ancient history accounts” brought to my attention by others more well-read than myself, the Guardians progressively released information from the CDT-Plates that explained how the differing “Ascension Science mechanics” and “historical accounts” from various other popular spiritual paradigms were related to the teachings held within the MCEO CDT-Plate records.

Revelations concerning the specific mechanics of “false Sacred Science” teachings began around 2001, when the Guardians began release of the CDT-Plate ancient history records pertaining to the “Fall of Metatron.” From this point forward the technical teachings of the MCEO and CDT-Plate dispensations started to contain detailed comparatives between the structures and mechanics featured in the MCEO teachings, and those found in other, apparently contradictory paradigms. As the “comparatives” have grown, the distortions, omissions, vacuities and sometimes utter falsehoods contained in other paradigms have become painfully more obvious. In comparison to many of the “very similar root teachings” presented in various “New Age” paradigms, the differing views held within the MCEO CDT-Plates offer perspectives that are more detailed, cohesive, comprehensive and cogent, and that simply make more “logical and spiritual sense.” Of further persuasive force, the MCEO teachings can show how and where the mechanics and structures featured in other paradigms fit within the more detailed, expansive mechanics and structures described in the CDT-Plate teachings; thus the MCEO teachings are “inclusive” rather than “exclusive,” which supports the “New Age” philosophy of “Unity/ Christ Consciousness.”

At certain “crossroads of understanding,” such as in comparing the structure, mechanics and numerical relationships between the “Krystal Spiral” of the CDT-Plates and the Fibonacci golden mean spiral promoted in numerous popular “advanced” New Age “Ascension Science” teachings, even more persuasive force has emerged. For example, the “Krystal Spiral” has a direct, immediate and permanent relationship with its own center-point of creation, whereas the Fibonacci golden mean spiral, which is relatively based upon the geometries of the “golden mean rectangle,” has a de-centralized start point of expansion, rather than a centralized “center-point” of creation. There is a logical/ intuitive implication held within this comparative that begs the question, “Do WE not have a direct, immediate and permanent relationship with OUR own center-point of creation?” This is what all New Age philosophies strive to teach us, and yet the logical/ intuitive implication held within the “supposedly sacred” Fibonacci spiral promoted by New Age teachings illustrates a contradictory “off-center relationship to origin.” (Information on the Krystal Spiral & Fibonacci spiral comparative is found in several MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVD programs.)

Another, more interesting example of contradictory logical/ intuitive implication is found in the way the “numbers” unfold within the growth-expansion formulae of the “Krystal Sequence” and the “Fibonacci sequence.” The Fibonacci sequence features a sequence of numerical expansion in which the “next expansion number” to come is reached by “adding together” or “devouring” the two numbers that come before it. If we think of each number as a “quantum of energy,” then the two previous numbers are “added together” and consumed in order to “become the next number,” leaving nothing in their place; the “numbers before” become “finite quanta” that must “disappear or die” in order for the next number to be “born.” Thus the “numbers” within the Fibonacci sequence ALL represent finite energy forms that will be consumed and cease to exist, in order for the “next generation” to emerge. This is “recycling of finite energy” to create growth, not growth through self-generated power, and thus the mechanics of the Fibonacci sequence imply that it represents a growth-expansion formula for finite life, not organic eternal life. The growth-expansion pattern of the Fibonacci sequence can be found in nature, within energy structures and biological forms of a finite nature — which includes many, but not all, life-forms on contemporary Earth.

In comparison to the Fibonacci sequence of finite life, the numerical expansion of the Krystal Sequence from the CDT-Plate teachings occurs through multiplying the preceding numbers, in specific increments that are based upon the core structures of Kathara Grid rotation, to create the “next expansion,” leaving the “numbers before” intact; in “energy quantum” terms, the eternal quantum integrity of all previous numbers remains constant, as the quanta of the numbers before are multiplied through self-generated power to “create the next unique number.” Thus the “numbers” within the Krystal Sequence ALL represent eternal energy forms that will remain to infinity within their own unique individuation, always in relationship to the center-point from which they emerged, and always within the context of what they have “grown to become,” while the “next generation” emerges as a unique quantum expansion born of relative multiplication of the quanta before. This is “creating new growth through perpetually self-regenerating power,” not growth through “recycling of finite energy,” and thus the mechanics of the Krystal Sequence imply that it represents a growth-expansion formula for organic eternal life, not inorganic finite life. The growth-expansion pattern of the Krystal Sequence can be found in nature, within energy structures and biological forms of an organically eternal nature — which includes all life-forms within the Freed Worlds of “Eternal Life Ascension Systems.”

The differences between the Krystal Spiral and Sequence and the golden mean–Fibonacci spiral and sequence can be simply understood in terms of their respective relationships to their “creation points.” The Krystal Spiral/ Sequence emerges from its center-point of creation — to which it perpetually retains a living, “breathing” (expanding and contracting) connection through preservation of what “came before” — and it expands through multiplication of that which came before. The golden mean–Fibonacci spiral/ sequence emerges from a “point of adhesion” to a living/ breathing form, to which it progressively loses contact, as it expands perpetually through consumption and annihilation of that which came before. The MCEO Guardians humorously refer to the golden mean–Fibonacci spiral/ sequence as the “Fib Of NO Chi (energy)” mechanics; the simple differences of logical/ intuitive implication between the “Krystal” mechanics and the “Fib” mechanics provide a comparative illustration of the core differences between and intrinsic natures of the respective greater “creation paradigms” each system of mechanics represents. Throughout the MCEO Freedom Teachings® many “direct” and “implied” differences have emerged between MCEO teachings and other paradigms, and with each comparative, a relative “body of reasonable doubt” has grown in relation to some of the other paradigms. Through the progressive comparatives, it has become obvious that the ancient Atlantean “Bloom of Doom” Metatronic Death Science is an “alive-and-well and dominant force” within the contemporary New Age movement.

the rest of the article is at http://www.azuritepress.com/New%20Co...summary_2.html

Please note the extract above is copyrighted by Ashayana Deane and Azurtan Deane, Azurite press

Wisdom and love
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