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Default Investigation into an alien artefact

Hello, my name is Laura Walker and I知 English. I知 an expert in communication with a PhD in Socio-Linguistics and I work with 4 other scientists from different areas. We are an international team with German, Dutch, Luxembourgian, Belgian and English members. We have decided to use the internet to do some research which has until today remained rather sterile. We, and more particularly I, think that the internet is certainly the best way we can use to contact many people and therefore find what we are looking for. I値l be writing for the entire team, so, I値l maybe sometimes post some explanations from one member of our research team. Firstly, I値l ask you to write in English please. If what you read is on an English website, I understand that it won稚 seem strange, but if you are reading my message on a German or Dutch website, you値l better understand my demand. In fact, what we want to do is very serious and I値l be working over many different countries. I知 ready to share any reasonable information that we値l get from any country, hoping that some information will allow you to connect with some other information received from somewhere else. This topic will be opened on many different websites all over Europe and I don稚 think that we値l remain unproductive. So, thank you everyone for joining our research about the most interesting file we found since the 5 of us have started working on special files. Now here is the story that we were told by Andreas, our German scientist. A few months ago his mother died and in her will, Andreas found an incredible report, written by his mother. Here is a sum up as we mustn稚 tell some details that are too personal or that could even be dangerous. Melanie, Andreas mother met a man during her holidays in the Dominican Republic. They became friends. Their relation lasted the time of their holidays and that was it. Years later, Melanie received a phone call from this man, asking to meet her in a caf. At this meeting, the man told her an incredible story. Years ago, they had found an extraterrestrial artefact, that they had to hide. The man explained to Melanie that he suspected the army to spy on him and he wanted to hide this artefact in someone痴 house who had nothing to do with him and she was the perfect stranger that no one knew in his life. It was impossible to find a link with him. Melanie was afraid and refused because she understood nothing about this story and it just seemed too strange to her. Still she wanted to know more because she was very interested in stories like this. She had become close to this man because he knew a lot about files of that sort. So, they met again and again, many times, so that Melanie started to feel concerned about this artefact and was willing to take the risk to keep it at home. She learnt many things during these meetings. The artefact had been found in Ireland and was thousands of years old. Melanie was told that the artefact was floating in the air before, making no noise or wind, but producing a very powerful light. What she saw when she looked at it was an inert disk with a very strange and attractive structure. She said that she loved to touch it again and again. After showing the disc to her, the man put it into a sort of very heavy safety box and put the box into her house. He explained that he had received a lot of information through this disc, which seemed to be like a sort of hard disk from another civilisation. He gave her some pictures of the disk, a text written in a completely different writing and explained to Melanie that this writing allowed him to read the crop circles. He explained in fact that the creators of this strange hard disk were also the creators of the crop circles all over the world. Then, this man disappeared. Melanie heard that the man had been killed by the army shortly after having given her the disk. For years, she kept this big box without being able to open it. Melanie was quite old and she decided to do nothing. Her house was very big and she never entered the bedroom where the box was stored. One day, the man who was supposed to be dead came back. He explained that he had been attacked and was put in jail but had been able to escape. Then, he left a telephone number and disappeared again for years. One day, Melanie entered the room where the box was stored and she got extremely afraid. A very powerful light was floating in the middle of the room at a height of around a meter and a half. She became so afraid that she called the man who made it to her house in less than half an hour. He explained that he had been waiting for this to happen. What happened afterwards is even more incredible, but as I know that on the internet a too long post is not very desired, I値l propose to tell you the end of what we know next time. Still, with this, maybe some of you have got some information about this story. We can tell you that if we get tired with trying to find some more information, it痴 because we have been analysing everything we have, pictures, texts, this strange alphabet, the attack by the army, the correspondence of some dates, etc. Everything is perfectly clear and real. Even if we know the end of the story and have a lot of information, we can tell you that finally, we don稚 know what happened to this disk and to this man. In Melanie痴 will to her son, we have the complete story, but afterwards they disappeared, taking with them most of the wonderful story that could bring enough knowledge to mankind to face the future. We think that anybody who could help us find the truth about this story will be part of a fantastic story. Ideally, we would like to find this disk, or at least if we cannot, to write a book about this story and any information we can get from this extraterrestrial civilisation.

Thank you for sharing whatever information you may have. As I値l be working on many different websites, I won稚 be able to come on this site everyday, but I値l bring you any information that I can find in any country. Thank you for being part of the internet team to help us find the truth about this story.
The internet remains one of the strongest tools of information and I知 sure that the web will be stronger than anything that we致e been using until now.

Best regards.

Laura Walker
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

wow, very interesitng!!

Thanks soo much,
i cant wait to hear more!
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Exclamation Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Laura, the internet is a vast place with all kinds of information as well as people. It is also an incredible source of dis-information and lies. Projects such as yours are very attractive to those who seek to confuse and lead you down the wrong path. I hope you are able to discern the real from the fake. If your premise is correct and the object is real, there will be strong forces trying to either disable your efforts, or obtain it for themselves. I hope you have also taken this into account. Good luck.

