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Default Goodbye from Gregor

Hello all fellow Avalonians! So this is my official farewell on Project Avalon as I feel the need to move on, and have little to no interest in participating in PA2. There have been some beautiful and dynamic moments associated with Avalon from me, from staying with Tango to meeting a bunch of open minded New Englanders.

It is time for us all to evolve, and this forum I feel can hold down our vibration more at times than raise it. I dowsed recently the consciousness level of the old and new Avalon. The level of the old Avalon is between 250 & 300. The level of the new Avalon is between 150 & 175. I feel there are some very dynamic individuals who left as they understand the importance of open free forum dialog. Don't shun your enemies and run from them, make an example, show some love, create some beauty (as it was once said, keep your friends close, your enemies closer). Division and duality is the old paradigm. Unity and unconditional love is the future.

There's a better image out there but I couldn't get it to post.

I am not putting the new PA2 down, but hoping members will reflect upon maybe their perspective and participation in such a group. Our goal as individuals is to be above 200, the teetering point of an individual moving away from an ego dominated perspective, and toward a unified interconnected perspective. (The map of consciousness is a random number system created to express the abstract notion of consciousness, and being consciousness is pure intelligence it is able to intrepret such a system. Also note that the higher levels are expotential like the earthquake scale. A single human above 600 can raise the vibration level for thousands of humans as many of us are aware with meditation.)

This is something I was taught recently during my current stay in Sedona where synchronicity has brought me in contact with many enlightened beings, as well as free energy researchers, David Sereda and Jamie Burtuff to be specific. I am going to be going to Jamie's at some point to run experiments on two of the coils I have designed. I am going to also be put in contact with Nassim Haramein to share my research. David Sereda is finalizing negotiations with the Discovery Channel to host a show about free energy research and overunity devices, and wanted to have my research showcased on it. The unique Rodin Coil I recently designed, I've discovered that it alone amplifies the human body voltage (with no input voltage but only bioelectricity) by 1000% by just touching it. Crazy stuff :-p

I also learned the basics to exorcism, and have performed several exorcisms so far. I am willing to teach and share such a practice as I've discovered many of us have parasitic entities attached to us inhibiting our free will and draining us of our prana/energy. You can use dowsing to discover these entities. Remote exorcisms are also possible, as well as doing remote healings (reiki, as in I am offering both, my gf and I usually work together in healings). Exorcism can be performed successfully as long as the exorcist is truly confident in themselves and faith in their reality, same with a healer and energy work. We actually had a run in with a fallen angel recently as our presence in Sedona has stirred up a fair share of dark beings on this planet.

From this point on, we are leaving for Maine soon to end our 8 month walk about around the western US, and to help our family and friends back home as that is now our calling. However, we plan on returning to Sedona by February 2011 as that is when we move into a new Mayan cycle focused on conscious co-creation. Sedona is one of the several places on our planet where a divine rebirth of human civilization shall take place, and Sedona has chosen us to be a part of its rebirth. It is a very magical place, where intent is amplified more than anywhere else that I've been. Heck, I got picked up hitchhiking near Bell Rock by myself yesterday in 8 seconds flat, and had sent my request out to the universe a half hour earlier as I knew I was going to need a ride. Confidence in manifestation is key, and thus understanding how synchronicity is fundamental to how the universe naturally flows.

If anyone wants to follow my research and travels, there is discussion of my online movement, the Prometheus Initiative, over on the Mists of Avalon forum and on YouTube with my channel (youtube.com/gregorarturo85). I can be emailed at gregorarturo@gmail.com and also be found on facebook under the same address. I hope my stories and adventures have helped create many smiles, and hopefully you can keep sharing yours with me as I love to keep the smiling mutual

"To know, and not to do, is not to know." -Ancient Chinese Proverb

I bless all of those at Avalon, new and old, for a prosperous and beautiful future. May we all grow and learn to truly love. Namaste.

-Gregor Arturo
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