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Default Is Reality Continuously Being Re-engineered?


Is Reality Continuously
Being Re-engineered?
By Ted Twietmeyer

Perhaps the reality we perceive isn't as concrete as we might imagine. About two years ago I heard from a friend in Holland. She explained in a lengthy letter that we are in a pre-designed time loop. Without delving into all the complex details, over the past two years I've continued to accumulate data on this matter from others and various personal experiences. No matter what we wish to call this phenomenon, something is taking place.

It was one of my previous articles connecting our Sun with time jumps on rense. that grabbed her attention. My article on this matter was written after observations that certain complex waveforms were being repeated. I suggested to her that several different kinds of good, reliable clocks be used for observations to rule out clock error, with all of them set exactly to the same time. She implemented this idea, and has since found that on several occasions these clocks jump in time. Such jumps are measured in tens of minutes or even more. Of course, abductions (alien or otherwise) can produce this same result as well. Therefore, additional data sources were needed.

Another observation regards repeated videos on MTV, which has recently been seen in Holland. Both she and her friends (whose names are known to me and with whom I have communicated with in the past) have observed these repetitions. Songs have been seen to repeat several times with no subtitles or credits. I have also heard something like this happen on a car radio while listening to music or news broadcasts. Of course, technical malfunctions could also explain this as well. But there was another strange event which we saw across the Atlantic, here in America.

My better half and I traveled to Richmond, Virginia to be with family for Christmas 2008. We began the drive on Christmas Eve. Oddly enough, a chain of unavoidable events delayed our trip by almost two days. What made this trip different was that we have driven this 480 mile trip in the past almost every year for 33 years. But we never ran into so many problems trying to depart. It made me wary of actually making the trip, fearing something else would happen. But we went anyway. Most of the driving took place at night.

It was nearing midnight on December 24th when were just a few miles north of a town named Selinsgrove. Appearing like an oasis in the middle of nowhere, Selinsgrove is dead-center in Pennsylvania on a map. We were driving on US Rt. 15 south, which is a patchwork combination of two lane divided highways and one lane roads. Weather was not ideal, but US Rt. 15 south has always been the shortest path.

Some miles north of Shamokin Dam and Selinsgrove, PA on a divided highway, we saw one of those standard, giant green exit signs with white letters commonly found on interstates across America. What made this sign particularly strange was the distance number (in miles) to the upcoming exit. The huge sign was clearly visible * with the exception of the single digit showing the miles to the exit ahead. That one digit was actually pixelating for a few seconds while all the other characters on the sign were clearly visible. I immediately asked my wife if she saw it, and she did as well. This was a heat-printed aluminum sign like millions of other signs seen across America, and not a digital sign. It should be impossible for it to change, but it did. After a few seconds of pixelating, it stabilized with the digit "2."

There was a movie "Dark City" some years ago. It was about a circa 1940's city that was put to sleep at midnight. Cars and vehicles stopped wherever they were, buildings went down into the ground and new buildings rose up. People were given new memories for their life history, what work they did and where they lived. When they awoke they went about their business like nothing happened. And from their viewpoint, nothing did happen. There were some characters who did not go to sleep, discovered that reality was constantly being re-engineered every night.

I wrote this film off as a creative piece of entertainment and never gave it another thoughtthat is, until observations and experiences accumulated in recent years began to revive the memory of that film.

Understand that I'm not suggesting massive changes take place every night. However, something a bit similar apparently occurs even while we are awake. It is known that reality is only what we perceive it to be with our senses. After all, without our 5 senses could we even remotely to imagine what our world is really like? Loss of both sight and hearing would make our perception of reality very difficult to grasp.

Last year, a scientist suggested that we might be living inside a simulation. Several years ago this same idea also occurred to me, but I was hesitant to expound on it without more information and data. And I'm sure I wasn't the first to consider this idea back then either.

If we take the sum total of various isolated observations, something truly amazing is indeed taking place. Life is a complex nesting of ideas and functions which are similar to a typical computer program anyone might create. Daily life can actually be segmented into a series of tasks. For example, eating is a task, and then there is the bathroom, driving to work, driving home, going to the store, sleeping, etc

Hidden software we use (knowingly or unknowingly) is often written much the same way. This is true whether the program controls your home, controls the fuel injection system for the engine in your vehicle or runs your television. Everything a processor must do in a product is handled by a series of low-level tasks, and built upon from that point. For example, whenever you use a keyboard, mouse or other pointing device to scroll your screen you are using small dedicated piece of system software.

So what about the music video looping discussed at the beginning of this essay? Everyone knows that computers can "crash" and easily go into an endless loop. All it takes is just one memory location with a defective instruction code. Often the power switch must be used to exit such problems. If we are living inside a simulation, then imagine how perfect and error-free the memory containing the control program must be.

In this still frame from Harvard University's "Life inside a cell," a headless stick figure was created by the cell just to haul a giant sack of waste material out to the cell wall. It walks along a path just created by the cell. When the task is done, both the stick figure and the path return to tiny building blocks. Scientists have no clue how this all happens by itself. Does this look like programming, intelligence or evolution? What you see in this image actually does happen just like this, according to scientists.

Although we cannot comprehend the amount of program storage required for orchestrating the lives of six billion people, Earth and the universe from the cell level to star level, it still doesn't make it impossible. Today we think terabytes and petabytes are big numbers for memory storage, but these numbers are merely a drop in the bucket compared to what it would require not to just run our planet, but our universe down to the smallest detail.

