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Talking Lifetime Inductee, my on giong story

(The pictures enclosed of coarse are not my own but links around the net.)

Good eveneing everyone. I have lived in Warminster, Bucks County Pensylvania for the past 3 years. Warminster seems to be one of the focal points of the spike in activity of Bucks County. I can possibly safely say that I am a small part of that activity. The term "inductee" is my own as best as I know. It best sums up what I can be considered I guess. Next month (February) will be 2 years for me. But a year and a half ago I found out that I am a lifetime contactee. I have been told by people that I am unique for some reason. Even as far as being taken and having contact goes. Well, I don't know about that. I'm just a guy who has had a wierd life. I'm just a guy, nothing special. Besides, I do not know what "unique" could possibly be in such contexts. On Decenber 31 2009 I met my 20th specie that I have seen. Could this be unique? No clue! I know what I have lived and seen.

I have learned much about our celestial neighbors and family. The more times I am taken.... The more different species I meet...... The more I find that we are much more alike than we are different. The simularities are strikeing and abundant. These simularities are all across the board and with out limit. In all essences and definitions extraterresrtials, extradimensionals, and extraplaneiars are all PEOPLE. They have families, loves, likes, dislikes, chains of evolution (in one forem or another), cultures, societies, plants, animals, friends, emotions...... We are all very much the same in more respects than many would like to comprehend. What interests me the most about them is them as people.... their history, their planet's history, wildlife, plants, culture....

This is very interesting and I would say is VITAL for all to know. I say this because it is our own history as well, as a specie, and how we came to be. For my entire life I have studied paleontology, astrophysics, geology, ancient human cultures, cosmology, theoretical physics, quantum physics, and many other things. Today I can draw upon all I know and have extraterrestrials actually make sence. I can show people quite easily how they came about. Over the past few months I have been trying to write a curiculum on exactly how it is possible for extraterrestrials to exist. I am doing this with the subjects I have stated abouve. There are laws, methods, and knowledge that the planet laready agrees upon. I'm just putting it all together and trying to remind people that this is the science and history that we agree upon and this is the outcome of that socially accepted science. My hope is that it helps people see what they already know.

Stellar Evolution + Nucleosynthesis + Protoplanetary Disk + Geology + Chemisrty + Climatology= Extraterrestrials and all other life including us

Ya, I know that there is more to it but you get the general idea. When the curiculum is finished I may call it Extraterrestrial Evolution 101.

This is a little bit of my interations with our celestial neighbors. Some time frames may not be accurate, I don't have my journal with me.

February of 2008
As I can best conclude, I had a meeting with 8 individuals each of a different specie. I often refer to this as "The Business Meeting". This is so because it is exactly how it felt and how we all spoke. Everything was done and spoken about in a very matter of fact type of way. Unfortunately my memories are very limited. So much that I can only remember what 3 out of those 8 looked like. I was presented with a project that I was being asked to take part in. Each of the 8 had a part to present to me. I agreed to it all, this is obvious now. Of all interactions I have had it is this one that I want full memory of the most. It would answer most of my questions probably.
Sorta Grey

March 2008
2 of the same people came back. The Grey and the "Sorta Grey" as I call them. I am to conclude that all will go forward as spoken about in the meeting.

Spring 2008
First implant by the "Sorta Greys". This one is in my mouth where a wisdom tooth used to be on the lower left. This thing was sooooo wierd. It would move, beep, emmit static, digital signals, and vocal signals. Since it was in my mouth near my jaw the sound vibrations would travel up to my inner ear and I'd hear it from the inside my jaw and skull being almost like a speaker. Once it scraped agains a neighboring tooth's root. That did NOT feel pleasant! This is when I learned that I have had contact since infantcy.

Spring 2008
I met Tall Greys, six of them. I have only about 10 seconds of memory of this one. I was laying down on a medical table and I could see about six of the Tall Grey people around me but only from the hips to the upper chest. Saying that these are Tall Greys is only a conclusion since I do not remember ever seeing their faces. The skin color and body build is that of a Tall Grey so this is how I came to that idea. Two individuals were checking out my chest and sholders and I asked "May I please touch you?" The two individuals stoped and allowed me to do so. I ran my index and middle fingers on my left hand down each of their forearms, across the wrists, ond over the back of the hands. It was magnificent! Their skin was warm, sorta dry, and a little rough. The muscular, tendon, and skeletal structureing is not so different than ours at all. The real magnifisence is the fact that they showed the kindness, patience, and trust that they did. I will never forget that....