Strength and Knowledge to All
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Hello again,
I知 very enthusiastic about this communication on the internet. I have selected 30 different websites all over the world regarding where this file might have a chance to be known. How could we know that? It痴 because, from the information that we have and that I haven稚 had time yet to present here, we believe that the team who was linked to this story with Melanie tried to spread some information in some countries, maybe through the internet. We aren稚 sure. Soon, I値l be presenting a lot of proof that we have about this file, unfortunately we know very little about the complete story. The guy and team who used Melanie have completely and mysteriously disappeared and we know nothing about the follow up of this story. We have been using some network where we can get some very precise information, but we found nothing, that痴 why I do believe that this kind of work in 30 different forums might be working. As we are a little team of scientists, we値l be able to check any information that we値l get from you, to carry on our investigation. We won稚 be selfish and we値l share anything we have as long as it is not dangerous for you or us. As I said we have only little information about the complete file and what happened afterwards. We do want to find out more, because on the other hand, we have a very rich file on 都ide effects that come with this story, which proves that this story is true or at least, that there is a really amazing story behind the whole thing. We even have some incredible files about a person who suffered from dormant cancer and who improved for years while the person痴 illness would have been lethal in normal circumstances. I値l be talking about this in detail in a short while.
The forums I have selected seem to be very open and I hope to get a lot of information. I want to apologize for not being able to answer personally to all of you as you have to understand that I work, do some scientific research and now communicate with 30 different forums. Some of my future posts will be some general answers to every forum at the same time where I will share any interesting information or answers to any interesting questions with everybody, describing the follow up of this file, presenting the file with the numerous side effects that we possess in detail.
I hope that soon I値l start to have more private contacts with some of you, this won稚 be possible at the present time.
The files we have could, with your help, lead us to the most wonderful discovery of mankind as what we have could prove the existence of an alien artefact and more importantly, the use of it for the best of humanity. The people who have this artefact are the key of our present research, the more we値l know about them, about their story, what they said on the internet, the more we値l be able to succeed.
For me, another great thing that I want to point out is the positive power of the internet, I値l maybe write a book from what I知 going to get from this research on the internet. I知 very excited about what will be coming out of all this.
Thank you for your kind participation.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact


This disk sounds a bit like the 'yellow disk' described by Dan Burisch - full interview here : http://www.projectcamelot.org/dan_burisch.html

I would defo. check this out as ur disk sounds very similar.

Good luck
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

I moved this out of spirituality over to Project Camelot - they handle the alien stuff.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Originally Posted by iainl140285 View Post

This disk sounds a bit like the 'yellow disk' described by Dan Burisch - full interview here : http://www.projectcamelot.org/dan_burisch.html

I would defo. check this out as ur disk sounds very similar.

Good luck
Here is some interesting information about Dan Burisch, a.k.a. Dan Crain.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Hello again, when I was a student, many years ago, I used to go on the internet very often. My ex-boyfriend was very interested in ufology and stuff like that and, at that time in England, the number of forums was huge. Today, I was quite surprised to search a very long time to find something. Most of the forums we used before have disappeared. After posting in 30 different forums because of what I was doing, I contacted my ex-boy friend who is still very much into that kind of stuff. He told me that things have changed a lot. He said that today everybody is very afraid and anxious, and that with my file, he was sure, that I was getting a lot of aggression because nearly no one can answer such a file.

Well, I listen to everybody but I take some time, of course to have my own opinion.
Everything moves quickly when you go on 30 different forums at the same time. I have been astonished to be insulted in many different forums and even very often banned. First, I want to say that if I知 writing here, it痴 because in your forum it was more or less different. Always remember that to create a maximum of possibilities to find a solution to our file, I知 writing for every forum at the same time. I have so much to read, it痴 a lot of work. I don稚 want to be impolite with you that痴 why each time I知 writing, I try to give a maximum to everybody. Anyway, I think it痴 good for you to know, what痴 happening on the internet, even if it痴 not especially in your forum.
I never said that I have the truth. It痴 even the opposite, I have a very strange file, and I知 trying to find some answers by using the tool of the forums. Strangely enough and while I wrote only in forums dedicated to ufology and related topics, most of the time, I received only insults from everywhere. Sometimes, just with the exact first post that you read yourselves, I was insulted and banned without having the foggiest idea why!!??

There痴 a forum where they 電iscovered that we were lying because I spelt the word 殿rtefact with en 兎 while it is the correct spelling. The 妬 was accepted after but is not the correct official spelling. Still my 兎 was a proof on www.esotericforum.com that I was a spy and I was banned. I can稚 believe it. Is it possible that people are so afraid today that they are ready to invent anything to avoid facing questions, which are too unbearable to them? From this beginning of research I have decided to slightly change what I wanted to do. I will give you some aspects of our files here, but not too many, as I see that a too strong case makes a lot of people panic. Later on, when I see that some forums are more balanced than others, I値l try to give more elements. I will give some anyway now, and I will also answer some interesting questions or information. I will share that with everybody without giving the references of another forum to avoid any conflict. I will just show the name and the message of my interlocutor and give an answer if I can. Sorry, if it痴 a bit long, but in spite of what they say on some forums, my work is that of a professional and I cannot make do with a short little personal message to someone that I find nice.

