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Post Enlightment Section

Here is a essay I wrote for someone with tons of information
about becoming in-tuned with the universe and getting to
the point you can understand it and know what it is saying:


The other day I actually ran into a book called Rill The
Rebel Master (or) Ego Wars, and I just had a paradigm shift
in my perception towards alot of whats in the bible and what
it really means.

I hope by now you know that God is nothing more then a collective
consiousness of light, but as that we are all the "lord" or God.
You find god within you, now let me explain "god". God
is nothing more then you finding yourself finding your
center and finding your inner-peace with yourself.

Okay so lets put it into a example of things that could
be consdered inner-peace & accendance:

1. Truely being unafraid of death (of yourself or loved ones)

2. Being able to clear your mind and find your center
feel your chakras and being able to manipulate the
universe to get what you desire.

3. Finding peace towards everyone & everything

4. Learning as much as you can all the time, removing TV
and video games as well as removing the poor diets that we
are fed growing up with
(artifical colors GMO's Kraft food etc -Sugars!- and red meat)

I say these things cause you can not truely find
yourself as a "god" if you can not let go of these
things, now don't get me wrong I watch TV once in awhile
and its okay.

But let me put it like this we have all seen little kids
walk past a TV and just be pulled to it like a magnet
and stare at it like a zombie. scientists have found
that viewing a cathode tube, or television, causes such
a decrease in brain activity that viewers are actually
put in a trance.

-As I say to my dogs when they do something bad-

"Thats a F-ing NO!"

There is alot of messed up stuff with TV now days (and Im not
claiming you watch too much tv just letting you

((Research more about this at killyourtv.com or turnoffyourtv.com))

So now lets go even deeper into a few of these "Inner
Peace Concepts."

1. Truely being unafraid of death (of yourself or loved

This is one that alot of people find hard to over-come
truely and in every form of death being yourself or a
loved one. Now people find a calm in being a religious
zealot.. For sure knowing to no doubt in their mind they
are going to be saved and do not have to worry.

Im fine with that but not for someone who is looking
into true enlightment, being enlightend requires you to not be
ignorant. So what do we have to back ourself to not
worry about death what is it that we look towards for a
truth that we can find.

Well in a metapsyhical way you can look at a few things
knowing that there is no one god (seperate entity) and we are all apart of
being in this natural collective soul, reincarnation does

So that doesn't really reassure yourself of :

"okay well thats nice but I don't want to die and have
this attachment to life".

Well the way I discovered my inner-peace with the panics
of OH **** I will die one day.

I found more and more as you feel the universe through
meditation (void) the answer of knowing and listening is
your reassurance, look into the sky at night and look at
the stars. The universe gives to you when you ask
everything you tell yourself or think about can become your
future at one point in time if you want it bad enough
or if you think that way long enough.

So when you get to that point where you can feel this
energy you will know why the fear of death is just
rediculous, but this is a path every person needs to
find on their own, its up to you find this energy and
feel it. Even the bible has scripture that talks about

Mark 11:24

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer
(meditation), believe that you have received it, and it
will be yours"

I do realize in young people death is not pondered
around to much but get yourself conditioned about your
respects to death and you will be one step closer to
achieving a inner-peace or "god-head".

2. Being able to clear your mind and find your center
feel your chakras and being able to manipulate the
universe to get what you desire:

This step is where your meditations come in and let me
just get to the point, Yoga.. Is very very recmmened in
conjunction with meditation they ARE one in the same.

Now beginning in meditation is something that you need
to consider being a huge step you MUST stick with to
proceed and start to feel the energy.

I will add a section of a few meditations and techniques
that I had on my website on here for you.

1. Proper breathing begins with the diaphragm, learn to
use it right and your breathing will help in your
meditations and relaxations. Sit with your spine straight.

2. Once you have done this its time to move on. Again
take a deep breath, as you do feel your lung filling up,
visualize relaxed energy coming into you. Visualize it
going threw your body energizing you.

That is a basic setup of breathing and visualization,
now at this time I would like to explain a few different

1. Void meditation where you clear your mind of
completely everything, I usually do this before my
visualization meditations.

Here is a yogic void meditation:

Testing Void

This meditation can be hard for some and very easy for
others, it all in the matter of how deep you can void
yourself out.

This Meditation has a bit of yoga in it. Its easy,
simply put both your arms out like your a air plane or
bird straight-up to the shoulders.

Now hold there and meditate, the trick is dont focus on
your arms cause if you do will not be able to hold as
long. Clear your mind or for you beginners you can have
your mind drift, think of anything but your physical.

for starters a good 2 to 3mins is not a bad start

for intermediate 5 to 10 is good

and for you that think you can hold it,

10 to 15 and/or 20 minutes, Trust me it can be done and
if you can hold this long enough you will not only build
strength you've just shown yourself that you can also
endure pain although I like to call this pain Sweet Pain!

Hey its better then catching your self on fire or
sleeping underneath a waterfall of ice to test your void

2. Visualization, where you hold images or feelings in
your mind here is a good meditation I made a while back
that will challenge your skills of your mind in which I also
found interesting that Einstein had a set of practices
to increase memory and intellect.

