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Default Isla de Margarita

I posted this under Venezuela as well, but Margarita is definitely in the Caribbean:

Greetings from Isla de Margarita, Venezuela. Margarita is in the Caribbean 11* North, ~60km off the NE coast of Venezuela. It consists of two mountainous non-volcanic islands, Macanao and Margarita, connected by a low isthmus, and two smaller islands, Cubagua and Coche Total land area is about 1000 sq km. The mountains in the interior rise to 3,000ft or 1000 meters.

The prevailing winds are from the East, crossing North Africa and a few thousand miles of Atlantic ocean on their way here, so the air is clean and clear. Margarita is out of the hurricane zone, being protected by its closeness to South America. The mainland of Venezuela and its mountains, 60km away, are visible many days

The soil where I am is rich and fertile, great soil test results. Well water here is known for being high in magnesium, and magnesium has been mined here. Mango trees grow like weeds. It's not jungle, much of the island is dry, but the East side gets good rainfall. Excellent climate, tropical but ocean-tempered, good breezes, seldom humid. The islands all have many small independent fishermen and the sea provides much sustenance here.

Population is 350,000, most of whom live on Margarita. One "large" city, Porlamar and its suburbs, has most of the island's population. The major business of the island is tourism; Margarita is to Venezuela what Hawaii is to the USA or the Black Sea is to Russia. World-class wind and kite surfing at Playa el Yaque, with constant winds channeled east-west between the island and the mainland. Margarita has many nice hotels and a few yacht harbors, lots of restaurants and night life, if one likes to rumba. Depth of culture, not very deep. Discos, shopping, beaches, nightclubs. Modern telecommunications and cable networks. The Church of the Virgen de Valle, near La Asuncion, is a power and miracle spot. She rules, so it's wise to ask her permission.

Macanao, Margarita, Coche and Cubagua make up the state of Nueva Esparta; New Sparta in English. The Guaiquiri indios here were known to be fierce, and there is much Guaiquiri blood in the locals. Margaritans were the first to declare independence with Simon Bolivar, IIRC, and some important battles were fought here. The terrain is supremely defensible, backed up by high peaks that are usually cloud-shrouded and impenetrable. It's also a tropical Caribbean island paradise, with gorgeous beaches, yet the mainland is close enough to see.

After living here almost two years, I like the island, the climate, and the people. I think it would be a good and probably safe location for the upcoming years. All that is needed for sustainability is available on the island or in the surrounding sea.

My tools and books are already here. two tons of them, including an electric generator and the tools for a blacksmith shop, woodworking shop, equipment repair, masonry, and all types of building. My main focus at present is agriculture. Good farmland is available and I've started a garden.

Love that story of the Spanish Inn, where all of the guests brought something to make it a party.
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