Late Spring-Early Summer 2008
This is my second implant. This is from the Greys. This one is lodged up in my right sinus cavity all the way up at the top. I have come to understand that I was under local anestesia but I was still slightly cohearent. I was aware enough so I could feel the implant being installed, could feel/hear the bone/cartilage being broken, could hear the clicking and chargeing of the instrument they used, and could hear the implant powering up. When I was returned and awoke I had bruising of my cheek that went to the bone and some slight swelling. But that was gone in about 2 days. Trust me, Extraterrestrial medical practices are GREAT!

August 2008
Met a turtle like reptilian. What a magnificent being he was! Picture a turtle humanoid with out a shell and this is what this person looked like. He even smelled like a fresh water turtle. At one point I did ask him if he evolved from turtles. He became confuse. This individual performed what I would have to say is Chinese accupuncture. With each needle stick the area was immediatly numbed. He also used this handheld metal wheel thing on my neck. I was interviewed by Michelle Emerson on Sedona Lights Radio in June of this year and spoke about this. She told me what he used on my neck was a Wartenburg Wheel. Its nice to know that we all use the same technology.

February 2009
My first implant, the one in my jaw came out. I never did find it. I tore apart my room looking for it. That was like loosing a part of myself. The loss I felt was like that of a pet dieing. I still have the exit wound scar in my mouth. The implant was replaced a few days later.