Visualization Tech

Just follow the steps

(breathe in)
hold a picture of a animal
(breathe out)
(breathe in)
Visualize smelling either a flower or something else
that's nice I used
lavender as the visualizing
(breathe out)
(breathe in)
Visualize and feel yourself picking up fine sand in your
(breathe out)
visualize yourself releasing the sand feel it fall from
your hands
(breathe in)
(breathe out)

keep the picture of the animal in sight at all time
while doing this as well every time you breath in to
visualize the smell you've chosen and when you get to
the sand you got to try to keep all the senses going


When starting out its hard to do this so I like to go
from bottom to top Example: once your get to the sand,
you feel the sand then smell then picture.

After awhile it will just start to flow into one thing,
the human brain has trouble doing more then one thing.
So if you know the pat your head and rub your stomach
thing you will understand this but people get good at
this cause they keep practicing to make it as one action
so once you do this your brain will be able to visualize
many things and will have more power over this as well.

3. Heres another meditation technique, its with chanting
and vibrations.

It would be best if you knew a little about chakra's go
search them up on the internet if you have not yet and
just look at what color they are and where they are

The Meditation:

This meditation has to be done in the sun light out side
or some where the sun is shine'n down right on you. So
perhaps out back or somewhere where you wont be
bothered. Now here is the steps:

Start with void clear your mind steady your breathing,
then after you gets to a point where you think you can
move on then picture yourself in a dark box closed no
light at all (this might be a little hard to do because
it will be bright even when you close your eyes), once
you get that start to see a little hole form letting in
light making the room glow a little brighter picture it
shining right into your root chakra, see your body
sucking in this energy.

Do this with all the chakras if you want even your hand
chakras but each time see a new hole appear for that
certain chakra. Then when you finished getting all the
chakras visualize the light coming change color to the
chakra its charging.

After this see the box explode and a the light cover
your body fill yourself with as much energy as you can
with this.


Starting void meditation for as long as you can then
start with the chanting the chanting goes like this


Do this in one breath out you will feel this viberation
and you will start to feel your third eye!

(this will help with focusing energy)

4. One more I have for you to try, its called water healing.

The Meditation:


Cup of cold water (*** I will explain about this (cold
water at the bottom)

Follow the steps:

Start out meditating (void) after five or so minutes
Then grab your glass of water and hold it front of you
take a small drink and visualize it as a very bright
white water, visualize the bright water going into your stomach
and the light spreading out into your body making your body
(visualized body) burn bright white.

Continue to do this until the water is gone

For certain healing like say your lungs or heart
visualize the burning white from the water spread and
cover that certain area.

*** Psychic viberation has a capture feature that is
strong in Cold Water, Vapor and Alcohol. You hold the
water long enough with a feeling to feel better (already have it)
the water crystals will actually change and you will ingest
this energy (the water crystals have been scientifically
proven to change) - I would recommend looking on youtube or
video.google.com and watch What The Bleep Do We know?

Okay know we know how to meditate and understand a
little bit more on visualization and void, now let me
put it into a catagory.

Void Meditation: Void is where you will learn and become higher
in your practice, this is were god-head is truely at, the universe
will speak to you when you are calm and still.

Visualization Meditation: Visualization will help you
get what you want in the flesh world, this is where you
meditate on that money, or that person you want in your life,
or that future you've always wanted.

All you have to do is want it, the range of how much you want
it will determine if you recieve, BUT everything is achievable
you just have to work towards it. You already have it!!

3. Finding peace towards everyone & everything

This is something that most "Satanist" and bad asses do not understand or
get. You must love yourself to truely be happy and be in
alignment with the universe, no matter how much visualization
you provide in your practice if your not in alignment you are
not ready to recieve what you are asking for.

So not only does this work with your practice it works
with your emotional state, losing the hate will free you
from negative siuations and negative thinking. The goal
here is to not be judgemental upon people. I read a
really well written essay from a man called OSHO I will
put down the first part it should be enough to understand.


Q: Who are you?

A: "Whomsoever you think, because it depends on you. If
you look at me with total emptiness, I will be different.
If you look at me with ideas, those ideas
will color me; if you come to me with a prejudice, then
I will be different. I am just a mirror. Your own face
will be reflected. There is a saying that if a monkey
looks into the mirror he will not find an apostle
looking at him through the mirror. Only a monkey will be
looking through the mirror.

So it depends on the way you look at me. I have
disappeared completely so I cannot impose on you who I am.
I have nothing to impose. There is just a
nothingness, a mirror. Now you have complete freedom.


Not only will this fuel a compulsive idea about people
it will eventually lead to a passive negativity (judging
people that is). Not only do I find that this is needed,
I enjoy being like this (it is hard to be not
judgemental) so you can start by smiling at people that
cross your path and asking how they are, and be for real
about it.

It could change their day even if they are not positive
in response. In some cases it can change some peoples

BUT as a being of light you shall never let people take
advantage of you, you will stand up for yourself and
those you love and care about. Now when I say stand up it
doesn't mean you have to beat the **** out of them, unless
it is needed and has come to that point.

