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Wink Kabbalah Secrets, Vedic Yoga Secrets of meditation

found this today and had to post it
pasted from thins link http://www.meditation-mantra.org/alc...c.php?f=2&t=29

The Secrets and Dangers of Meditation
The Real Hogwarts School - Ancient Self Improvement Disciplines, Kabbalah Secrets, Vedic Yoga Secrets, Miracles, Chakras and Magic
copyright 2007 wan qi

The following reveals the mystical secrets about the Bible and of the other major world religions. You'll learn what Jesus, Buddha, Babba, and Lao Tzu really taught about how to master your life.

What do you want in life? What is the purpose of meditation?

These two very different questions have the same single answer. Meditation is there to reach divinity. As we know with GOD, all things are possible. So, any and all of your wishes can become immediately manifest once you reach divinity.

Thankfully, this process of empowerment is not a black or white experience where one day you can't seem to find peace, and the next day, you are walking on water and levitating. The powerful Jewish Prophet Isaiah explains it, "The Tao of the righteous one gets brighter day by day."

During this process of growth and expansion of your powers, you will certainly see major quantum leaps but these huge changes will be small tiny shifts when you look back on your path from the top of the mountain. In other words, while you practice your meditation, before you reach ultimate enlightenment where you can turn water into wine, you will be able to rapidly fulfill your more material practical goals like financial freedom, physical health, and emotional joy-love.

So where does this journey up the mountain path begin? It already has, only, you may not have a map. You may not even realize that you are on an ever steepening mountain where the peak is so steep that only wings of angels can carry you there.

Making Your Personal Goals Happen Rapidly
The child's loss of a toy is as great in spiritual magnitude as a king's loss of his throne. Whether your goal is to walk on water or to find financial security, the challenge and difficulty is the same. But so is the magic required to achieve these goals. Someone at the flat base of a tall mountain has just as much difficulty walking ten steps as an experienced climber at the top of this mountain because of your level of experience. However basic or extreme your goals are, whatever your desires are, the secret formulae is still one and the same - meditation.

You may think that there are plenty of cut and dry CEO's that made billions of dollars or professional atheletes who perfected their health like Magic Johnson without any meditation. If you do, you are missing a major part of the mystery of meditation. Meditation can be defined as intense mental focus on a goal. Whether your goal is to make billions of dollars or overcome AIDS, meditation - intense mind work - is required for you to succeed.

So maybe Bill Gates and Magic Johnson have never sat in full lotus position chanting Hindi mantras. But rest assured that each person who has accomplished anything has repeatedly sat or stood or paced and repeated the same words in his own language until he reached his goal. In the case of a chronic innovator like Steve Jobs he has learned the proper meditations, mantras (verbalizations of goals) and mudras (hand positions), for each one of his successes.

From the Apple Computer to the Macintosh, Steve Jobs repeated his secret formulae for success. Then from the iMac to the iBook, his mantra remained the same and so did his success. Now from the iPod to the iPhone, his internal voice kept ringing and so did his cash register. If you want to know what his mantra was, simply read about him. It's no secret. But there is a secret here. His mantra will not work for you unless you are at the same chakra development level as he is.
If you have faith the size of a tiny seed, you will say to this mountain, "be uprooted and cast into the sea," and it will obey you.
This does not mean that every person has to have his own unique mantra and meditation body position for the same goals. There are certainly mantras, mudras, and meditations that accellerate the manifestations of different goals. But there are indeed universal meditations that work like a compass pointing true north to the top of your mountain regardless of your goals. So the secret to quantum leap self improvement is knowing and practicing the meditation, mantra, and mudra for each your specific goals.

The Secret Universal Meditation for All Your Goals
The greatest secret meditation and mantra for all your goals is "OM." Are you dissappointed? Do you already know this mantra? It's on t-shirts, bumpers, and yoga mats from Miami to Beverly Hills. So what's so secret about "OM"? Only Yogis and Masters know how to use it. If you chant "OM" 8 hours a day for the rest of your life, nothing much will happen to you (except maybe muscle attrophy and death).

The "OM," meditation is the most advanced mantra meditation there is. Lets start here and use it as a big picture compass. Now all you need is a road map to go along with your compass. All the other mantras and meditations are like detailed road maps designed to become useless once you reach the next fork in the road. You need both.

If you only have mantras for health, wealth, love, etc, what will you do after you manifest the things you wanted so badly? You'll be in the same spiritual place as you were before. You'll be frustrated and depressed that there is yet something else you see that is once again out of your reach.