1st, about our files. I will avoid speaking too much about some quite exceptional reactions of the disc. I will focus more on the undeniable side effects or proofs that we have.
The man who gave this disk to Melanie gave also a copy of a text, which was taken from the disk itself as it appeared to be a sort of hard disk. As far as we know this man and his team were able to retrieve a complete book from this artefact. We don稚 know much through the writing of Melanie of this book, but we have the complete text in our possession. One of our colleagues has been studying it very seriously. For him, this text is using an alphabet that is partly linked to the Runes. Some other letters are deeply linked to signs used in the manifestation of crop circles, but more strangely, the text is used completely coherently. It痴 a real structure. Our colleague has been working on that for a long time but remained unable to break the code apart from some words.

We have few pictures of this disc, which were given to Melanie by this man when he gave her the disk in the safety box. We have been working on these pictures without being able to find the smallest sign of manipulation. We have also given these pictures to an expert who spent a lot of time on measures and came back with a lot of information on the correspondence with the golden number. How could a fake be calculated like this?

When Melanie was after once more in contact with this man many years, the disk changed into a sort of light ball that was floating in the air shortly after. The disk came out of the safety box without breaking anything. We have also a picture of this man with this ball of light. We have been checking those pictures, non of them are fake. How is this possible?
Maybe, for us, the biggest thing is that Melanie was extremely ill when she received the disk. She didn稚 dare say anything to her friend who needed so much help but she was dying of liver cancer. For years, her cancer had been dormant, she had even improved a little and when the disk was taken away years later, she died in only a few months. It was obvious that this strange thing had somehow 吐rozen Melanie痴 cancer. Now we are in a very good position to speak about this because Melanie痴 son, Andreas is a doctor and was looking after his mother all this time without knowing of the existence of this disk at that time. Melanie explained in her will that when the disk changed into a ball of light, the man came back very often to her house to do a lot of experience and from this he obtained incredible information; mainly about crop circles and the future of our civilisation.

We were able to speak about many other things but there痴 no need now, regarding the reactions of so many people on the internet. To finish at the present time, the man declared to be afraid at the beginning because he was afraid of an attack by the army. Then he disappeared for years. When he came back, he explained that he had escaped from jail. We checked that aspect also, and it痴 true that this man and his team had been attacked by the army; his son of 7 years was killed. He really escaped, he made a lot of experiments in Melanie痴 house later on, then because of one special experiment which frightened Melanie, she asked the man to go away with the artefact. Of course, she didn稚 know that her health was so deeply linked to this light of ball. Since, this man has disappeared. He and his entire team, and they were many, have been 杜issing for years, leaving no trace behind them. I have personally been in contact with the army who attacked this man and they refuse to tell me why they attacked and killed people and even a child. I hope that you can understand that, if we have an open mind, we cannot have access to such a story without trying to know more. Maybe what we値l find can have an influence on mankind痴 evolution or maybe only give us some cures for certain illnesses.

I知 not here to 鍍each you anything. I知 trying to find some information. I also want to spread this information because I really think that it痴 a too dangerous file to keep it hidden somewhere. The best place to avoid an accident is to spread this knowledge. I hope that some of you can help us find some clues. I remind you that we sell nothing, we believe in nothing special, only in science, so there痴 no need to insult us or ban us.
Sorry I致e been really too talkative and my post is too long. I will therefore avoid starting my answers to everybody now. I will do that tomorrow. It will be an open mike, everybody痴 answers to everybody. The more we are, the easier it will be. Please feel free to spread this file and the research anywhere you wish, so that we can maybe get some clues.
Thank you very much.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

It sounds kinda strange, I mean why would he give it to her and not say, bury it or give it to a good longtime friend or family member.Maybe he was part of some organization or even ET type being. Does he have any background you can research? I don't know but there are alot of questions.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Could you tell us which army attacked this man and killed his son? I assume, according to your previous posts, that this all must have happened in Germany.
So if "die Bundeswehr" should do this, it would realy surprise me.
Yeah, I know that the "dark forces" are everywhere, so I will not claim it is not posible. But Bundeswehr? Or maybe some "secret" parts of it?

And when exactly did this all happened? Few years ago?? Can you give us an aproximate Year?

Do you have any links to any german newspapers which might have covered this? Would be interresting to read about....
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Laura, you should post these questions on the Open Minds Forum, they have many members that have studied various texts, crop circles and other artifacts.

