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Default Dr. John Waterman - Anglo-Saxon Mission, New Manuscript Evidence

Hi Everyone,

Dr. Waterman asked me to say hello to all of you, and pass on his regrets that time has not allowed for him to be on the forums for quite some time. In any case, he hopes you are all well!

It has been an extremely busy time for us recently, and it seems only to get busier all of the time. I'm not complaining, though! Much has been accomplished recently that John and I are pleased to tell you about. As many of you already are aware, we have had the new website, The John Chronicles up and busy for just around a month now and have had many thousands of interested folks drop by to take a look around... thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions!

While John has appeared on various programs such as Camelot Radio, Project Copenhagen and his own "The Waterman Files" show at Argusoog Radio as well, there always seems to be more information realized after-the-fact that is important - or at times even critical - to get out to everyone. This is what gave us the idea for The John Chronicles... while it has already filled up with a considerable amount of information, the basis for TJC is actually the "Audio Files" that have John and myself discussing a wide range of topics in a very casual, open and frank manner.

After repeatedly spending long hours discussing issues well into the early hours of the morning, it occurred to me that the info was - in my opinion - far too valuable to keep to myself. As such, we began recording our discussions and these became "The John Chronicles - Audio Files". Of course, interviews with Kerry and others are available in archives as well.

While the issue of the Anglo-Saxon Mission has seemed to explode around the internet, blog sites and radio shows recently, numerous individuals have hit the airwaves to explain what it is all about; however, it is apparent that while there are many different viewpoints, more questions than answers have been created. That's the way these things go sometimes. So I'd like to let you know about a new audio file I just posted last night on TJC - titled "Chronicles Episode Four". It has so much important info on it - not just about the Anglo-Saxon Mission, but regarding who we "really are", where we (and others) came from and perhaps even more importantly, where we are headed... along with substantial new manuscript evidence John has recently determined that is, frankly, too important to ignore.

Anyhow, I will end my rambling there for now, but please do drop by and take a look.. and seriously, consider listening to the latest audio, or any of the numerous other clips. In my opinion, they are all very timely and highly relevant at this time in history. Take care everyone! With kindest regards, Tobias
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Default Re: Dr. John Waterman - Anglo-Saxon Mission, New Manuscript Evidence

Thank you so much.
I had never heard of Dr. Waterman until I heard this radio show he did for Camelot Radio.

I was so impressed with his VAST knowledge about SO many things.
Although once I heard about his background, I understood.

I especially like how he ties in the ancient ET connection to what is really going on.
Great job!
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