If you only have the compass of the "OM," meditation, then you'll climb your mountain in a straight line over snakes, poisonous plants, and deadly ravines.
Your word is a light to my path and a lamp to my feet - King David of Israel
Ironically, although this "OM" compass is as common as the Holy Bible, and just like the Bible, only the rare few and you, the reader will know how to use it. Learn how to use the compass then, you will be able to read specific mantras for your various progressive goals.

The Mystery of the Occult "OM"
Without an indepth explanation of the 49 Hindi characters and their vibrational power, you will always be dependant upon a yogi guru master. The Holy Roman Catholic Church kept it's masses dependant by keeping the Bible in Latin. But, so long as we are only talking about four sounds here, the 46 other sounds can wait for another time.

If you are conscious, you will realize that I said that there are four sounds in "OM." Further, 49 sounds minus four sounds is 45 sounds - not 46 sounds. This is all part of the mystical "OM."

Try this, say "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." What part of your body vibrates to most? Your throat does. Now say, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Your nasal passage tickles between your eyebrows doesn't it? Each sound is designed to vibrate a different chakra. Saying, "OhhhhhhMmmmmm" only brings chi from your fifth (throat) chakra to your sixth (third eye) chakra. The trouble with this is that all your chi resides in your Dan Tien (Chinese) or Dantien or Dahn Juhn (Taoist Korean). So pouring an empty kettle into an empty cup accomplishes very little.

To feel the mystical power of the "OM," you must use the correct pronunciation. It is an ancient incantion and secret mantra - "AhhhhhhhUhhhhhhhMmmmmmm_________"

Here you have your first major occult secret. But now that you know the mantra, do you know the mudra? Do you know how to incant the mantra? Without the proper physical body position, hand position, and breathing technique, the "OM," mantra is nothing more than a key to a sunken treasure without the treasure map.

Charming the Serpents of Change - Kundalini Secrets
To properly manifest miracles and quantum leap changes you must draw your chi up from it's well at the dahn juhn up through your spine. As a keen student of meditation, you've likely already started to say "Ahhhhh," trying to feel it in your dahn juhn or second chakra and failed.

Basic to intermediate students of chi kung, kung fu and yoga only know forward dahn juhn breathing. Advanced and Master practioners understand reverse dahn juhn breathing or Min-Meng breathing. Basic yoga breathing keeps your lungs expanded while you inhale by expanding your stomach outward making the lungs stretch downward following your diaphram. Min-Meng or reverse dahn juhn breathing forces your lower back to pop out like puffer fish cheeks on either side of your spine while your suck in your stomach.

Say the first part of the four sounds in "AUM_" while reverse dan tien dahn jun breathing. Then say the rest in regular breathing. It sounds harder than it is. Just make sure that you put your breath pressure on your lower back while you say "Ahhh," then squeeze the blood and chi up your spine by contracting your stomach while saying "Uhhh" and "Mmmm," in the same breath. It is only by putting a great deal of pressure on your abdomen will you feel the vibration of the "Ahhh" in your dahn jun. Then before you run out of air, say the fourth sound.

The Sound That Makes No Noise
For those of you who are Jewish or have Jewish friends, you may know that God's name is never pronounced aloud. Ever wonder why this is? The common answer blames us humans as being unworthy of uttering the most holy name. The occult (simply defined as hidden) truth is that the unuttered name of God is there for us to become enlightened.

If you are a musician or artist, you'll be familiar with the experience of creating beauty. When you visualize your creation, it sounds or looks glorious in your mind. This is the spiritual world of intention and mind. But once your work hits the physical world, it's never quite as you wanted it to be. Even if you are a reknown professional, the work never measures up to your dreams. One of my favorite artists, Franz Marc, ended up destroying all of his huge murals by burning down his art studio in pure self contempt.

The reality is that within your mind, with pure intention, you can be perfect. Once your spiritual intention gets solidified, pasteurized, processed, and FDA-FCC-FAA approved for manifestation into the physical world, the glorious spirit dies and you are left with a lifeless idol. So, we cannot approach heaven with an audible carnal shout from the physical world. Entering into the spiritual realm requires that we start within the spiritual heaven within your mind.

Flesh and blood cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heavens - Immanuel-Jeshuah

Basically, what I'm telling you is that I can't tell you the name of God. Because once the sound has entered the material four dimentional world, it will loose all of it's power. Mysteriously, the fourth sound in the "OM," meditation is the name of God.

