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Default Resolve your dualities as preparation for 2012

Hi ! I went to see Brian Gerish give a talk tonight.

And it was very good. But his angle is talking about what Icke and Jones say... that is, the physical reality of the calamity.

I've been feeling for a while now, intuitively, that although on the physical plane a lot of this stuff is true (there are rockerfellers, there are illuminati, there are plans for a global police state) it's not the whole truth.

See, because Brian got talking about we need to stop this, we need to fight, it got me thinking... like I have passed that point.

For me, it keeps coming back to 'consciousness is the key' and love.

Did you know that the name for the ying-yang symbol is actually 'tai-chi' (somethingness)? This symbol depicts the interplay of ying and yang... of duality. Tai-chi was created from wu-chi (nothingness).

Wu-chi created tai-chi to experience itself. So consciousness expressed through duality is born. By knowing hot then, we understand cold... One defines the other.

I thought, as I heard Brian talking (...about a call to wake people up in time to stop the bad stuff that is planned for us...) that maybe the fight is not what it's all about.. , the reason why the world is apparently going to such extremes of dastardly plans and revelations is not so that we fight back so good will conquer the tryanny, but so that we the masses will understand duality. This distinction will become so obvious (because everything looks sooo wrong when you first see behind the curtain) that everyone will understand what duality in conscious form is.

And Maybe that is the real reason for the world behavng as it is currently ?

Perhaps when everything is bold in black and white, we will be ready for the next step... which is unity from duality. Only when everyone understands duality can we get unity. That's my thought.

So it's not about fighting, or struggling or vanquishing tyranny - this only heightens the dualism...it's about sharing consciousness between all. Knowing and feeling we are all one, and all are responsible creators of the whole reality. This will be done from the heart, with love and knowledge and maybe then the universe will turn on a dime.

Who knows what happens after that change, but I think that's what the timing of the conscious evolution is all about.

These two things are on the same timetable:
1: The physical... struggle of great opposites on the world stage (government vs the people, sickness where there should be health), and
2: On the consciousness path, a transcendence to unity from within the individual. All individuals at once as one.

So my inkling is that part of our preparation (as well as the matches and the lamp oil ) must be in the recognition of the other person as being ourself. We can no longer afford to distance those we dislike as bad or separate, or perceive an another side making plans against us, ... this will only prolong the duality... we must open our hearts to the bigger picture...

Unity from duality.

peace n love


P.S. Not that I feel like I'm ready to become part of the borg , mind. I hope it's better than that !

Apologies for the long post... but it just came to me tonight and I wanted to share it with you peeps. Any thoughts welcome ? Maybe I'm late to the party and this is already written in a hundred places around Avalon !
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