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Kerry Cassidy
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Default My withdrawal from avalon

To all,

I am withdrawing from AVALON to concentrate on CAMELOT. What many people on the forum may not realize, is that I am always focused on editing our videos and making the documentary--so I have little or no time to spend socializing with the mods or on the forum.

We have a back log of unedited videos as well as a huge task to edit our work into a documentary for release at film festivals and then theaters, if possible.
Although Bill steps in at the end of the editing process, I do most if not all of the actual hands-on editing.

Many mods have taken issue with how I decided to post in the PUBLIC AREA my views, but I want you all to know that after multiple conversations with Bill where we clearly could not agree, and with what I saw as repeated offenses and poor understanding between parties.. generating a lot of ill will toward Avalon and hence, Bill and myself, I decided to take action in the most direct way possible.

I was addressing the so-called offending parties, rebels and other troublesome posters simultaneously with addressing the Mods and Bill in my PUBLIC POST. I am extremely proud of that statement and wouldn't change a word.

I do not consider the Mods to be a closed off from the world area in the same sense that one might consider a formal company and its employees proprietary and closed.... In fact, due to the public actions and interactions taken by the mods in the space of our forum... their actions and dialogs in writing are due to the nature of the NET easily viewable and can be copied and pasted ANYWHERE.

My recent post was an acknowledgment of the REALITY that there are NO REAL WALLS between the offending posters and the mods... and us. LIKE IT OR NOT, THIS IS A REALITY. And this is also where the UNIVERSAL MIND AND MOVING INTO THE 5TH DIMENSION is going to continue to impact all of you and in increasing ways as we move into the Galactic center.

I am very aware that THERE ARE NO WALLS being fairly psychic and empathic... And so my behavior and views reflect my awareness of what we are moving into. You may want to hold on to your 3D ways of doing things but those rules and methods WILL NOT SURVIVE THE SHIFT and so the sooner you disgard them the better.

At any rate, even taking as much time as I have, to deal with AVALON and the forum has taken me away from my crucial CAMELOT work far too much in the last few days and weeks.

I am sorry for the gross misunderstandings that have occurred. I am saddened by some of the attitudes and unkindness that has taken place here on this forum---both on the forum and within mod chat.

I am, however, withdrawing to do CAMELOT work. This is the foundation for the AWAKENING that is so crucial in the coming months and that will guide us into the NEXT DIMENSION.

For those who are caught up in the rules and regulations and ways of doing of the past, I say let it go... The sooner you learn to trust in the light the sooner it will enlighten your world.


Project Camelot
..."if you build it they will come"
Field of Dreams
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Bill Ryan
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Default Re: My withdrawal from Avalon

Hi, Everyone:

I just wanted to endorse what Kerry has said here, inasmuch as its genuinely hard for anyone out there to understand what Kerry and I have on our plates (both collectively, and with projects were each working on individually).

It IS hard for each of us to contribute to the forum as we would wish. Ive just spent an hour on the ASK BILL AND KERRY thread and will do some more tomorrow. But we both have a large backlog of stuff to do, which is never ending, like a rolling road. And Kerry does do all the editing... which always takes a really long time, more than most people ever realize.

This continual workload takes its toll on us in various ways... not only the hours spent, but the lack of balance we sometimes have in our lives as a result of working 24/7, and the insecurity of not being paid for anything we do, and the (sometimes) hurt we feel from thoughtless or abusive e-mails we get - which no-one else ever sees.

In everyday management-speak, were under continual stress. Were both strong and capable and are pretty thick-skinned, and are between us the two most courageous people we know - if that doesnt sound too Irish. But we do get hurt, and tired, and discouraged, and experience doubts and concerns when we wake up early at 5 am and can no longer sleep.

We have also each had the experience recently of having good friends turn on us... which has been bewildering and perplexing. There DOES seem to be - for lack of any better words - a kind of slow-motion craziness which is hitting a lot of people recently. Maybe even us.

On the positive side, we do also get MANY wonderful messages from people who tell us that Camelot and Avalon have changed their lives, and they cannot thank us (and the whole Avalon team) enough. Its very often this very personal, positive, good-news, transformational energy that keeps us going.

Were right on the vanguard of change here, and the push-back is often very strong - as it always has been with pioneers of any age.

Kerry and I both care more deeply about our work than its possible to express, and this too keeps us going. Its larger than each or any of us or our personal petty concerns that at one moment seem so huge and the next seem so trivial.

I love and care for Kerry deeply and we will easily and quickly find ways we can each operate together in a way that supports the projects and allows us freedom to express ourselves and work in the ways that support us individually.

There ARE major changes going on and were all right in the main flow of this river - probably many of the members too. We dont necessarily have any previous experience (this lifetime, at least) with which to help us cope. So we do our best, and sometimes make mistakes. There are very few bad guys here.

With love to you all -

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