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Commander Adama
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Default UPDATE - 10/6/08 - Major Announcement by the Galactic Federation of Light

UPDATE – 10/6/08 – Major Announcement by the Galactic Federation of Light

I recently attended another meeting with the First Contact Liaison
Teams. This time it was at the Galactic Federation of Light Sirius B
Defense Headquarters. Much was discussed. So let's begin.

There have been full scale preparations for First Contact. The landing
points of GFOL ships have been assigned to various areas of Planet
Earth. Will First Contact happen right after the Illuminati has lost
all of their power? No; First Contact will happen a couple of months
after, just to clarify that. That is all I am allowed to say about
details regarding First Contact.

The time of change is upon us. There has been an escalation of GFOL
ships that have been flying into the lower parts of Planet Earth's
atmosphere to do various things. The most important is that they are
sending energies of Love, Peace, and Joy to the entire planet to limit
the fear, shock, and possible chaotic attitudes people may have due to
this financial crisis that is expected to get worse until the
Illuminati is fully bankrupt. Secondly, these ships are monitoring
Planet Earth and her health. What all of you are seeing right now is a
huge wave of change that is starting to sweep over the entire planet.
2008 is the year of change. 2009 is the year of action. It is very
important for everyone to understand that.

The October 14th event is still right on schedule to manifest into our
reality on October 14th. Final details and preparations have been made
about what is going to happen when it occurs. The GFOL has been very
unsure about how large the ship will be and if it will move or stay
stationary. They now know for sure and will allow me to tell, which
the following is:

The ship will appear for a period of three days in Earth linear time.
It will first appear in the morning as the sun rises. For the duration
of the three day period it will remain stationary the entire time. As
the sun sets on the third day, it will depart and leave. The ship is
going to be of Sirian origin and will be close to a mile long, or
approximately 4000 – 5000 feet in length. It will appear somewhere
within the United States of America. Exactly where is still unknown.
They will decide that a day before this event will take place.

On Friday, October 3rd, the United States of America did successfully
pass their 700 billion dollar bailout plan that is designed to bailout
Wall Street. The USA is now over 10 trillion dollars in debt. The USA
is bankrupt! There were still a large amount of politicians that voted
against it, and most have even stated that this will do nothing to
help the economy. A small boost could probably take place for a month
or so, and then it will continue to deteriorate. It is very important
for everybody to know two things about this situation.

1) This is not your ordinary financial collapse. As written before,
the definition of this type is: a collapse of a world empire due to
bankruptcy which is maintaining the sustainability of a mediocre
economy due to a manipulation of the monetary system to become based
upon fiat currency.
2) There is nothing to fear at all. The Galactic Federation of Light
and Ashtar Command are paying close attention to how this plays out.
IF it gets to a point where a depression occurs, things will be done
to make sure that nobody suffers severely for it. Prosperity funds
would be immediately dispersed and aspects of NESARA will be
implemented IF this financial crisis does evolve into a depression.

One of my good friends, who are one of my many ET contacts, wanted to
make sure this message in which he wrote gets out to the people of
Earth. He writes:

"The times you are all experiencing right now, within this moment and
beyond, are moments that are educating you through the experiences you
go through in which you exist and understand. They are showing you one
thing which is that the lives you all live are fulfilling a Universal
Destiny. One in which humanity takes a giant leap into what could be
and what really is; the true form of you. Everything you are currently
seeing with both your mind and eyes is informing you all that a new
era of life is being born; a new bulb is being blossomed into a most
beautiful flower in which you all can see, smell, and feel. The times
of hardship, pain, suffering, negativity, hate, and most importantly
greed is coming to an end. You have all, collectively, chose the path
of Light and you are just starting to walk down it. The Grid of
Consciousness on your planet has been collectively asking for
assistance and we all have seen the progress your humanity has
accomplished in implementing the world in which you live in with
overpowering Light. You have all done your job in creating a unique
path for all of you to experience the events of First Contact which
leads to Ascension. You most beautiful souls of Earth, keep holding
your light, and know that your time of destiny is here, and so are we
as the time of our reunion approaches."

Member of the Galactic Federation of Light First Contact Liaison Teams

The Illuminati is sensing what is coming. Their greatest strength has
become their greatest weakness. The institutions that were created to
control and manipulate the world in which we all live in: the
societal, political, financial, and religious institutions are slowly
being shown for what they truly are. The organizations of power
centered within the boundaries of the United States of America, the
United Kingdom, and the Vatican are seeing the wounds they gave
themselves within every level of their existence. Some members are
"jumping ship", fleeing from the inevitable demise of a corrupt
system, towards a system based upon human compassion, love, morals,
and ethics. Into an era where it matters not what you are worth, but
what you are defined to hold: equality, intertwined with the oneness
of humanity. For without money, the true existence of humanity can
thrive; an existence in which humanity is being led to right now. Call
it a destiny, for we are all on our way to claim it.

There will be new updates written every week as well as other messages.

Love and Light,

Commander Adama

Commander Adama is a representative of the Galactic Federation of
Light. He is the creator of the Galactic Federation of Light Yahoo
Group. For those who wish to join, you may do so by going to this website:


He also writes weekly GFOL First Contact Updates and gives Spiritual
Readings, as well as hosts weekly Conference Calls over both the phone
and internet. A Galactic Affairs Newsletter has also been created and
anybody can subscribe. For more information please go to this website:

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