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Angry 2009 Psychic predictions revealed

Just found this psychics predictions for 2009, thought i'd share with all of you. Some interesting predictions. Some predictable.

All News Web's 2009 psychic predictions revealed.

Well, it's that time of the year for what has become an All News Web annual institution: Our predictions for the coming year. After a year of financial catastrophe, floods, earthquakes and whole lot of other crazy stuff 2009 will have a tough time beating 2008 in terms of chaos but we are predicting that the next year will in be even crazier.

As usual our resident psychic Michael Cohen of One World Psychics, www.oneworldpsychics.com and a regular contributor to this website will be doing the predicting. So let's look into the future and go a few days ahead to 2009.

One word to describe 2009: Grim

First natural disaster of the year: A tsunami in Asia, or perhaps an earthquake possibly in Malaysia.

Which celebrity will die next year: Bill Cosby and Robbie Williams should look after themselves. I am sensing possible heart problems. Nicole Kidman Should also be careful next year.

Who will win an Oscar for best actress: Kate Winslet for Revolutionary Road

World economy: Grim, really grim, property prices will fall further in capital cities around the world from Australia to the UK, bank debt will increase and the world economies will slow down led by the US and a huge economic slump in China. Countries like Ireland will come close to going bust, Iceland style. South Korea will suffer a massive economic slowdown, possibly outright depression leading to unrest. The recession will widen and we will be very far from the light at the end of the tunnel by December 2009.

War: The Israel-Palestine conflict will simmer on and there will be a flashpoint there around mid 2009, I predict a serious terrorist attack in the UK and other lesserv terrorist attacks within continental Europe. The USA will remain in Iraq and Afghanistan with things becoming more messy.

Political: Barack Obama's first problem will be his inability or unwillingness to get US troops out of Iraq. He will also struggle to revive a very sick US economy and be plagued by a scandal involving his wife, Michelle.

Royals: Prince William will become engaged to Kate Middleton.

UFO's: There will be interesting UFO sightings in Iran, Russia and a big one in Brazil, there will also be a significant UFO sighting from a commercial airplane involving multiple witnesses.

Celebrities: Amy Winehouse will make a big comeback and recovery sometime in late 2009, Bruce Springsteen might enter politics, Madonna will become engaged late 2009.

In a nutshell we are in for an interesting 2009. These predictions will be added to in the next few days.

Michael Cohen.

Thoughts are boomerangs,
returning with precision to their source.
Choose wisely which ones you throw.
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Default Re: 2009 Psychic predictions revealed

Here is a good place for this thread


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Default Re: 2009 Psychic predictions revealed

Hi Anchor,

I totally agree, the thread as been moved.

@ Henners,

I thought Bill Cosby was already dead! He's really old. It would be more of a fantastic prediction if he survives 2009!

If any UFOs' come in glory to this neck of the woods I'll post the photo.

Best regards,


Originally Posted by Anchor View Post
Here is a good place for this thread


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