We've come full circle. In order to properly activate the power of the "OM," meditation, you must audibly say the first three sounds outloud. Then the fourth sound, the name of God, must be uttered passionately in your mind alone. Again, these four sounds must exist within one exhalation.

A key point to the Name of God is that it like all the other sounds. It vibrates a chakra too. But since it is not uttered aloud, the vibration is purely spiritual. The chakra it stokes is your 7th chakra. The fourth sound, the name of God, causes your 7th chakra to bloom.

At this point, you are still left with a missing keystone. Without going into the complexities of the Hindi and Hebrew languages, let it be sufficient to say that for the fourth sound, call God with the sound you'd expect his angels to call him. Call God by all the different sounds you imagine flowing out of angels' lips.

Sadly, if a Yogi or Realized Master were to write out how the name of God sounds, people would immediately start to idolize the paper it was written on.
You must make for yourself no idols. You must have no other Gods before my face. I am that am. - The God of Moses
The mystical power of the "OM," is that when chanted correctly, it will bring the deepest part of your spirit at the base of your spine up your spine and out your seventh chakra on top of your head - to join with God.
And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them - Acts of the Apostles
This very condition is exactly what Jesus prayed to God about during the last supper. He was with all of his closest 11 apostles. Before he completely left the material world, he prayed,"Father, just as you are one with me and I am one with you. May they also be one with us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one." This is the ultimate goal of humanity, to reach divinity.

The Ultimate Goal of Meditation
True, I've already explained what the goal of humanity is. I've also explained that meditation is the means by which we reach divinity. So why do most of the people on earth simply think meditation is for lowering blood pressure or stress? Why do most people see meditation as a means to getting the physical things they want?

In reality, fulfilling your earthly desires is certainly possible through meditation. But not directly. Meditation draws you closer to divinity. As a side effect of divinity, you become powerful. You develop the power to create your world just by saying, "let there be..."

There is however a great danger here. If you use meditation solely as a technique to fulfill your carnal ego based desires, you will certainly gain power and manifesting ability. But when you reach the top of the mountain you will find that you are on the wrong mountain.

The truth of the matter is that when you do reach the top of your mountain with a compass based on virtue, integrity, love, and service, it will not be a new experience. It will feel like you are back home finally. This is the message of the entire Holy Bible. It is one of returning to eden. It is your own story of redemption.

This is the greatest secret that has been 'screaming from all the mountain tops.' From the first words in Genesis, as old as humanity, we have been taught how to fulfill our longing. When the serpent tempted Eve, he said, "On the day of your eating from the tree of knowledge of good and bad, your eyes are bound to be open knowing good and bad." Eve took the fruit. She and Adam did indeed gain the ability to judge between good and bad. They began to live in a world of opposites. The yin-yang came into existence at that moment. Instead of a life of eternal bliss, they started a divided world of opposites including birth-death. And so they died.

One of the greatest secrets of the Kabballah lay within these words. Notice the exact wording of the serpent, "your eyes are bound to be open." He speaks about eyes in the plural. Hindus and Taoists along with Jesus himself taught that in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heavens (and have divine miraculous powers), you must be reborn into a light body. This is what the Buddhists mean when they talk about enlightenment. Jesus puts it this way, "In order to enter into the Kingdom of Heavens, you must be born again. You must be born of water and wind (spirit is the more commonly used word for wind but the original Hebrew word Ruach and the original Greek word Pneuma both simply mean wind)." Then Jesus explains how to be born again, "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." - MT 6:22 KJV

So the key to gaining divinity and supernatural manifesting power is returning to the state where you dual eyes are closed. Returning to a world where you have no awareness of duality is what gives you divine power. Regaining the vision of your third eye is what gives you the power of the divine.

This means that you no longer judge between right and wrong. You no longer judge between good and bad. You no long judge between pretty and ugly or big and small.
"Do not judge. For the measure you are measuring out, it will be measured unto you... I came not the judge the world." - Jesus
When you can see light and dark as the same, your 6th chakra will begin to bloom. The scent of this flower is clairvoyance, the ability to see into the past and future, and divine wisdom. It's not surprising that you'd be able to see into the past and future because you've stopped judging the duality of past and future. It's all the same to you now. You can see the future as clearly as you see the past. The only reason you cannot see the future now, is because you've labled it and judged it as the "future."

