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Default You Must Choose Soon part 2

This thread is about a plan of action.

Before you read this, you might want to go to the thread “You must choose soon!” and read my thoughts that started that thread. It is located at;

This thread is however about making it possible for the ground crews to participate in a common economic community. Let me explain...

Last summer a mini Woodstock occurred where 750 people met on a farm in northern Illinois to celebrate, meet and make new like minded friends, and to launch various efforts toward community based cultures and societies. There were various musical presentations by well known and new musicians, workshops on alternative energy, classes and discussions on societies ills, presentations on alternative health care, gardening, and lastly meetings about the reason I'm writing this..... a new economic monetary system. Yes, a viable and workable monetary system.

Let me give you some history. In 2006 this same group met and launched a scrip but it failed, not because of the lack of effort but for the lack of knowledge. Then this last summer I had the opportunity to speak and my topic was the ethics of money and our current money system and the need for a new monetary and community based system of trade and commerce. After that initial presentation we formed a group that identified where the former attempt had failed and launched a new effort to coordinate and to bring about a real answer.

The group's participation was sporadic and disjointed, and it became apparent that the original plan for input and ideas from different communities was not going to be as productive as it should have been. During this time our first idea that we thought was the answer failed to produce any interest. So the original goal of having some preliminary ideas by Sept. 1, 2008 was failing to happen. That confused me and I attributed it to life and its many distractions and that to make things happen a completely new approach was going to have to happen.

Then the breakthrough happened, and yes oddly enough it was a tragedy that created the answer. A financial collapse in October produced new interest from many different directions. Even on Avalon you read and reread the concern everyone had and still have with the economy. There is however a silver lining. Other groups beyond our 750 began to spring up with concerns about their personal and communities future. It was apparent to me that our idea from summer was on target we just needed to somehow motivate people why this was important. The good news now is that big brother has now done more to help our effort than we could have done in years. So, now that we have everyones attention, we are rapidly moving forward with a plan of action for everyone in the states and five nations internationally.

If you are interested in participating there are two ways. Through your ground crew community you are forming or individually. If you have an active ground crew this is the perfect time to get involved with this effort. It does not matter whether your ground crew is in the states or not, appoint someone to be your contact person and contact me via the pm section of the forum and I will get you contact information and ask you be prepared to spend some time in conference calls with other ground crew members and communities outside of the forum. If you are not in a ground crew contact me via the pm of the forum to participate. If you are not in a community and are looking for a community maybe association with this project will help you find one.

So contact me and see what is possible for Avalon. If there is enough interest you could soon be holding an Avalon coin in your hands that can actually buy food, gas, etc..... This is really happening and there are already several thousand involved and it looks like there is a real possibility to have over 200,000 involved by the end of 2009. This is one way of leaving the matrix and taking back control. I hope I see everyone of you participate.

In the meantime HOLD FAST!
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