You might get some valuable information from the members there.
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THE eXchanger
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

why don't you email
and, then Bill & Kerry,
will contact you direct

i agree, your story, would be much easier to follow
if you provided a location/and, date=to=date occurance
type of reporting
(oldest/to newest info)

interesting-never-the-less, and, looking forward
to hearing more, about this

welcome to project avalon

brightest blessings
the eXchanger
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

If the artifact was found in ireland can u tell us which part? Ireland was the only part of the known world not conquered by the Roman empire, there are many links back to the middle East and Sumeria and stories of ancient boat trips to the meditterranean, it would only take two weeks to sail from Ireland to the med, whereas to travel overland would have taken months. The 'pilgrim's route' which goes over the Dingle peninsula to brandon creek is taken as the route which pilgrim's took from Ireland to northern spain and on to the Holy land, however there is an opinion that the route was in the other direction from Europe to ireland.

Legend has it that this is the route by which the Holy Grail was brought to ireland and there is currently major work going on at Tara (the ancient capital) under cover of the building of an unnecessary motorway through what is a UNESCO world heritage site- Opus Dei and spanish company Ferrovial are involved in this work, which is continuing despite the opposition of 90% of the people- EU contract law apparently.

The templars also came to ireland when they finished the crusades, and of course Atlantis was just off the coast. Anyway, I shall follow your story with interest,
one love

"Ancient Ireland knew it all," George Bernard Shaw.
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Question Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Hello, very interesting story & when I was reading the part of this disk being like a hard disk with info within in it I knew I had a heard of a similar story about these disks discovered in the 1930's in the mountains of Tibet called the Dropa Stones. Here is a link for more info about those particular disks that date back about 12,000 years ago --- www.crystalinks.com/dropa.html I know you stated the origin of your disk was in Ireland but just like the pyramids, which have been discovered in every content including Ireland, then maybe disks are also ancient artifacts that could be connected with every ancient civilization as well. Just check out the site or maybe you've researched that, too. I love to hear different experiences that are very unusual but extremely significant to our own dysfunctional civilization. Love SELF (Something Everything Loves Forever)
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

At the beginning, I had selected around 100 forums. First, I was quite surprised to see how difficult it was to find them but I did it. I kept only around 50 of them. Some forums refused us and finally I was only in 30 forums. I had selected only forums on ufology to respect the ideas of the webmaster and in spite of this some banned me while I had sent only what you read too. It was the case with healthypages.co.uk and a couple of others
Now I致e got some very nice and interesting answers or questions that I知 going to offer to everybody this evening. In fact, the idea is that the more you know about this strange case, the better you値l be able to help solving this strange file. I値l start then. I値l either answer inside if it痴 long or after the post of someone. I know that for you it痴 not classical to mix the answers of different forums, understand that for me the goal is to find answers. I was quite astonished to meet mainly insults and aggression. I don稚 protect an idea, I just come to use the knowledge of everybody to solve a problem and I do that inside the style required for that and still, so many have been insulting. I come for answers, I知 not looking for trouble. As an expert on communication, I really worry about the health of our population when I see that. That will be my first technical remark and maybe a first question. Now I start with someone.

psican investigator

Thank you for posting this story. I would love to read more about the details.
It reminded me of a paper or article I came across more than ten years ago.
All I have been able to find out now about the objects are these two exerpts from other articles.

Tony also exhibited a series of colour slides depicting gold cups
and saucers and told us the following story.

Apparently a couple attended a bring and buy market (Tony
declined to tell us where) and bought the items from a strange
oriental looking gentleman for 5 (why is it all I ever find is
broken Commodore 64's and Little Jimmy Osmond tapes!). The couple
told Tony that they felt compelled to buy them even though they
weren't particularly attractive. After enquiring where the
objects originally came from the oriental gentleman told them,
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

The couple, we are told, took the cups and saucers home and threw
them in a box in the garage forgetting all about them for five
years. Then, whilst clearing the garage of rubbish they came
across the cups and saucers again and gave them to their child to
play with in order to quiet the child's tantrums. After a while
they noticed that not only was the child calm, he was also
giggling into the cups crying "funny man!".

On closer examination, they found that when the cups are rotated
in bright light, they display, according to Tony Dodd, moving
holographic images depicting the history of the human race!

What's more on closer inspection, images of figures, faces and
silhouettes can be seen "in their thousands". Apparently these
objects are currently being kept in a bank vault and the science
departments of various universities have already had the
opportunity to examine the objects and are baffled (although once
more, Tony declined to reveal exactly who had examined them and
at which universities). Tony also told us that he himself has
examined these objects first hand and seen this phenomena for
himself. Sadly, we were not given the same opportunity, having to
rely instead on rather poor, static slides.

Cups and Saucers

I firstly asked Tony why he should choose to announce such a fundamental
discovery in the International UFO Library, rather than hold a press
conference or similar.

He explained that the artifacts were not his and that they would be the
subject of a forthcoming TV program. The article referred to was simply to
make their existence known to a target audience.

More details on the TV program later.

I then obtained the remarkable story of the artifacts in detail.