There are many great mysteries in just these few words that Satan spoke but for now, simply observe one more point. The serpent says, "On the day of your eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad, ... you will be like God."

The focus on the word "like." Like implies similarity. Like implied comparing one individual entity with another. What Eve and Adam gave up to become comparable or similar to God is that they were at one with God. Eve was God. Just as a drop of spray from a crashing wave is the ocean, the droplet called Eve was God.

Would you rather be you or would you rather be like you? If you were like you, you'd have to have two of you. You'd have to be alienated from yourself. And so our magical mystical journey is to return to become unified with our self. At the top of the mountain, at the end of your journey, if you are on the right mountain, you will be able to see with one eye, that you are finally together with yourself. You will realize yourself. You will find yourself. You will find God.

Meditation for Modern Daily Life and Struggles
At this point, you've already read about some of the most closely guarded Kabballah, Free Mason, Templar Knights,' Yogic and Taoist secrets. If you are an occult officionado, you'll be happy about the knowledge you've just absorbed. But if you couldn't care less about enlightenment, it's because you're more concerned about bills, health, or your love life.

Remember how I explained earlier that the side effect of enlightenment was divine power? As you draw closer to God, you'll begin to resemble him in act and deed.

Remember how I explained how the "OM," mantra was similar to a compass? There are countless zoomed in road map mantras that will guide your footsteps through financial issues, health issues, relationship issues, and everything else until you get to the top of your mountain.

The simple fact of the matter is, you cannot reach enlightenment unless you first master the physical world. Can you imagine God having a hard time affording braces or sending his kids to school? Can you imagine God having chronic back pain? Can you even imagine God going home to bed alone or fighting with his beloved spouse?

If you feel an objection bubbling up, "Yogi's are mostly dirt poor! The Dalai Lama had unwantedcells! Jesus said he didn't have a place to rest his head." There's a simple explanation for this. Financial wealth and health comes before enlightenment. In other words, when you are enlightened, you've already been there done that. You have already passed that sign post saying, "Wealth. Population Fortune 500."

By the time you reach the sixth chakra on your mountain, you could take it or leave it. Money, health, sex, excitement, etc. become old hat. They are about at meaningful to you now as that glorious candy store that used to make you pee your pants.

Sure, pursuing spirituality for the sake of your physical needs seems hypocritical. Just know that devotion to the higher cause yields the side effects of carnal health and abundance. The mechanics of how this works is the great secret hidden in the Seven Holy Sacraments, The Seven Congregations of Revelation, and the Seven Chakras.

Seven Sacraments, Congregations, and Chakras
Every number has a magical mystical truth behind it. The number seven is the number to remember when it comes to your personal goals and self improvement. The number 13 is the magical but deadly number for human leadership. The number 8 is the occult number for phases in life and completion. The number 5 is the magic number for every facet and element in any one thing.

In order to satisfy both the creepy occult secret hunters and your personal understanding of the importance of numbers, lets deal with a few of them.

Hotels commonly leave out the 13th floor. There is no need for this. 13 only applies to groups of people. Buddha had twelve disciples. One betrayed him. Jesus had 13 apostles. One betrayed him. Jacob had 12 children. Joseph was betrayed. Even in the story of the nights of the round table, there were 12 knights. Lancelot betrayed King Arthur. Twelve is the perfect number for a corporate board of directors, executive team, or any group of people. A team with twelve members will accomplish any goal. But, if the leader is the 13th person, the leader will be betrayed. I wonder how many people were in Steve Job's team when he was ousted for Scully.

The number 5 is the total number of basic components in any one item. There are five planar positions (left, right, front, back, and center). There are five senses. There are five pairs of major vital organs in your body. There are five seasons (in the asian customs)... Etc. In fact, Acupuncturists base their entire healing diagnosis on the pentagram. There are five flavors. These are sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and pungent. If you don't keep these five taste groups in your diet, you will become ill. Most Americans lack bitter foods like roots and leaves.

The number 8 is the secret number of phases. In the ancient martial arts and in Feng Shui, the bagua or pal-gae (in Korean Taoism) says that there are 8 positions to guard with you are in a battle. There were 8 people in Noah's ark. The western compass itself has 8 major directions. Clockwise, these are North, North-East, East, South-East, etc... There are 8 notes in a musical scale known as an octave. There are 8 types of sounds that the human voice can make (guttarals, palatals, labials, dentals, sibilants, aspirants, semivowels, and cerebrals).

