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Old 12-08-2008, 10:21 AM   #1
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Default The Importance Of Water

Hey guys, just saw this trailer for a movie being released next year about the importance of water and what we will be going through.

It is vital that we all see this movie and start preparing ourselves for the future.

Watch this trailer here http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=JUrqpxS_aLY

Thoughts are boomerangs,
returning with precision to their source.
Choose wisely which ones you throw.
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Default Re: The Importance Of Water

So true, I have noticed this, but never thought about it.
I don't drink bottled water, I always go for tap water, yet my relatives have switched to bottled because it's meant to be cleaner and better.
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Default Re: The Importance Of Water

blue gold indeed ...

for a while now i have been having dreams regarding the scarcity of drinking water, dreams are always the same, we take two hour turns at night protecting our water wells, and yes, armed (for water???)

in these dreams suppliers of bottled water slowly feather down the supply, perhaps that we wouldn't notice, some lame excuse or something, then the supply stops completely ... all for agenda

i do not have a paranoid personality, farthest thing from it and yet, these dreams continue, not that it is an indefinite shortage but something temporary ... and yet, temporary can create all sorts of chaos if we don't trust in our selves, stay grounded, be wise

awareness and discernment yes, fear ... no

interesting ...

thought i'd share, not to instill fear, guided to do so for awareness ...
heck, just dreams anyway right ...
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Old 12-09-2008, 12:14 AM   #4
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Default Re: The Importance Of Water

I rank this film alongside other such great piles of codswallop as "An Inconvenient pile of Al Gore hot air"

Yes, CLEAN water is indeed a rarity (by this I mean without fluoride or other such nastiness) but ask yourself this...where does it come from?

There are many ways of easily obtaining water, a really obvious kick in the teeth here would be to point out the planet is covered by huge oceans which can be tapped with de-salination plants. Yes of course this all costs money but therein lies the kick to the eye watering sore spot that so many miss out on...money itself is the tool which has kept you enslaved since the day you were born.

I don't want to sound too sarcastic here but ppl on this forum should damn well know this by now.
This film is not educational, it's yet again laughter material for the PTB.

Global Warming
Credit Crunch
Floods (oddly enough along with the global warming now called climate change which is meant to cause no rainfall whatsoever and yet floods at the same time)

I could go on all night, the message is plain.
Be afraid, be scared, ask "them" to do "something".

I decided to do something to cure the hassles I had myself, no amount of wishing or wanting or voting or writing to my govt changed things.

If there's a video everyone should see, it'd be Animal Farm imho (I mean the George Orwell version btw! lol)

Don't take my post here as "nasty" or "negative" etc, it's meant to peeve you off into doing something about a situation that has some truth and relevance in the OP...just not in the way that was intended (at least not by the film producers).
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