The artifacts are owned by 2 "young lads" from Liverpool (I suspect only
one of them actually owns the artifacts) who purchased them from a stall in
a local market. The purchaser(s) had no specific interest in UFOs or
related matters.

I clarified that there are 4 cups and 4 saucers, each of which has the same
properties. They are golden and of a conventional shape and size.

Subsequent details agree with the BBS posting.

I asked Tony how he had come to hear of the artifacts and he replied that
the received an anonymous telephone call in which he was advised that if he
wanted some answers he should telephone a certain number. He did so and
spoke to the person who had purchased the artifacts. On hearing of their
amazing properties, he asked to see them and was invited to do so.

He said that he has seen the cups and saucers at first hand, has witnessed
the holograms which appear when light is shone on them and it was the most
incredible thing he has ever seen.

They seem to contain the entire history of the human race in moving,
holographic images.

Additional information revealed that on realising their incredible
properties the owner(s) contacted the producers of a certain television
program. It is a new series, which I had heard about, and would be an
obvious choice for someone who had no real idea who to contact.

Tony is still in touch with the owner(s) and has been advised that when the
studio lights were shone on one of the artifacts it projected a moving
image of the pyramids being built.

Other extraordinary claims include images of extraterrestrial lifeforms,
the grays (greys), as they are commonly known.

Also, when a light was shone on a plate, at an angle which projects the
image onto a wall, the image continued on the wall for some 2 days
afterwards. When one of the artifacts was taken outdoors in bright
sunlight, 2 images of ancient kings appeared. In the bright sunlight, the
images grew to a height of approximately 6 feet.

It seems that the more powerful the light source, the larger the image.

The artifacts are kept in a vault and only travel under secure conditions.

They have supposedly been examined by scientists and one of the plates has
been cut in an attempt to understand the technology therein. Tony wasn't
sure where they had been examined but thought it was one of the London
museums, possibly the Natural History Museum.

If you examine the plates under a magnifying glass you can see thousands of
minute images.

They have allegedly been dated as being approximately 5000 years old and
contain what appears to be Hebrew writing.

Sotheby's, the auctioneers, have been contacted and have examined the

Tony said he was not keen to handle the artifacts again as he had been
seriously ill for 2 weeks after he had touched them. It may have been a co-
incidence, however, he understandably did not wish to take such a risk.

When the artifacts are left out for some time, black spots begin to appear
on the windows of the room they are in.

Tony then produced 2 photographs of a cup displaying holograms. Somehow, I
just knew I wasn't about to see the most remarkable thing I could imagine.

And I was right.

The photographs were slightly out of focus, consistent with the
photographer (I wish I had asked who it was) having focused too close with
a non macro lens. You could certainly see what appeared to be a light
emanating from the artifact, however the image was unclear. A huge, but not
unexpected, disappointment.

Further Developments

It was imperative to investigate these remarkable claims further and I
traced the television station who were allegedly broadcasting the program
on the artifacts.

I established the name and telephone number of the production company who
were producing the series and having explained that I was simply attempting
to verify information already in the public domain, I received a return
phone call from the program's producer.

I agreed to the producer's request for anonymity and I must also therefore,
at present, make no reference to the name of the production company.

The producer confirmed that the artifacts were indeed to be the subject of
a program in the series.

Understandably, the producer was reticent and was concerned I may be
connected with a rival production company. The producer believes that the
production company has a "scoop" and obviously had no intention of
jeopardising this.

Having explained the background to my investigation and being able to
provide some information which the producer was unaware of, I then obtained
some further insight into the nature of the artifacts.

The producer is a very sceptical person and was not entirely convinced of
the nature of the artifacts. However, the producer confirmed that when a
light is shone on the artifacts, they do produce what appear to be
holographic images. The quality of the images is variable and some people
seem to see more in them than others. The surface which generates the
apparent holograms appears to consist of thousands of minute images and the
production company was attempting to use cameras with a much higher
resolution, to improve the broadcast quality of the projections.

I asked if the producer would confirm that the artifacts could display
images onto a wall and whilst the producer was reluctant to discuss this
aspect and suggested that I wait until the program was broadcast, it was
implied that this may be the case. It certainly was not denied.

A further claim which was not denied was the report of the television crew
witnessing images showing the pyramids being built. The producer would only
comment that some people believed they had seen certain things.

No doubt all will be revealed in due course but the important point was
being able to establish that these artifacts do exist, whatever they may
turn out to be.

I mentioned Tony Dodd's concern that handling these artifacts had preceded
a serious illness. I was advised that neither the producer nor any of the
production company staff has suffered any noticable ill effects.