For the moment, let's just imagine such a control program exists. It must also provide protection for Earth from (seemingly) random asteroids and comets. Yet such protection for Earth does appear to be taking place. According to spaceweather.com there are 1,014 continent killers and Earth-killing asteroids as of this writing. Those objects above a certain size or mass are classified as PHA objects, or Potentially Harmful Asteroids.

There are tens of thousands of other smaller asteroids crossing Earth's orbit all the time. Incredibly, many of these objects have passed closer to Earth that our Moon, which is one lunar distance. Yet none of these objects have hit the Earth. In just the first 9 days of 2009, four PHA objects are being tracked that will pass within 2.7 to 6.2 lunar distances of Earth. These Earth crossings have happened countless times in the past, too.

Those objects which enter our atmosphere rarely cause damage to more than one building or parked car, and very rarely take a life. How can this be so?

Yet the Earth has not captured any of the bigger PHA asteroids with its powerful gravitational field to result in an impact. Doesn't that seem a bit strange? A map showing the known Earth-crossing asteroids on record resembles a marble pressed into a ball of yarn. There are tens of thousands of these objects out there, yet none of them hit the Earth. Indeed, if we are inside a simulation certain rules must exist - or life would be snuffed out faster than anyone could look up and say "Oh $hit!"

Perhaps asteroids are there to do something called in theater and film acting, known as "the sell." When someone in a movie is swung at or hit, they must react convincingly so it appears they were actually struck. If this is done wrong with even the slightest error in timing, everyone screams "FAKE!" Likewise, we need comets and asteroids to convince us that the universe really does exist, and that it really is as old as *think* it is.

There are those who will suggest the Grays are controlling everything. This is simply not true. Grays are insect life forms and not all that bright. They did not create us, and only function like androids for those that grow them. Almost like two-legged dogs, they are generally faithful to their owners. The biggest talents Grays have are teleporting and controlling the human mind with paralysis. This makes them the equivalent of useful idiots to other races.

A large brain is no guarantee of high intelligence, at least in human beings. Some years ago, a top Oxford student in mathematics was having severe headaches in class. His kind professor took him over to medical. When the doctor was stumped, the student's head was X-rayed. Much to everyone's surprise it was found that one- half of his brain was not present. Yet he functioned normally like everyone else. At least with human beings, brain size clearly is not a real indicator of IQ.

Whether we live inside a full simulation of reality, or real reality with external influence to control certain outcomes can't be determined at this time. Either one of these will come as a blow to scientists, who often arrogantly believe they are at the very top of the intellectual pecking order.

So how did we progress from caves to spaceflight? Where does more advanced knowledge come from? As an inventor, I can share with you some thoughts on how this might have happened. Apparently the way it works is that knowledge and ideas are "metered out" from another level, for lack of a better way to express it. That is to say, the advancements we have originate from a higher source such as God, aliens or whatever you wish to call it.

Inventors, scientists and ordinary people are suddenly given ideas and concepts. These come at unexpected moments, and can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. It is then left to the individual to do something with the knowledge they are given. Just a few seconds of inspiration can lead to an entire lifetime of work, which could remain unfinished and carried on by others. Think about Einstein, Edison and Tesla as just a few examples.

About 100 years ago, a man named James Talmage wrote a book and in it made a profound statement - "All that man has in the arts and sciences come from the other side." Talmage was a deeply devoted Christian, so you already know what the "other side" is that he was referring to. Today, we know that God isn't the only source of knowledge * although he is probably the most powerful.

Perhaps time loops and pixelating signs show us that periodically reality needs "correcting." More and more people are discovering that they can change their personal reality and their life, simply by concentrated thought. Thoughts will indeed manifest themselves as actual reality. This is something I've proven to myself and it actually has worked on several occasions. Some have called it "The Secret." The way you go about doing this is beyond the scope of this essay, and I leave it for the reader to discover it for themselves if they haven't already.

When we change reality unexpectedly, it probably forces a corresponding "software" change in the control program that controls our individual realities.

Think of the ripple effect of one simple decision. Here's one simple example of it:
We stopped at hotel in Pennsylvania on Christmas Eve to get some rest. By stopping there, a payment was made for a room which helped the bottom line for the hotel. Our overnight stay gave the maid one more room to clean. She was given a tip that she would not have otherwise received, which probably helped her to pay part of one of her bills.

It's even possible that by staying a few minutes longer to clean the room, she avoided having a motor vehicle accident on the way home that she never knew would happen otherwise. Or on the flip side, she may have had an accident on the way home because she left the hotel at just the right time because of cleaning one more room. And the ripple effect goes on and on. All of this interacts with the control program in unseen ways.

Was the pixelating highway sign number a control program mistake, a reality correction or was it designed to get me to write about it in this essay to see how people will react? Perhaps even I have been used by the control program to introduce some of these concepts. And the introduction and exposure of these concepts may in itself create problems that cannot possibly be predicted. It's unlikely the answer to all this will be forthcoming in my lifetime.

If you have seen some unexplainable phenomena related to time, looping, jumping or observed reality changing in front of you, email me and I'll try to include it in an update. Names and email addresses will not be revealed.

Exposing the control program will be the biggest news of all time.

Ted Twietmeyer
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Default Re: Is Reality Continuously Being Re-engineered?

Groundhog Day!!!
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Default Re: Is Reality Continuously Being Re-engineered?

Yeah, a way of looking at it-everything is laid on for you!!lol.You don't have to think here,lol.
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Default Re: Is Reality Continuously Being Re-engineered?

Great article!!!, makes ya go hmmmm
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