So it's no wonder that the flood of Noah's Ark lasted 40 days and 40 nights. No wonder Moses waited 40 years to destroy Egypt. No wonder Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebecca. No wonder Jesus meditated for 40 days and nights before beginning his miracles. 8 times 5 for every phase and every element of each phase makes 40. You can use this mystical secret to completely change your life. All you have to do is wait for a day that brings you intense pain. Then starting the next day, take a 40 day sabatical. Meditate intensely on the new life that you want. On the 41st day, you'll magically be reborn into a new life.

Seven. Really.
Seven is the number of levels you must master to reach Divinity. That's it. Simple. What this means however, is more complex. Embarassingly, your level or spiritual rank is clearly visible on your body. Just by looking at your body, a beginner alchemist can tell you if you have financial problems, relationship problems, emotional problems, etc.

Reading your own spiritual condition is as simple as identifying a flower by scent alone. The your chakras are the flowers and the scent they produce are the conditions of the world you live in. Changing your life is as simple as watering your chakras.

There are seven total types of goals in life. These goals spring from within each of the seven chakras. The chakras root themselves along your spine. There are seven deadly sins. Each deadly sin is a failure to nourish one of the seven chakras. Each chakra builds of the one beneath it. In other words, there are seven stories in the department store of your body. You can only shop on the top floor if you've already purchased from the 6th floor. You can only get to the 6th floor if you already spent money on the 5th floor etc.

You've heard of Jacob's Ladder, It only had 7 rungs on it. The angels ascended and descended between earth and the throne of God using only seven steps. Once you understand each of the seven levels or chakras also called the seven congregations in Revelation, you'll be able to see precisely how to helps your physical illnesses. You'll be able to see how to immediately break your financial shackles. You'll be able to instantly cast off your emotional burdens. Ultimately, you'll be able to accomplish anything you wish.

Think of your greatest burning desire. Making that desire come true is a simple two step process. First, figure out what chakra to water. Then water all the other chakras beneath it before watering the chakra that will give off the floral scent you desire. It's fitting that Wise King Solomon compared our lives to an exhalation and blades of grass. The conditions you want in your life fade away as quickly as the aroma of a flower or a blade of grass when compared to the vastness of eternity.

Even if your deepest burning desire is a soulmate, it will fade away as fast as the scent of a flower. I've heard many beautiful old widows and widowers say, "seems like fifty years just flew by overnight."
"Everything is vanity. All creation is subject to futility!" - Solomon
Just because your physical desires are short lived is no reason to stop pursuing them. Even though the scent of a flower lasts but for a moment, you still stop and smell the roses don't you?

Purging - Level One. Chakra One.
The first chakra is called the root chakra. It keeps you grounded to the earth. Being grounded means that your fecal waste smoothly flows into the earth beneath. If your first chakra is healthy, you will be able to quickly discard spiritual and physical toxins from your life. If you frequently experience digestive constipation, then your first chakra is weak. Water it. A weak first chakra also makes you retain guilt, stress, resentment, prejudice, habits, addictions, painful memories, and all other spiritual toxins.

Evidence of a weak first chakra shows itself in many ways. If you still resent someone from years back for abuse, you have a weak first chakra. Water the chakra by forgiving. If you do not eat a certain food because you had a bad experience from it in the past, you have a weak first chakra. Water the chakra by forgetting. If you can't stop a substance addiction, you have a weak first chakra. Water the chakra by letting go.
"You must forgive up to 7 and 7 times." - JesusThink again of your greatest desire. What stands in your way? If you think that something like education or your social status holds you back, it doesn't. Thinking that it does is what holds you back. This thought is a prejudicial perspective. Prejudice is a spiritual toxin. It shackles you to see everything through a tiny little pin hole.

We all know that people from every corner of every third world country and inner city slum with no advantages and abusive families have risen to manifest their dreams. Anything that you consider impossible has already been accomplished by scores of others with far more challenging circumstances. You are now confronted by the fact that what ever holds you back is just an illusion.

To let go of this illusion, just give it a name. Now you can identify it. Everytime you use the toilet, before flushing, look at what's in the bowl and call it by this name. I'm not going to bore you with details on why this works. Do it and you will see.
"And you must give every beast in creation its own name." - God, Genesis

Other popular but addictive illusions outwardly manifest in speech. Saying,

"I'm an Idiot,"
"I'm no good with numbers,"
"_____ is a pain in my ass (root chakra),"
"You're killing me!"
"Damn It!"
"I can never remember names,"
Answering a question about what you do for work by saying, "I am a Doctor / Mechanic / Teacher / Cop / Artist,"
"I'm hungry,"
"I'm tired,"
and countless other expressions that start with, "I am," must all be purged from your system before you can manifest your greatest dreams.

