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Default Project Camelot and the Conspiracy world.

Hey Folks,

Haven't posted since the forum went paid, back now to drop my 2 cents.

first off i've been researching conspiracy/paranormal/ufo/fringe science etc for a little over a year now and have compiled things into a blog you can check out.


anyhow here's my thoughts on this huge huge topic of conspiracy and the things it mixes with such as metaphysics /spirituality/ religion /politics and general science.

all i can say for certain after many hours of video and many sites visited and pdfs downloaded is

-aliens are real and the gov has known about it for a while
-the illuminatti / masons are a real (and are running plenty)
-paranormal phenomena is real and has been ignored by the science the public sees
-our species origins are clouded in mystery but we clearly originated off planet
-reincarnation is real and there is a mountain of evidence for it

in general that's it.
this field is so clouded with disinfo and ignorance that its hard to acertain anything.

after all this time i still cant figure out if greys are all PLF's (programmed life forms) operating under the military or if they are some sort of bio robotic species under some other species control, or if they are a dying race. really who knows their are so many contradictions.

reptillians-all i can say about this subject is that maybe its true and maybe not and i mean the so called interdimensional ones the illuminatti supposedly worship and have hybrids among them.--honestly this could still be total ********, when you factor in the ufo community the new age community and the genral conspiracy community has been so infiltrated, EVERYTHING is suspect. especially when you add mind control into the mix.

stuart swerdlow says one thing, david icke says another, micheal st clair says his view then you have greer and wilcock saying they don't exist and you have the "hidden hand" saying ickes reptillian info was purposeful disinfo.

really take a gander at the world we live in, mind control and insane tech from back engineered off world tech, the folks in control can make anyone believe anything or see anything then use mind control techniques and phony abductions on top of that, who's to say any of these witnesses is legit.

a ton of scary alien **** is coming out of the media "v" just got re released an updated, the "4th kind" , the day the earth stood still" and on the disaster end 2012 just came out, as well as "the road" my gut instinct is that when the media pumps out something they want you to absorb you should probably seek the opposite.

when was the last time someone watched "starman" with jeff bridges that was a great movie and portrayed alien life in a positive light, as well as ET and Close Encounters, but these are rare examples of positive ETs, again the PTB want a 'fight or flight" reaction to this subject and sadly i see camelot somewhat endorsing a paranoid xenophobic defensive position.

personally even the term "light warrior" seems like new age nonsense, its based in duality and the term 'warrior" implies 'war" as kerry is always saying were in a "spiritual war" you know the most spiritual people i've read never refer to anything in spirit with "war" attached.

when you think how heavily infiltrated new age is you can see this stuff for what it is, "light and love' "angels" blah blah is all pseudo religious talk to me and does nothing for me. krishnamurti is a good exmple of someone who makes sense without all the egyption thoth light being speak.

james of wingmakers makes sense as well, he talk about how these scret groups glorfying the mind and all its godlike power, but ignoring the power of the heart and things like humility kindness forgiveness compassion etc.
the new age "power of mind" is all well and fascinating stuff but i worry about the populace trying to amass the power of the mind when we don't even know how to get along as a species, maybe we should work on that eh?

when looking at info the stuff that excited me is the fringe within the conspiracy realm, the fact that 95% of people in this realm think the exact same thing regarding alien/greys/reptillians/government treaties etc makes me extremely skeptical of it.

also keep in mind all this fear based predicting going on, whether its camelot like last year touting george green ww3 "hawkeye" illuminati roth takeover martial law , concentration camps, etc or dr deagle's LA nuke dreams....this is some serious ******** folks, it gets people to buy a lot of ammo and baked beans, the general vibe is end of the world be scared prepare for a quasi apocalypse, the worst thats happened in all this time is the economy took a hit, but i bet most of you have jobs and and dont have swine flu and none of you are in concentration camps.

look its exciting thinking you have knowledge other people don't, ooooo aliens are real ,oooooo the government is run by crazy pagans its very exciting and interesting stuff but its easy to get caught up in the alex jones-ish fight fire with fire world ending prison planet ****.

camelot has released interesting stuff but i certainly dont take any witnesses as the gospel of truth as does kerry "the world will be out of oxygen" really? you interview one dude who says that and suddenly thats cutting edge research that 100% fact that you can throw around like it should be common knowledge? give me a break. things like Half Past human i take with a grain of salt as well, there "summer of hell" was pretty pleasant for me, why get worked up about all their predictions?

most the witnesses i think are either deliberate disinfo artists or unknowingly so, and who knows who mind controlled in the mix, how would bill and kerry know either? its dangerous for folks to start believing every testimony or the importance kerry and bill give particular witnesses. bill is at least a gentleman and respectful and humble kerry is none of those things and irritates the **** out of me, but thats just me and my opinion of her personality. what i dont like is the taking certain witnesses claims as 100% fact and not challenging them when it fits her outlook, and then debating,mocking or smugly belittling an interviewee when it doesnt fit kerry's spiritual war outlook.

anyhow , long post ....to sum up after everything ive watched and read the only thing thats clear is that you can never stop being critical and seeking other counter views and research that supports other contradictory evidence.

if we really are in the middle of some galactic space spiritual "war" then NONE of them (ET's /other dimensionals /spirits) are very much more advanced than us, id like to get to know the ones who are.

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