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Default Re: CHRISTIANITY and avalon : a question from clark

Originally Posted by Orion Morris View Post
You make sense...

I kind of believe that what your referring to as Yahweh is a word that we use for the condenced center of energy... oneness.. god... love... any word will do....

I was also wondering if you believe in judgement...
like if I dont pray to god and I have premarital sex all the time am I going to hell?
Here is what I wrote in another thread about Hell:

Originally Posted by ctophil View Post
Hi Peer,

Do you want to see Yahweh's mercy? Well, let me show you something. First of all, most people know that the wages of sin is death. I'm sure that you have heard of Hell before in mainstream Christianity. Hell in Hebrew is called Sheol. Sheol means "The Grave." Hell is simply a place to dump dead bodies until when? The first or second resurrection. Hell is NOT and I repeat NOT a place of eternal torment. There's no such thing as a place of eternal torment. There is a place of eternal death. But that's a different issue. That's not what the Bible teaches. The Hell doctrine by Christians is a deceptive lie. Anyways, the point is that when you die, you are just completely dead (you are unconscious or sleeping) until He resurrects you. Then, you will be judged. You will be judged based on your works. Because you (just an example, I'm not saying just you) had little faith in Yahweh or no faith at all. He will give you another chance based on what you did.

To make a long story short, depending on the individual, Yahweh does give you another chance. But in finality, it is still up to you to choose. Remember one thing, He chooses you first before you choose Him. Just think about that for a minute. If He chose you, you were chosen because your future holds much obedience and love for Him.

As you read in my post above, yes there will be judgement. However, Yahweh is very merciful. Still, you must think about your life and see if judgement will be harsh, given a second chance, or will you be thrown into the Lake of Fire, which is called eternal death. You will no longer exist. There is no eternal suffering, friend. But I love all human beings (and definitely Yahweh love all as well), and I want everyone to experience the Kingdom of Yahweh with me.

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