While I could write an entire 40 volume set about the "I AM," for now, just focus on one principle so that you understand how dangerous and power the expression truely is. Even saying, "I am hungry," can devestate all of your dreams and desires. Why? First of all, I AM is God's true mystical name. You being made in the image of God can become anything you wish. If you wish to BE a content joyful person, you curse your consciousness by saying, "I am hungry." You become the personal embodiment of hunger. The central theme in your life becomes hunger. If you want to graduate school or get a job promotion, how far will you get when your mind brain washes you with the constant reminder, "I am an idiot?" Your posture, your body language, your confidence level, and everything about you will become the living essence of an idiot. What if your greatest desire is to have a loving nurturing family? If you constantly tell everyone and yourself that you are a doctor, how will you pull yourself out of the mindset of fixing people? Maybe all your family needs is a listener and a supportive cheerleader. Maybe what's broken about your family is you.

The general principle that will guide you to watering your first chakra is letting go. Forget. Forgive. Purge. God forgets everything. After flooding the entire earth, killing everyone but Noah's family, leaving Noah in an Ark for 40 days, Genesis says, "And on the 40th day, God remembered Noah." Even more incomprehensively, after 3 days of his own Son's Martyrdom, God remembered and resurrected the Christ. God forgets. Forget.
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Default Re: Kabbalah Secrets, Vedic Yoga Secrets of meditation

"I have tried to study the origin of the techniques from various scriptures and historical data.
As far as I have been able to find out, the 'Nectar' technique is attributed to a hatha-yogi named Goraknath at ca. the 9th century. He is supposed to have invented it. The breath ('Holy Name') has a medieval yoga-upanishad devoted only to it (the 'Hamsa-upanishad'). All four techniques (among lots of others) are described in detail in practically all medieval (12th century onwards) yoga texts such as Gheranda Samhita, Hatha-Yoga Pradipika, Shiva Samhita, and Yoga-Kundalini Upanishad. The techniques are not described in, for instance, Patanjali's Yoga-sutras (from around 200 AD). There was a Patanjali living also around 500 BC, but scholars are pretty sure that around 200 AD is correct.
Definitely, these techniques are not 'ancient', but invented during the middle ages. And all are well-known in yoga circles. As far as I have been able to find out, the combination of 4 techniques stems from Hans Ji and the 60s - i.e. before M, but not long before him. Anyway, the 4-T package was definitely compiled AFTER Hans Ji was not selected as his own Radhasoami guru Sarupanand's successor, and decided to go on his own instead. Three of the techniques Hans Ji probably learned from Sarupanand, since they are in common use within the Radhasoamis, the fourth ('nectar') he probably picked up from some hatha-yoga teacher, exact source unknown.
This, I think, is a fair guess."
(Anonymous ex-premie post on the Forum)

"You must vow never to reveal these techniques to anyone under any circumstances"
(Maharaji during the Knowledge sessions)

Can Maharaji, or any 'master' or 'guru', really claim he owns them?


First Technique, The Light : As explained in the Indian Scriptures.
Second Technique, The Sound, Inner Music, Harmony : As explained in Hinduism, and taught in Radhasoami.
Third Technique, Holy Name, The Word, etc : As explained by Donna Farhi in 'The Breathing Book', and in Hinduism.
Fourth Technique, The Nectar : As explained in the Indian Scriptures.
Yoni Mudra : The most important one according to the Scriptures, and not taught by Maharaji.

The Light is described in Gherand Samhita, section on Mudras, as Shambhavi Mudra, stanza 59:

'Direct your eyes toward the middle of the eyebrows and meditate upon your own self. It is Shambhavi Mudra, the most secret practice of all the Tantra scriptures.'
In the tantric scripture Sochanda Tantra, stanza 13, is said:

'Touching eyeballs as a feather, lightness between them opens into the heart and there permeates the cosmos.'

