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Default Re: cash4gold liquidation - another greedy strategy


Let me start by saying that I respect your opinions and have read your posts & that what I'm about to say is not meant to disregard your thoughts or insult your intelligence. This said:

Be careful when stating opinions that you don't dress them up as fact. There are many, myself included, who would disagree strongly with virtually all of your rational on the intrinsic value of gold/silver. While it is true that you can not eat gold, the example you gave about its use in trade is not very compelling. If farmer Joe grows corn and wheat and rancher Sam raises pigs and chickens and I approach them with whatever goods or skills I possess seeking to trade, but neither Joe or Sam have use or need for those goods or skills, there is a need for a trade medium, or currency. Without this trade medium all parties lose because Joe and Sam, while they possess valuable goods, can not survive on those goods alone, nor can they count on another person walking up behind me who happen to possess whatever it is they are in need of. The reason gold/silver, etc possess value in a different way than fiat currency is the same reason anything has value; scarcity. Your button example is misguided as buttons are easily attainable and in no short supply. Gold/Silver has been used historically as currency because it can not be created at will as can paper "money".

Next, I suggest you understand the history of events you reference to make your points. Such is the case with gold confiscation and the seizing of safe deposit boxes both in terms of what actually transpired and the stated reasons for why it occurred. I trust in your ability to find this information on your own and will save my fingers the additional keystrokes, but suffice it to say private gold ownership is very different today than it was in the 30's and it is not only entirely impractical for door to door collection of said gold, but would be met with resistance that would make it far too costly and time intensive. Even in the 30's one could have easily retained their gold, and many, many did just that. Plus, the ratio of gold to silver as well as the ratio of silver to fiat currency prevents any worry that there would be silver confiscation, not to mention its uses beyond currency.

I'll end this here and simply say that I am sure you are preparing in the way you see best and I applaud your enthusiasm and contributions to this forum. I will agree with you that anybody who is preparing only through gold/silver acquisition is bound for a rude awakening as food, clean water and other supplies will be critically important. However, there is an equally convincing argument to be made for anybody preparing entirely without securing a globally recognized trade medium as no individual could possibly hope to survive independent of others solely on the resources they have/can acquire on their own. Food runs out, crops fail, weather changes, disasters occur, filters exhaust, animals die, resources dwindle, fuel gets spent. All I'm trying to say is keep an open mind and be careful promulgating but a single way through what lies ahead.

Thanks again for your posts.
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