March 2008
This is the biggest one so far! I also have a ton of memory of it! To try and quickly sum it all up is nearly impossible, so I will write it all. To make it easier to understand I'll go in full chronological order, not as I was able to remember it. But there are some details I'll leave out at one specific point........
I opened my eyes and was on a medical table. The side rails were only about 2 inches tall and a dark stainless steel color, almost the color of galvinized steel. I was covered from the waist down by a white cloth. I propped myself up a bit on my elbows and looked around. The room was about 60' long by 20-25' wide. On the left wall was (as best as I can tell) computer systems. At the far end of the room was another medical table and some medical carts but the lights were off at that end. On the right wall was an open doorway and more computer systems on the closer side of the doorway. After a few seconds of looking around I flet a gentle 3 fingered hand on my right sholder. It very gently pushed me back down so I was laying flat again. I gently reached over with my left hand and gresped the persons hand. I angled my head back so I could look up. I was looking directly in the face of a Blue skinned Grey person, smiled, and said "hello". He smiled back (as only they can) and said "we are ready to begin". I nodded and said "alright". Laying flat again a mechanical arm came down with about 20 or so needle like instruments at the end. One large needle extended. It was about a half inchvirtilally and a quarter inch horizontally if you were to look at it head on from the point. It was in the shape of a crescent moon. This was inserted into my abdomin on the riht side just abouve the groin. As it went in I took in a sharp breath, grabbled the bed railing, and my arms shook in pain. The Blue Skinned Grey tightened his grip on my sholder and asked "are you alright". With my eyes closed I nodded yes and let out a sharp breath and drew in another breath. The Blue skinned Grey then said "it will be over soon, we are almost done". (or something like that). After 10-20 more seconds the needle was removed and I let out another breath and the pain was gone. I layed there for a few minutes and then started to get up. The Blue Skinned Grey pushed my up gently with his hand on the back of my right sholder and I spin my legs of the left and had both hands at my sides on the railing. I then felt 2 thick fingers and a thumb on my left hand. I looked down and the very short brown being with gigantic eyes was looking back up at me smiling. His eyes were so huge they took up 3/4 the area of his face. He had 4 or 5 little bumps over each eye. These bumps strike me to be eyes as well. But these eyes I feel are for vision in other spectrums such as infrared and electromagnetic. I have always though that his kind may have evolved from spider like creatures. I looked around and saw 2 normal Greys, one more Blue Skinned Grey, and a specie that I call "Ram Skulls". (because of the curve, curl, and general shape of the sides and rear of their skulls) 6 individuals in all, 4 different species. Later I found myself in another room laying down of another bed and saw a Pleiadian woman aproach me, she was my height...... If the gestation period of the Pleiadians are the same as humans, than I have a child that was born last month..... Possibly having a child that you may never see or hold is not a pleasant feeling. Heart tearing torture is an adequite term.... But I do understand why. I understand that our baby is better off not being here on Earth, and staying with the mother.... It still doesn't feel very good though. Anyway..... The next thing I remember was being in a silver or bright steel room looking into the bottom right corner. There was a doorway and the 6 individuals were there leaving. The door closed and was undetectable. You couldn't see that the doorway was there unless the door was open. Then another Pleiadian (Nordic) woman appeared out of now here. She was about 7 feet tall! I can't describe to you what seeing a Pleiadian is like. Try and imagine Aphrodite, the goddess of love, poping up right in front of you. Thats a start! The woman exuded divinity and perfection. Perfect beauty, perfect heart, perfect soul, perfect smile..... even her freckles were perfect. She had sandy blonde hair and wore a white flowing dress that was almost the same color as her skin. (OK I have not the slightest clue as to how she did the following! This could have been done by some kind of holographic system in the room, some psychic ability of hers, or she actually took me traveling through time. No clue at all!) She smile and extended her hand to me "There is some thing I would like to show you." I took her hand with out a thought and we biffed up in the lands of the Ancient Aztects. (No interaction could take place, I could only watch what happened around us. I guess you could say this is a time bubble? No Clue!) i watched an ET craft come down out of the sky. When the Aztec pople saw it, the dropped what they were doing and raised their arms and voices in celebration! "The sacred ones have come! The Gods have come! The Great ones have come!" They would say. The craft landed and the beings were greeted warmly. A great celebration that lasted days was held. Humans and ET's together in celebration, singing, danceing, laughing, talking, eating. This was the same in Egypt, Cambodia, Antarctica, lower in Mexico with the Mayans, and also the Greeks. In each place I saw the wonders of humans and Extraterrestrials working together and creating great wonders. The lightbulb in Egypt, Mayan Calendar, a gigantic antikythera mechanism the size of a building, and a different stone calendar that the Cambodians or Antarcticans had. This calendar was made of thousands of small pieces. Some were less than a centimeter. It was all mechanized and it moved as time moved. Pictures would form and meld into eachother makeing different pictures. I have never seen anything like it! The beauty and brilliance is unparalleled! After seeing ancient human history she extended her hand again "Come! I will now show you the beginning!" *Biff* We were in a place of complete and total darkness. She was still holding my left hand with her right. She pointed with her left hand and said "Look there!" A second or two later there was a tremendous pulse of an electric blue sphere of light than an explosion. An explosion so powerful that it could surely anihilate an entire galaxy! But it was just the opposite! I had just watched the Big Bang! The creation or rather the rebirth of the universe! At that very instant I felt in the depths of my heart that all of my theories of the universe was true! (I am in the process of writing all of these theories in an official paper on astrophysics and theoretical physics) Then the "fast forward button" was hit. I watched the birth of the universe, birth, death and rebirth of star systems, the births of galaxies, and collisions of galaxies. She then brought me to our star system. I watched from protoplanetary disk to the adolecence of out star system. At about 3 billion years ago she brought me to the surface of Earth. Time passed and I wathed the evolution of primitive fish from worm like creatures. Then lobbed finned fish evolved. The amphibians evolved from the lobbed finned fish. Reptiles came from the amphibians. The dinosaurs came into being as well as small mammels. The dinosaurs left and she stopped the clock at about 50 million years ago. We were standing in a forrest by a river or large creek where a crocodile sized animal was laying. This was an ambulocetus, a primitive land walking whale. I call them furry crocs. I walked over to her and put my hand on her sholder. Her fur was brown and soft but rough, almost like touching a buffalo's fur. She jolted and took to the water. The "fast forward button" was hit again and I watched her take the evolutionary steps into becomeing a whale. The clock stopped again when she was a basilosaur. She had a pup with her. I reached down and the female saw me. She let me touch he face and also let me touch her calf's face. The "fast forward button" was hit again and I watched a whole pod of basiliosaurs, sharks, and other ancient sea animals grave site, they skeletalized, and fossilized. *Biff* We were back in the silver room again. I looked up at the Pleiadian woman gave her a huge hug, thanked her, and told her that I loved her. The next thing I know I'm wakeing up at home and totally thrilled! But as I wrote it all down and was breaking through the memory barrier of the shorter Pleiadian I felt a woman blow in my ear. I flinched and immediately passed out. I had enough strength to pick where I was going to fall so I wouldn't get hurt, but that was it..... I woke up half on my bed and half on my floor 40 minutes later and I was very much affraid to keep writing but I did it anyway and I purposely blocked out the shorter Pleiadian woman from my memory. It was only about a month or two ago that I remembered what she looked like.......
"Ram Skulls"
Blue Skinned Grey