The Sound technique is referred to as Bhramari Kumbhak. The Sound is referred to as Nada. The practice is therefore also called Nada Yoga. Quote from Gherand Samhita and its praises of the Sound technique, in the section on Pranayama, stanzas 77-81:

'At midnight when not a single sound is heard, close your ears with both hands and do Purak Pranayama. Listen to the sounds in your right ear which are very pleasant. The first sound that you will hear is of a pine bird, the second of a flute, third of a cloud, fourth of a dragon bee, the fifth of a ringing bell and then of a gong of metal. Sounds of trumpet, drum etc. are also heard. Besides these, many other sounds are heard if it is practiced daily. These sounds are Anahata (unproduced) and come on their own accord. Nada is related to light. Light is related to mind, so mind gets itself merged in a sound which is the seat of the Lord. Therefore, practice of Bhramari gives Siddhi of Samadhi (i.e., makes Samadhi possible).
Mind gets eightfold more pleasure in the act of meditation than Japa (repeating God's name), eightfold more interest in Tapas (penance) than the meditation, and eightfold more interest in music or sound than the Tapas. There is nothing greater than music.'

This technique is well-known, and a favorite among the Radhasoamis. In order to keep the hands in position for an extended period of time, a beragon is suggested, like the one Shiva usually is pictured with. In Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship, beragons are used. In Northern India, they are well-known tools in all yoga schools. In the beginning of DLM's history in the West, beragons were also used.

The 'Holy Word', in the classic yoga literature, is referred to as Kewali Kumbhak. The Word is often referred to as Shabda Brahman, or God in the form of word/sound. This name, in its Hindi form (Shabd Brahm), is used among M's followers in India nowadays.

Quote, from Gherand Samhita, section on Pranayama (breathing exercises), stanza 84:

'With every exhalation the soul recites 'Ham' and with every inhalation it recites 'So'. Thus every soul counts the mantra of Soham (So plus Ham) twenty-one thousand and six-hundred times every day and night.'

A commentary to the text, by Parivrajika Ma Yogashakti, says:

'It is most easy and yet most powerful of all pranayamas. Although this technique is grouped under pranayamas in fact it is a very powerful spiritual practice known to man. Kewali Kumbhak is very simple yet most dynamic. /-/ Kewali Kumbhak makes one aware of one's existence every minute.'

Other variations suggest just focusing on the breath, not the Soham (or, Hansa, or Hamsa: meaning both 'swan' and 'soul'; also the sound of one's own breath - accordingly, the name of Maharaji's father, Sri HANS Ji Maharaj). For instance, in Sochanda Tantra, stanza #2, it says:

'As breath turns from down to up, and again as breath curves from up to down, through both these turns, the realization.'

'Hamsa or the method popularly known as Baby Pranayama is the easiest and safest method [of meditation] of all. /...../
Hamsa literally means swan--the beautiful white birds that swim in silent lakes. In Hinduism, the swan also symbolizes purity and tranquility. In this method, one indirectly chants the Mantra 'Sah-Aham', meaning 'He is I'. It is also worth noticing that when a man inhales he makes the noise 'Ham' or 'Aham'. When a man exhales he makes the noise 'Sa' or 'Sah'.

Now coming back to the main point, the Hamsa method is the method of watching the incoming and outgoing breaths (inhalation and exhalation) without interfering with the rhythm of the breathing. The method is very simple. You may sit or stand or lie down in whatever position you like. You can do it at any time of the day or night. You can do it at any place. You can do it for as long as you like. Prior to following this method, if it helps, then you may do deep breathing exercises to induce 'rhythmic breathing' in your system for five to ten minutes.

Now let me elaborate on the actual Hamsa method: Just watch your inhalation and exhalation without interfering with the process of breathing, without even trying to control chest or nostril movements. Do not even try to change the rhythm of the breathing.

Excerpts from Ed Viswanathan (1999): Am I a Hindu? The Hinduism Primer. New Delhi: Rupa & Co. pp. 187- 188. (also published by Halo Books, San Francisco, 1992)

Mindfulness Practice (by Donna Farhi)

Sit in any position you find comfortable. Lying down is usually not a good idea as your level of attentiveness is much diminished when you are supine. Close your eyes and let the weight of your buttocks settle into the cushion or chair. Notice if you are leaning forward anticipating the next moment, or if you are leaning back reclining into the past. Center the weight on your sitting bones so that you organize yourself to be present in the moment. Allow the contents of your belly to relax and begin to bring your awareness to your breathing. It's this simple. Notice your breathing coming and going. Notice when the breath enters you and when it leaves you. Also, pay attention to the pauses between the inhalation and the exhalation. As you sense and feel your breathing, thoughts, feelings and sensations will inevitably arise. This mental activity is not a sign of failure. Note the feelings and sensations that arise in your body and heart. Detect sadness, excitement, or boredom. Be aware of the sensations arising in your body. You may feel certain areas become tense or heavy, you may notice your stomach gurgle or your heart beating. Simply note all this without analysing, judging, correcting, or solving.... Can you let your breathing just be what it is? Without making it bigger, better, or different can you simply let the breath breathe you? How much can you disengage from effort and let the breath enter and leave on its own accord? Don't get caught up in a struggle with your mind. All thoughts, feelings, and sensations change. Simply allow yourself to be a sky for these drifting thoughts, returning over and over again to the steady rhythm of your breathing.

