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Thumbs up Newest Ben Fulford News

Benjamin's site is: http://benjaminfulford.com/indexEnglish.html

The translation site is: http://babelfish.yahoo.com/?fr=avbbf-us

From Fulfords Blog 11/21/2008

Negotiation with the power of the European-American darkness and BRICS side such as China and Russia is not advanced presently well. It is found that from the fact that has appointed the people where [obama] new president causes current financial crisis to the Cabinet minister of economic financial charge, after all as for power of the American darkness it is the intention of denying actually up to last end. When this way is, it becomes impossible to solve the American economic crisis harmoniously. America presently has received “the drop of dollar”, but this, is kind of something which is lifting the painkiller to the late cancer patient. The midst when the American national assembly presently has taken the day off of 2 months, [henrikishinjiya] and paw Luzon financial affairs minister of state visit China often and “the mechanism of new world order make and” negotiate for the sake of. However in framework of the former international organization, the kind of stance which adopts China a little completely is meaningless. China many countries of the world and makes relationship directly in the aspect of circulation of money and economy presently including Africa and the South America etc. Because of that China by way of Washington specially (IMF and worldwide bank), many countries and the necessity to have the relationship of economy is not. The nation which depends on America: Unless either Israel, Pakistan and Ukraine etc keep changing the conduct per tongue completely, with America it means to collapse.

Other than many international enterprises of America are purchased finally in the Chinese capital, there is no method America being saved. The Chinese government has decided that already General Motors and Chrysler are purchased. And that is no more than a start of shopping. But when really China purchases those enterprises, the American rebuilding becomes possible. Because GM and the like becomes Chinese ones, it becomes because of China and America to strengthen that. Regrettable Japan of the expectation which can lead/read the world as usual is brain death state. Very wretched thing is done the Japanese bank presently prints dollar, sends to America. This way the Japanese colony control is continued, but also the power which at below water it tries to be able to finish that is moving. While being close, the Japanese bank probably will leave from Rothschild's hand. In any case if Anglo-Saxon courtesy just does not have the foreign country and relationship as a “civilization person” future in international society, it is ruined difference it is not.

And Fulfords Blog 11/22/2008

In the North Pole A-bomb? According to the Russian government information sight America being the North Pole, atomic explosion is caused. The purpose seems like petroleum excavation. According to that article, as for America unless the American bond of 12,000,000,000,000 dollar which at December 20th becomes expiration is reissued the American nation goes bankrupt. It means being the intention of excavating the mass petroleum which is estimated, that with a-bomb there is the North Pole, applying to the mortgage of the debt. There is also the Canadian whistle-blowing document as supporting this information. According to this at earthquake detection center of the Canadian government, the seismic intensity by a-bomb was detected on November 17th and the 18th. With presumption of this whistle-blower, other than petroleum excavating it means perhaps, it is something in order to reform the North Pole pole. If the researcher who detects the seismic intensity even in Japan is, we request propriety Freedom of Information Act.

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