As the exact date of the program featuring the artifacts has not yet been
determined, I will post details of the exact date and time when this is
known. It should be during October. If the program is scheduled to be
broadcast outwith the U.K., I will also let you know.
Ian "NRTS" Harper

Director of UFOlogical studies for Parareseachers of Ontario

Hello and thank you very much for such a nice and precise answer. Unfortunately if we know about some side effects we don稚 know so much about the object itself. Still we have a picture, which is very clear, available for anyone one who wishes to see it. It looks more like a simple strange disk. Still, from what we know I can find some similarities, mainly about the recording of humanity痴 evolution. We know for sure that with this object the man who was coming to Melanie痴 house could see the past in great detail. We don稚 know how. We know for sure that it was one of his reasons to come to her house and stay with the disk a very long time, very often. We also know that the man who found this disk was more or less slightly burnt on the chin. After the disc was gone, as I already explained, Melanie痴 health declined. She also explained that the man who used to come was the same one that she met before and at that time he was blind. Afterwards, he was still blind but could move with extreme ease and precision, in spite of this evolution he told Melanie that he was still blind but could see 電ifferently. The case that you presented is maybe linked. It would be very interesting to see the evolution of your file and of ours. The disk was found in Ireland. Let me know about the evolution and let me know if any further information you can read on my post can help you precise the link if there痴 one.
Thank you very much indeed.

THABOY : first of all, welcome Laura, it's a pleasure to meet.
This is a fascinating story, I don't have any more information, but I'd like to ask you what army this was, the American, Britain, Irish or maybe even another one? That disk may be the evidence for extraterrestials, so if I might be able to help with something (that would suprise me because I'm not a specialized scientist and not even totaly grown up) but you know where to find me. And one more thing: do you know where the disk, or in what country it has been found?
And for the dutch friends among us:
als ik iets moet vertalen zeggen jullie het maar

Hello and thank you for your nice answer. Well.. you must understand that on some aspects even if we aren稚 directly concerned we are careful. That痴 why we prefer hiding the origin of the army who attacked this man, still I can tell you that it was in Europe. Concerning the country of the discovery as I said above it was in Ireland. As for the help, thank you for spreading this story as much as possible so that finally someone somewhere knows something about this and allow us to meet the owners of this disk and do some serious tests.
All the best, sorry but my dutch is very limited.

...I've Edited your original Topic/Theme/Page, to break it up. It is, as you say quite lenghty. But it's something quite interesting, & I'd hope members would chime in here with their curiosities/opinions/comments/etc.
Can you say/do you know...WHERE in Ireland this artefact was found originally? Would help us searching for clues at the right places?
This intrigue could tie in to MANY of our own explorations and experiences. So, we thank you for your efforts to 'Get the message out'...and to gather interest in your research. Best of luck from ALL of us here.
Please keep us 'updated' on finds, and as SETH says...developments. We'd also ask that your fellow researchers/team feel free to submit their independent thoughts/comments on 'what this means' in general...and of course any specifics which might expand our appreciation of your Topic.
All best regards/'Sweeps' Fox

hello, very nice welcomes and very good questions. As I said above I don稚 have all the information, still Melanie wrote that the artefact was found in the countryside in an Irish stone circle. At the origin, Melanie understood that the stone circle was found with a logic that she didn稚 follow but she had clearly understood that the place to dig was in compared to where the eye of the white horse was compared to stonehenge. I hope I make myself understood. They made calculations between the size of the stone circle and stonehenge to calculate in comparison where the eye of the white horse was in Ireland. Now we don稚 know which stone circle they have been working from. What we know to is that they left a place which was full of other things. They wanted to go back after but they never did. Now, to be honest all this has been known via the explanations of Melanie, so, she might be wrong. I知 sorry, until now, that痴 all we have.
All the best and thank you very much.

...You might start working with this 'FORUM' by answering some of the questions (Where was this artefact found in Ireland?) asked of you the first day. Members here don't want 'SKETCHY' material. MOST of us have had our own very personal/insightful 1st hand experiences/observations/& encounters with ET's and their crafts. You may want to be more 'Open' regarding this 'Small scientific team'. Have any of you had any 'Close Encounters'...to begin with?

We don't mind co-operating in a stubstancial/revealing/investigative Project, but we sure as Hell don't want to be used/pandered to/...condescended to.

We are also not here...to help you write your book. You may want to break up your long paragraphs here, in your writing on the Forum, as demonstration that you're able to 'Write' and communicate.

I'll await your next 'session' with us...and see if you're able to better define your purpose, and to get in the spirit of what WE do here. This is all 'in the way' of establishing a better grounding/baseline/& mutual understanding.

