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Default Why is earth quarantined?

This is from "Keepers of the Garden" by Dolores Cannon

D: I believe that's what humans think, that aliens would not have emotions but would be more or less like robots. This idea is what frightens people.

P: They would be most pleased to observe a gathering of planetary races for a celebration of the new order. For there they would see many emotions, such as crying and laughing and singing and dancing. For these are not strictly earthly experiences. The human being always seems to feel everything they do is entirely original. This is, in part, what is meant by universal brotherhood, in that even emotions are shared by the universe and are not simply a part of human experience. For there is joy throughout the universe. There is sorrow throughout the universe. There is anger throughout the universe. There is fear throughout the universe. However, these are differently manifested in these different realms. The human equivalent of anger and fear is black. This translated to other vibrational frequencies is not equivalent, for in this respect the Earth is unexcelled. Mankind has been in the chains of fear for too long and it is now time to break the chains of that bondage and release man to accept his own responsibility and to become a universal brother. For were this bondage released to the general population of the universe, this fear would spread. So you are contained in your backwash to deal with this fear in your own way. When you have contained and dealt with this fear on you own little planet, then you will be allowed to wander the universe and meet other civilizations who have never been bondaged by this fear. For fear is contagious and we wish not to cause fear among these delicate creatures who would be devasted by a mere thought of fear, which they have never experienced in your terms. For they are truly full of faith and have no need for your type of fear.

D: Fear is strictly a human trait?

P: It is at this point on this planet, a disease. It is a quarantined disease which keeps you in your own little corner of the universe. It is not a disease in other areas. There is the overuse and misuse of all energies or the possibility of such and this is on example of the misuse of the fear energy on this planet. It is destructive and is not constructive. Therefore, it is misused. It would be difficult to find a proper analogy for this because it would be impossible to allow you to understand fear in a constructive manner. When this disease has been conquered, then the gates will be opened and you will be allowed to visit other planets and so forth.
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Default Re: Why is earth quarantined?

Thanks Jnana, before reading the thread and having read the title, I was going to write that our fear attitudes are like a virus that can not be permitted to spread throughout the rest of the galaxy as it will spread its disease (dis-ease) everywhere.

I have ordered Dolores Cannon 's book and am really looking forward to reading it. And thank you again Jnana, you always cut through much complexity and confusion with your clear thinking and wise words.


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Default Re: Why is earth quarantined?

Once we rid ourselves of fear, which is indeed a disease of the worst order, we will be able to visit with each other on this planet. Imagine that !!! Perhaps then we could look to the stars after we made friends with each other first.
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