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Default A Dream....

This morning I dreamt of light being broken by a prism. The light was projected into small vertical bands. These were spinning around me. My inner voice told me it was OK.

Anybody else had these kind of dreams and/or experiences...??
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Default Re: A Dream....


This sounds so cool! Was it a pleasant "dream?" You mentioned you were told it would be "OK." does that mean you were a bit frightened or uncomfortable? i SO WISH i could "do" something cool like that ..... fun dream or OBE or something! i guess maybe i'm just too dense! LOL (get it? "dense" as in ...... oh well, i guess you'll either get it or you won't!) LOL

anyway, i hope someone who HAS had something like this happen responds, Swami. i'd like to hear from anyone who's experienced something similar myself. I think it could only be a good thing in all reality, though, don't you?

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