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Jacqui D
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Default Matt Delooze's web site now down.

Today i received this e.mail from Matt.

It appears i am sadly losing the battle to hold on to my website. it appears it will be fully shut down very soon for good.
My news pages have been shut down already

My host has informed me that unless i upgrade to a dedicated server. (a few hundred quid a month) then i have to shut down. i haven't got it and never have had it.

i am in the middle of moving my material to oneballradio but i did intend to keep this site going. i will lose my Independence and something tells me that is not a good thing even though i know oneball is a very very good home for my work.

my site is using a lot of cpu at times and despite receiving expert help i have failed to stop this happening.
I simply haven't the support.

if any people with servers out there thinks they can help (without me using too much cpu)

then please let me know

events in recent weeks have caused me to question my actions and my direction. Things have been a big struggle and its times like these when you find out that friends you thought you have are not really friends at all.

if anyone has any advice on how i can reduce cpu and get on another cheap host then i would be grateful for any advice.

if the site is shut down in the next day or two then please use


to contact me. my email address will be shut down too you see

If the site is going to die then i'd like to take this opportunity, whilst I can, to thank the 'two lovely lorraine's' and Rupert for being the only three people to ever send me a donation during my time here. I'm sure you will be rewarded for your kindness. Well I'm more than sure.

I'd also like to thank all those folks who contacted me with news and views and chat and jokes and banter etc, you all know who you are and you all have a special place in my heart for supporting me on this site with your comments and good wishes.

There are a few special souls that lifted me, I won't embarrass you by naming you, but you have gained a piece of my heart and I am always here for you should you need me.

I send my apologies to you all for my failures.

May Love Reign O'er you all

Matthew Delooze

Matt as been an inspiration to many the closing down of his site how ever will not be the end of his work as you have previously read and a lotof his work has been saved and is now posted on the oneballradio site.
Take a look it is an eye opener.
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