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Default Re: WingMakers Transformation

Originally Posted by Ashatav View Post
So many words, without a subtantial answer... Just can't hide that NERUDA SAY THAT THE BUSH' NEW WORLD ORDER IS WHAT THE WINGMAKERS WANT.
That is not what he says.
Sarah: "This is what George Bush used to call the New World order isn't it?
Sarah's "This" that you have omitted is "a global culture and unified governance". There could be a thousand versions of that and only one would be the NWO. And before that he is talking of OLIN which is nothing essentially to do with the NWO; it's the technological innovations that no NWO here ever even envisioned.
Dr. Neruda: "Yes, but there have been four other presidents who've acknowledged this concept."
It is interesting you emphasis the "yes". Why not emphasize the "but" which seems more important? He is, as you can read, only talking of a broad "concept," not the specific NWO that people have in mind these days from the many Web postings they've been swamped with. This is so obvious from what he says.

I realize that the people who really runs the new world order idea (intradimensional beings and "ultra-human" beings) Are extremely clever because I realize it asking a lot of informed people about the Urantia book and All of them say that book is a scam.

A lot of the Wingmakers material Come from that book.


So odd...
If you really want to read your own interpretation into what Neruda and Sarah mean by their words that's your prerogative--and you are putting your own definition in there. You may argue so am I, and I take your point. I have made it quite clear what they really meant IMO in my post. To me it is obvious. I find it equally as odd that you cannot see that. So we will just have to agree to disagree. Also this is off topic of the WingMakers Transformation so let's just agree to differ and get back on topic.

Only a very little of the WingMakers material finds correlates in the Urantia Book and it is highly debatable whether those "come from" the Urantia book, which quite frankly leaves me a little cold. A few correlations of potential fact do not prove those potential facts come from Urantia -- especially if those few details are actually facts. Since we can't prove one way or the other whether those few points are facts or not it's a mute point, anyway.

Let's get back to topic.

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Default Re: WingMakers Transformation

Chris, I appreciate your time and measured responses on this thread. You come across as a learned being with a good degree of balance and self-control.

In the Wingmaker's philosophy I see a bit of Theosophy similar to Blatavatsky and her predecessors.

Nonetheless, Wingmakers' emphasis is on developing inward experience and self-awareness, not convoluted philosophical discussions and I respect the aesthetic pathways one can develop through their art.
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Default Re: WingMakers Transformation

Back to the topic of "transformation" the WMMs offer these Principals in the First Philosophy paper http://www.wingmakers.com/philosophy1.html:

There are three particular life principles that accelerate the transformational experience and help to align the human instrument with the Sovereign Integral perspective. They are:

1) Universe relationship through gratitude

2) Observance of Source in all things

3) Nurturance of life

When the individual applies these principles, their life experience reveals a deeper meaning to its apparently random events -- both in the universal and personal contexts.
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