A strick Scientific/Academia approach doesn't work that well with folks who've had a wealth of excitement/emotional trauma/and multiple experiences with UFO's/Et'S. Just helping to set you straight about a certain necessary sensitivity but also Humor...as 'The Freeing Tool'. Thanks/'Sweeps'

As I said before I知 quite surprised of so much aggression, but it痴 your right, this forum is yours and you do whatever you want. That is called power. Enjoy it. Maybe you have understood that I知 working in many different forums and countries because I don稚 know where exactly to look for. So, I go a little bit everywhere at the same time to succeed. There痴 nothing aggressive or vindictive in that. I値l always be late to answer, because I cannot be everywhere at the same time. Unless of course, I start to concentrate more on one special forum. Right now, you must understand that it is not the case. I threw my net everywhere at the same time.
I知 sorry that we don稚 have any first-hand experience of aliens or ufos. Not a long time before Melanie痴 death, none of us believed in anything non-scientific. Now, facing the file we have, we are trying to find the answers somewhere else, but once more, I知 encountering a population that is so aggressive, so that means so much in pain, I don稚 know what will be possible to achieve . When I say that, it痴 not aggressive. I think that this world of ufology is so troubled that the aggression is the answer wanted by those who aggress you. Little personal question to all of you who are so aggressive, aren稚 you a little bit manipulated by your opponents?
Thank you for your help.


This disk sounds a bit like the 'yellow disk' described by Dan Burisch.

Good luck

Hi, very interesting! Could you tell me more about this man, I have never heard of him before. This could be of some help.
Thank you.

So if I understood this all good, The people "owning" the artefact have spread out information all over the world and hopefully also on the internet? Or do I have to make a word with my English teacher?
Hello LauraWalker,

first i have to excuse me for my bad english, i hope you can understand what i疥 about to write. So, i got a question for you and i really hope that you answer it in the next days. How does the box look like? Maybe you can post a picture of it so that we can see more details about that mystery box!? And you said that there is a disc within the box. Do you know some signs or anything else of the disc?

And my last question is, how can we help you and of corse your team to find these things?

It would be great if you respone my questions soon.
With kind regards,


It痴 a pleasure to answer you. I never said that the box was mysterious. It was a safety box; completely human. I said that we have pictures of the disk itself if you wish to. Now to help us, I知 using the internet to try meeting someone who knows something or someone. My colleagues don稚 agree with me. They find my system too classical but one never knows. It could be a way to find something to start more serious investigations.
Thank you for your kindness.

* Hm i would like to see this pictures from this Disc and all what u have.

Yes, no problem, I値l look after that and I値l send them to you. Soon coming.

First i would ask you to write a New text ... i can't read anything and get a headache from it
Hmm is it me or do i smell trolls ?

Well it is an interesting STORY but nothing more for me now...

Thank you anyway. Laura.

I gotta wait for evidence....
Let me know if you need anything I can offer.
* Hi Laura
I hope you don't mind me translating your text in German. It's for a better understanding to those who don't understand much English. Thank you for your comprehension. Your story is indeed very interesting. And some more Evidence like pictures would be great.

No problem for translation, it痴 even very kind of you. I値l send pictures to you as well and anything else you need. It痴 fair, I知 asking for everybody痴 help, no problem to give a maximum.

* Hello Laura and welcome to the Paraportal!
This Story is very interesting, and like everyone else here i would be very pleased when you could give us more information like pictures and stuff. And i have a question about the testament of andreas mother: Did she write something about this disc in her testament? I know she couldnt write it directly but maybe with another description or so
I would be glad to hear new information from you

Sincerely yours, Chupa

thank you, yes, maybe I didn稚 make myself understood clearly on this point. Melanie didn稚 dare speaking about this story when she was alive, so she wrote everything down. That痴 how we know so much, at the same time, that痴 why we know so little and are stuck today.

hello laura,

your search is over. i have the disk.

best regards

it痴 not mine, but I壇 love to do some experiment on it so if you could lend it to me you know what? Happily, in science we aren稚 like you in ufology, otherwise, we would still be using stones.
Best regards.

I知 sorry for everybody if I give a general answer, but understand that like that I let everybody know about everything and at the same time I知 not keen on the internet. I知 just trying to use it in a special way. I must say that with the many insults I received, I doubt now about the efficiency of the web. Last year, I was in England to go and see some Crop Circles. I expected to see many people there but I was astonished to see nearly no one. Is it possible that mankind has lost any kind of interest in everything but the stock market? I knew that before but to that point my God, I知 really scared.
Hoping that my way to work doesn稚 bother you too much. There痴 an English proverb that says 鍍wo heads are better than one so, I thought 殿bout 1 or 2 million, but maybe I was wrong. I don稚 know.
We値l see
All the best to all of you all over Europe.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

I suggest that if you are very upset by insults, just ignore them and focus on the positive questions or comments you receive regarding your story. Life is too short to be upset by unintelligent people who only attack for whatever reason or agenda they may have. If you let them upset you then they control you.
Secondly, the best way to be safe from attacks similar to the one you describe by the 殿rmy is to get your information out to as many people as possible. Perhaps publish some of the pictures of, and text from, the disk if you have them.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Laura, I want to encourage you in your investigations.

My own chief frustration regarding the "ET question" is lack of artifacts or proof. I happen to think they exist, but I can also think of alternate explanations for everything from UFOs to crop circles, so I'm keeping my mind open wide.