April 2009
I awoke to my quilt and pillow over my head, a hand on the right side of my face and some one calling my name....... "Justin.... Justin..... Wake up!" I took the person's hand off of my face and looked at the palm. It was orange and had white line going across it horizontally. I gently flipped it over and looked at the back of the hand. The skin was chalk white. I said "Whoa! I know whats going on here! Please give me a minute before I look at you, I wasn't expexting to be visited by an alien.... OH! Please! I'm so sorry! An Extraterrestrial Biological Enti....." The person interrupted, he and said "Its alright, take your time." (ET's don't like being called aliens. Its mildly insulting. We are more alien than they are, trust me! ) After a minute I slowly moved my pillow and quilt off of my face. I looked directly into his eyes, smiled really big and said "Hello my friend, what can I do for you?" He replied with a crooked smile "Well you can clean a bit and move the fan!" and laughed. (He was refering to the 2 piles of clothes, the cat box needed to be cleaned, and the fan I had right in the middle of the room barring a clear walking path.) I laughed and said "I was going to do that when I woke up today." I layed there for about another minute, we talked and laughed some more (can't remember about what). He then pulled me up by my right arm untill I was sitting up and said. "Get up, its time to go now." I replied "Well you didn't come all this way just to tell me to clean my room." We both laughed. He walked me to my bedroom window, I pulled back the curtin and saw a small disk shapped craft about 12 feet long with blue and yellow lights on the bottom, a glass dome on top, and a female inside. The next thing I remember is a being on a much larger craft. There was a female Chalk White standing in front of me topless and we kissed. I blocked out my memory after that. Again if these Chalk White people have the gestation period as humans do...... My second baby will be born this month. (These "Chalk Whites" are about our height and a little shorter. Their skin is Chalk White. Their eyes are dark blue. The size of the eyes is about 50% larger for the males and twice our size for the females. The female reproductive organs are the same or similar as humans. The females do have mamory glands so I assume that they do feed babies the same way humans do. The inside of their mouths are darker in color than our. Their teeth are very similar to humans. Their hair is so platinum blande that you can almost see through it. The Chalk Whites are NOT to be confused with Tall Whites. I believe them to be different species. "Chalk White" is my own term....... In general they look pretty similar to humans. Oh! The width of the face and skull is a little wider than ours and the eyes bulge a bit. They can and do speak virbally. They speak English very well I might add. Anyone ever hear about these guys? I have never seen or heard about them before.

June 2009
On a cross country trip I found 3 marks on my right wrist one morning as I woke up. Months later I found out the I can have staples freely dangle from the marks. Where was I when I got these marks? Roswell, New Mexico while visiting some friends of the family! What a freaking wierd thing to happen while I was there! What and absolute kick it was when I found out that those 3 points on my wrist were magnetic! I thought nothing of them before hand, but after the staples, I just thought it was freaking riot! I laughed for a good 10 minutes straight!

July 2009
Early birthday present! I got another implant. I think this one was implant #7, 8, or 9.... This time in my left thigh and for the first time the proceedure left marks on my skin. It can also be seen and felt throught the skin. This is also the first impalnt I held a magnet to. Oh boy did it ever stick! That is when I could trick the implant into not repelling the magnet. Trying to trick the thing took about 5 to 10 minutes. And I took 13 pictures of it over 5 days. I showed the injection sites and wierd bruising to a flabotomist. She said "In my professional opinion..... I don't have a ****ing clue!! (She's from New Jersey, we'll have to forgive her language) Bruising like that is impossible!" The bruising pattern has an open center with 100% healthy skin. She also verified that the triangular injection sites went in through the skin pores. She told me that she doesn't know one single person who can do that kind of precision sticking. I even asked her if I hit myself with the open end of a metal pipe would it bruise like that. Her answer was "No! It would bruise solid! Where did this come from?!" I was over joyed to have perfectly visable and touchable physical evidence! FINALLY!!!!

December 31 2009
Happy New Year! Taken again! I was woken up before hand this time as well. I actually thought it was my room mate trying to wake me up. I cracked open one eye looked at my watch and said "But its not time to wake up yet" and I passed right back out. I met a very unique specie. One that I have never heard of at all. Like the Chalk Whites they are pretty human looking and have similar eyes and slight bulge but brown in color. They are about our height. Their body build is somewhere between the lightness of Greys and our stature. The unique part is the skin color. They have virtical stripes of black and light tan to light brown depending on the undividual. Sorta like a raccoon's fur color with it's summer coat. But like I said the stripes are virticle. Also for the second time there were humans there. One young woman showed me the drawings of the species she has met. She met 18 in all. This unique but very beautiful specie is the 20th that I have met. I ended up meeting a Chinese man who looked like, sounded like, and smiled like Jackie Chan. He looked so much like Jackie that I almost asked him how Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao were. It was REALLY wierd!!! Another odd thing was I saw one Stripped male reading a news paper. They had almost cat like features but not at the same time. Their mouths were like our as was their noses. But some thing about them is slightly cat like. Maybe its how they speak and carry themselves. I'm not sure.... I can't really tell....
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