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Healing Spiritual and Alternative Healing

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Question Opening to Spirit -Food for thought

The other day I was thinking about how life changes for people who have been injured or have disease. Not always, but most of the time it leads them to a spiritual awakening of one kind or another. For some it may be small but for others it is a significant turning point in their lives. As I was pondering this notion it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. As people lose parts of their bodies (shell) it becomes more open to spirit. We begin to see that who we are has nothing to do with our shells, but rather our life force of energy. When pieces of our shells become sickened, diseased, amputated, etc . . . it allows for our spirit energy to spill out. For example, we can take a piece of wood and put a light inside of that wood then enclose the light within the wood by sealing it closed. If we were to look at the piece of wood we would not know what it held or that it contained light, but if part of that wood were broken away exposing some light we would see the light and know that it is there because it would spill out from the piece of wood. The more we break away pieces of the wood more light spills out. The more we break away pieces of "ourselves" the more our spirit is released from our bodies/shells. I believe that emotionally, we are all wounded in some form or another. Many of us choose to keep these wounds hidden within our shells, therefore our spirit is always contained because we are too afraid to open ourselves up to others and allow our vulnerabilities to show. If we keep these emotions and hurts tucked away eventually we implode. Now, if there is some sort of "higher power" that allows for us to grow and learn, which I believe is our soul purpose, it would be sensible to assume that he/she would want us to achieve a higher state of awareness of spirit and consciousness. If we can not, whether consciously or unconsciously, do it on our own, circumstances could very well allow for that to happen in other forms such as injury to the shell or body form. Is it possible that those who create havoc & chaos are unable to take a step up on the "spiritual ladder" therefore they can not bring themselves closer to spirit? These are the people that harm others whether by word or action. What about those that are extremely thoughtful, kind and loving people that pass into the next soul phase(death) very young, when they are seemingly healthy or from an unfortunate occurrence such as a car accident? It would make sense to assume that they have passed because their life lesson or karmic debt in this life has been fulfilled. Those people that create harm for other or themselves may not be ready to fulfill their lessons at this time and also return to the next soul phase, sometimes on their own or by creating circumstances that allow for this passing. This could include anything from suicide to putting oneself in harms way. Just something to think about.
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