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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

edit - Im just reading all the other posts after the ones quoted below. If i did i wouldnt have had to write so much as others have started explaining it a bit too, with links

Im going to enjoy this post as I will be sharing information that is not easy to come across. Firstly, baggywrinkle and Avg joe, and anyone who is still arguing about energy and what not, I will not be explaining this again as if you read my words correctly in this read you would understand by now. I will edit the people im quoting to highlight the most important points i agree with.

Originally Posted by peacelovinman View Post

Some years ago I managed to get myself out of all personal debt

3) Because I DETEST the immoral banking system.

This money is backed by nothing of worth - it is "fiat" currency.

I suggest you read "Spiritual Economics: How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man" by Mary Elizabeth: Croft. You can download it for free from various places on the net.

If I spend $ 10,000 on my credit card, who has actually loaned me the money? No-one! It's just credit that has been created by my signature.

Lastly, a question for Mike. I quite like the sound of the Liberty Wealth Club but I have fallen victim to some of these network marketing scams before.

Does the club offer something of real value or does it just teach people a "system" whereby you get paid for recruiting people into the system?

Does it provide worthwhile financial information to their members in return for a fee, with those members that recommend others to join being paid a small commission or residual on their subscription (nothing wrong with that in my book)...


Do they simply show you how to make money by recruiting people into the system who, in order to make money, have to recruit others with no actual worthwhile service or product being offered (a con, in my book)?
Excellent questions. Firstly, Mary Croft. This is almost mandatory reading for LWC members. This is exactly what we are about and we are active in practicing what she preaches. If anyone wants a copy emailing just ask me. I have a new version which has all the same info but has been organised in a much better way to get through quicker. Its just better

Pyramid schemes, also known as cash gifting schemes only make people money by recruiting others into it, there is no other way of explaining it, this is why they are ILLEGAL. Anyone watching Watchdog in the UK last night would have seen ex-Apprentice girl (black girl cant remember her name) getting lynched by the BBC for holding a 'networking meeting' of ladies where they pay £1000 to join and advance up alevel when they have recruited 8 themselves before paying £3000 to the next level. There is no product, people at the bottom who fail to get anyone involved will have lost their £1000 and have nothing whatsoever to show for it. Pyramid schemes use the positive side of multi level marketing and network marketing to make the ambitious folk a lot of money while people who cant lie have trouble promoting it. Ive seen many before and am thankful ive never lost out to any before.

This is also why we get this question a lot because people are wary of anything that rewards you for getting more people involved.

We at Liberty Wealth put honesty, integrity, truth and freedom before everything else. We never ever sell anything. We simple show folk what is available and wait for them to say they are in. Put it this way. At the very first step, we have a package known as Foundation of Freedom, its an investment of £650. We can easily give this information away for free (as helping people help themselves is our 'goal' and becoming service to others is the ultimate reward) but you need an incentive to put our knowledge into practice rather than having it sitting on a shelf while you are a slave to monthly pay day. To non members this is £1250. Its obvious that joining the club at the same time as investing in the package is better than investing twice as much without joining.

Here is part of what the Foundations of Freedom is about (more but i cant remember whilsy typing):-

* Credit Cancellation & Remedy
* Building Blocks of Freedom
* Our Economic Heritage
* Conditioning of Man & The World
* The Gold Standard
* Asset Protection
* Offshore Havens
* Government & Economic History
* Law & Taxes
* Present Day Strategies
* Future Seminars - What to Expect

Initially its amazing and just gets better. Cash gifting/pyramid schemes simply dont have worthwhile products. We dont even ask that people recruit others. Some of our members make the initial investment and are gone forever or maybe go to a seminar for advanced teaching then go off and make their own money outside the club, or spend months studying our material and researching related stuff on their own before deciding to make money from helping more folk get free. Usually the ones that have cancelled their unsecured credit are keen to spread the word. Put it this way, without real worth, youd be reluctant to get friends and family involved because if its false promises then youve lost more than their trust. I have trouble keeping this in when I meet new people. I try so hard but when people say "so what do you do" I can only pretend that Im a property developer for so long. Probably because im barely spending any time with renovation right now.

You can study the main site. My splash page is now online at
http://www.freedomandwealth.co.uk You can enter your email for regular info and free products such as Marys book etc. My tel numbers, skype etc are all on there and Im happy to answer questions any time.

But going back to original thread idea. This is different to us. We dont exploit legal loopholes. We simply expose where real laws have been broken by banks for many years and use the power of the law to play their game.

Originally Posted by Baggywrinkle View Post
But that does not address the exchange of energy
No one wants to talk about that aspect
It took labor and materials to build that television. You need to come up with an equivalent amount of energy or goods to compensate the builders for their effort. Or you need to build your own television.
This is how 'the system' works. Its actually how a secured credit facility works. You deposit an asset and the bank agrees to give it value and gives you 'money'. Your asset doesnt have to be what we call 'cash' You could pay in a gold watch for example. When you the 'money' back you get your assset back.

Fast forward to banking fraud. Your application form with signature (loan or card) is then stamped on the reverse with a value. Just like a note would be stamped and attached to your gold watch with the amount of 'money' of value attached to it. Instead of the gold watch which has value, the bank use your 'promise to pay' which is in fact the application form and assign a value to this. This value could be any number. They usually decide on a value based on risk of you not paying. The risk is not their risk of losing money. The risk is the risk of you simply not being able to pay your alleged 'debt'.

Now that your application has been converted into an asset, this asset is paid into a deposit account. When you buy something in a store, the retailer keeps the receipt (bill of exchange / promise to pay). This is then paid into a bank minus a fee and the retailer gets 'money' so this widescreen TV you talk about has been paid for. Energy allocated. The bank sells the bill to Visa/Mcard minus a small fee and Visa/Mcard sell it back to your credit card company/bank minus a small fee. So in effect, your asset has been exchanged for goods but a few banks have acted as middlemen along the way making money from it.

Best bit. You get a statement in the post asking you for the full value. You pay for the item again, plus any interest if you dont pay immediately.

Ask yourself, why do credit cards have no fee any more and good payers are seen to use the service for free and cost the bank money? Its not because they are hoping you suddenly stop paying or are making too much money from non fast payers to care. They are making money from every single transaction.

Imagine if you started making fake money, youd be in jail if caught. This is why the law can work for us because it has been broken by them. It just takes time and some studying and thankfully having a lot of people on hand with the same goal helps.

Im done

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