I also thought of the Dropa stones. These I have actually seen photos of, although they are a mystery, and I know they do exist. I also thought of the Wingmakers material, about which I wrote a fairly lengthy commentary on another forum. Supposedly artifacts exist from this site, although what I saw at the website was very disappointing, and the artwork there looks like modern pigments were used. So, who knows.

I hope someone has this artifact (or artefact) and you can track it down. If it has been filched away into government clutches, it is no doubt lost to us forever as they try to adapt it to military use. I hope to learn more about this as you discover new data.

If I could make one small request...large pages of unbroken small type are very difficult for me, at least, to read. If you could break your words into smaller blocks it would be a lot easier to read.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Laura, have you considered Ogham as a possible language?

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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

on Wed Nov 12, 2008 1:03 pm
OK... lol
Regarding your "hostile" responses. Perhaps if you didn't spam so many sites, that undoubtably share members, you would not be called a troll.
Also if you spam german language sites etc with a poorly written post in english then ofc you will be banned / flamed.

You still haven't provided any evidence, not even a link to these supposed photo's of your's.
You refuse to release crucial details.
You are quite obviously borrowing heavily from other author's intellectual property.
You have included response's that have absolutely nothing to do with your "investigation"
Any research into the "yellow disk" will prove within 5 mins that Dan Burisch is a fraud of the stupidest order.
Cups and saucers bought at a flea market.... 5000 years old.... produce holograms under light..... either it was a flea market for the blind, or it was conducted at night with the lights turned off, or possibly both.

In summary, go away troll

When I look at that, Im frozen. This poor guy is nice, he isnt a friend, he is just trying to help and he gets insults back, why? Im astonished to see that everywhere on the internet. most of you have been manipulated to become so aggressive that instead of using the wonderful tool that is the internet, you are just insulting and so on. This means that the general psychology has been so deeply manipulated, that, today, the supposed wonderers are today just barking dogs. Of course, so others arent like that, but the majority has been changed into a herd of barking dogs, I cant believe it. Who took your freedom? You look like a team of scientists who are fighting to know whos got the keys of the lab, but no one wants to work seriously. Nearly no one is working on the real file, people are wondering, where I work or if my grandma was English or not, incredible. What happened to everybody? I sell nothing, I dont protect an idea of any kind. Im just trying to use the internet to get some information, and I get only ******** analyses or insults, but nearly no answer at all. Maybe,the fact that you realise that the internet isnt useful at all, makes you so aggressive, I dont know?? I try to avoid sterile conversations, I want to focus on the case, thats all. My private life has nothing to do with the case Im trying to analyse.
Please excuse me for being always late in my answers but Im overworked and can come on the 30 forum only once every, more or less two days. So, of course, Ill be always late to answer. Get some patience, and youll see that Im always answering everything interesting, but I need some time. Excuse me for my being late, I cant help it.
Thank you, talk to you soon.
Tomorrow, Ill have a look at everybodys answers and Ill answer.
All the best.
PS I propose to put the picture of the disk I have online. Ill look after that and Ill let you know when I have done it. Still, I invite you to work seriously on that, not to insult on what is given and to save some time, no, its not a box of cornflakes or a rabbit pissing into my garden, its really some pictures of a strange disk. The pictures are clear. They arent fake, I remind you that I sell nothing. Im just trying to work with serious people in a serious way, thank you.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact


I would also like to encourage you to continue your research. There is an enormous amount of fear lurking just under the surface of many people's fascination with UFOlogy. They want positive change to occur on the planet, but they are uncertain of the real consequences of such change. And so they should be! We should proceed with caution.

I know you must do what you know is best for your research, and I'm sure you'll narrow the field of potential blogs until you find the best group of people who can openly share their honest ideas with you. I certainly hope that Project Avalon becomes one of your best sources of information.

Thank you for sharing your story so far, and I look forward to learning more.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Why are you posting the rude responses here? Nobody here has been rude to you so far. And since nobody has been rude to you in this forum, go ahead and post the photos.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

some of you gave some interesting answers*; thank you very much for that. Unfortunately, I am a little demotivated due to the many insults I received and the many empty conversations that are going on. As I said before, I am discovering the world of ufology, your strange aggressive philosophy, and also some topics. This evening, I will study dan burisch痴 case and I will answer everybody tomorrow. I will put the pictures of the disk online, if some people are interested, I have some other photos but we値l see that later on. Here are the pictures: http://s358.photobucket.com/albums/oo21/laurawalker72/
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

I'm totally lost, were these some of the answers that you received from other fora? Because you haven't received any nasty answers here on Avalon, is there another concurrent discussion happening on Camelot?

Lost here sorry. I suggested ogham because it is an ancient form of celtic hyroglyphic.
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Seth Haniel
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Cool Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Hi Harper
These are mass postings - not individual - and are to be seen on about 30 different forums - so everyone getting tarred with the same brush - or praised whatever the case may be.
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Default Re: Investigation into an alien artefact

Thank you Seth, that's a tad facile, I don't know if I'm OK with that at all......

Anywhoddle appreciate your answer.
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