('The Breathing Book' by Donna Farhi - From page 185)

The so called Nectar technique is really named Khechari Mudra. It is mentioned in the section on Mudras (all Mudras being so called Kundalini-awakening techniques), in Stanzas #s 23-27 of the Gherand Samhita. It is there suggested that, in order to succeed with getting the tongue in the correct position, one should cut under the nerve of the tongue. Quote from (Gherand Samhita, Section on Mudras, stanzas 23-27):

'Cut under the nerve of the tongue and move it frequently. Massage it daily like the process of milking with the help of butter. Also pull it daily with an iron-tongue. Practice it daily for a long time till the tongue is elongated to such an extent that it touches the middle of the eyebrows, and becomes fit for Khechari. Then turn the and make it pass through the upper cavity of the palate slowly. Now gaze at the middle of the eyebrows. This is Khechari Mudra.

One who practices Khechari does not suffer from hunger, thirst, tiredness or languor. Neither illness nor death nor decay come near to him and his body becomes divine. Fire cannot burn, wind cannot dry, water cannot wet and snake can never bite the man practicing Khechari Mudra.'

The following description on how to practice Khechari Mudra is from Hatha-Yoga Pradipika. It is very similar. Quote, from Chapter 3, stanzas 32-37:

'Khechari Mudra is turning the tongue backwards into the cavity of the cranium and turning the eyes inwards toward the eyebrow center. The tongue should be exercised and milked and the underneath part cut in small degrees. Indeed khechari is perfected when the tongue touches the eyebrow center.

With a clean thin blade, gently cut away the membrane under the tongue. Cut it by a fine hair's breadth each time. Then rub in a mixture of powdered rock salt and turmeric. After seven days, again cut a hair's breadth. One should do this regularly for six months, then the membrane at the root of the tongue will be completely severed. Having turned the tongue back, the three channels of ida, pingala and sushumna are controlled. This is khechari mudra and it is called the center of ether.'

Hatha-yoga Pradipika then goes on praising the benefits of this practice. It is worth noticing the most people CANNOT accomplish Khechari Mudra without cutting underneath the tongue. This was never told in the Knowledge sessions. Many are able to do this mudra without cutting, but most people can't. If you can't get the tongue into the cavity, there is no point in doing the mudra.

NOTE: We don't advise your here IN ANY WAY, to try to practice this mudra, nor do we advise you to cut away the membrane under the tongue!

Finally, in a practice called Yoni Mudra, all techniques are practiced simultaneously. Quote, from Gherand Samhita, section on Mudras, stanzas 32-33:

'Sit in Siddhasana (lotus position). Close ears, eyes, nose and mouth with thumbs, forefingers middle fingers, ring fingers and others. Inhale Prana (air) and unite it with Apana (i.e. already inhaled air) with the lower region, and meditate on the six chakras one by one. Exhale the air with 'Hum' and 'Hamsa' sound. This is the way in which the learned and wise Munis meditate.'

For this practice, a beragon is usually required.

Paravrajita Ma Yogashakti, in her commentary, says that, I quote: 'Yoni Mudra is the most important and secret of all practices. Although all the secret practices of yoga are mentioned in the yogic literature, people do not pay heed to them.'

How great value is attached to this practice is explained in stanzas 37-38 (these are quite funny):

'Yoni Mudra is the most secret and is unapproachable even to Devas. It is advantageous even if it is practiced only once a day. Samadhi is attained by him who practices and masters it well.

Sin does not stain him who practices Yoni Mudra, even if he be a murderer of a Brahmin, destroyer of a baby in a womb, intoxicator or has indulged with his Guru's wife.'

link: http://www.ex-premie.org/papers/medtech.htm
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Default Re: Kabbalah Secrets, Vedic Yoga Secrets of meditation

Very interesting post. Thanks so much for sharing this information.
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