4. Learning as much as you can all the time, removing TV

and video games as well as removing the poor diets that
we are fed growing up with
(artifical colors GMO's Kraft food etc -Sugars!- and red meat)

As human beings we have unlimited possiblities of our
mind, our brain can hold every image that we have ever
seen in our existances, you can look out on the sea and
see every sparkle on the ocean and your mind will
capture that.

So what we need to do as humans is use our undying
curosity and continue to learn and proceed forward. It
is hard to get into reading but read read read! Find
time to read every day and as a recommendation get
yourself a program called Ace Reader (its a speed
reading program) this will help you learn to speed read.
The reason reading is so boarding is that the brain is
so powerful if we could flip the pages fast enough we
could read a average sized book under 25 seconds. Woah?
Yes it is true. Now lets tap into that, give your mind what it
wants stimulation.

It will keep you entertained while reading and your
comprehension will increase from an average of 50% to 85-100%
in people. Now since it seems your on the path to enlightenment
I would suggest you look into books that are self-help
(not saying you need it cause your depressed or whateveR) this
will actually help you become more emotionally stable and will
help you with loving yourself and others.
(which like we talked about is important)

Also any kind of occult or mind/psychic or historical
book is great for study in the enlightment, l will tell
you as of right now self-help books, occult, psychic
mind etc will narrow down and you will see these books
almost completely compliment eachother for alot of the
information has the same things said but in different

So keep reading and never stop your learning ever, now
days we have the internet we have e-books, millions and
millions of books ready for you to download and check out.
You have a awesome tool at your hands they are Youtube.com
and video.google.com search anything you want and get it
visual you can also search for Audio books which you can find
very easy.

So there you go you have ever tool that you need to
stimulation your mind, you have ever tool to compliment
your personal learning habits. So now lets get to the

Why is this so important, well lets just start it off
like this, a twinkie can last for around 20 years and
its artifical colorings are made from what we stick in
our gasoline tanks.. Yes it is true its made from
protolium. With all these fast food chains and GMO's and
chemicals and pesticides we are just killing ourselves,
its proven that farmers that deal with certain chemicals
for growth and pesticide actually kill off the land, because
they have to keep spraying and spraying & because the plants
become immune to the pesticide.

So not only are you ingesting a **** load of pesticides
which is suppose to kill things you are also getting
larger amounts of food with LESS then the nutrition
value of a say a tomato 3 times less then the size of a
blown up one with chemicals.

On another note most of the people that eat these foods
will have a allergic re-action, now most of these people
will not know this. Results of these re-actions almost
seem that they are just apart of life.

They include:

Insomnia, Anxiety, Ulcers, fatigue, muscle and joint
aches, drowsiness, difficulty in concentration and

Signs of reaction are:

Dark circles around the eyes
puffiness under the eyes
horizontal creases in the lower lid
chronic noncyclic fluid retention
chronic swollen glands

(You can get yourself a test to find out what foods your
are allergic too -or if your interested I can post a way to
find out yourself with out going to the doctor)

So moving on a little bit here, we come to the meat,
unless its lean meat like chicken, fish (high high in
protein very good for you), lamb, bufflo, (and skin
less) its not good for you (theres a few more just
research it up). But we can also find these to be just
as bad if they were not from a organic source,
growth-hormones can and will destroy your progress.

Alright so lets get straight into sugars, Sugar will
destroy your memory and over time if you are drinking
pop/soda it can actually mutate your DNA, drinking a pop is
as bad as smoking a cigarette it has a carsinogen called
Sodium Benzoate this combined creates destruction of your

So it comes down to it that... well, you want to proceed in
advancing you have to cut your refined-sugars down.
Brown Sugar, Raw Sugar Honey etc will work in its place
(and still use in moderatation)

So yeah we have all been told this that all this stuff
is bad, well you can change your habits a great skill to
learn is Cooking if you can cook you can do this very
easy, if you don't start and I cant stress it enough
this is a very important factor in your practice.

If you can not maintain your health you can not continue
your practice, if you can't remember what you are learning
you simply cant focus on what you are doing or how you are
doing. Exercise is most important like earlier Yoga is
stressed and is a must in your practice.

Also you need to look into your Omega 3 to Omega 6
intake most people will take in 16x more omega 6 then omega 3 you need to level these out cause they are great for you but only when they are in a range that is level within it-self.

This will help you with your positive energy as well
which will help in every other ladder we have to climb.
So like I way saying earlier TV and Video Games will
shut down your brain, and like Ive been saying this is a

******* NO!

Limit your time on the TV and start doing something
different in its place, TV is a american addiction it is
true, so if your effected start out by cutting back and
start reading instead, go on the internet and study &
download a ebook watch a informative video (this can
work on TV too just stimulate your mind thats all)

With the meditations I will say everyone is different you do
not have to go off what I tell you, you can make your own. Other
people's meditations are guidelines and not rules, manipulate
them to your needs and you will find that you will have the best

Peace N Love

-Brother Nate Scheer
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