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Exclamation The heart chakra

About the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the powerhouse of the soul. The heart chakra has power over anger, courage, fear and dynamic energy. This energy can be explosive. The element of fire rules the heart and increases the adrenalin for a fight or flight response. The heart chakra is the center of our offense and defense. The heart chakra under will and controlled breathing techniques can warm the body to resist extremes of cold. When directed, the heart chakra can fill us with vigor, vitality, fearlessness and confidence. A powerful heart chakra enables us to enjoy life more fully.

It is the connection point between the upper and lower chakras, like the corpus collossum connects both hemispheres of the brain. The upper chakras deal with the astral; astral sight and telepathy, connecting with others psychically and transferring one's will, sending receiving telepathic messages (3rd eye), astral hearing and communication (throat) and astral knowledge and understanding of the universe (the crown).

The lower chakras deal with earthly matters- survival (base), sexuality, creativity (2nd) and the will, rebellion (3rd).

The heart chakra is where we have our life's purpose. Because it is so important, it is where the enemy usually attacks. The Gods and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt are often seen with their arms crossed over their chests. This symbolizes protection of the all important heart chakra.

In the English language, we have often heard the adages "a burning heart" "have the heart" and so forth. The heart chakra has to do with one's zeal for life, one's accomplishments, goals and sense of direction and self-betterment. To have the heart to achieve your highest goals, the drive to push yourself to be the best you can be, the enthusiasm and personal motivation that drives us forward, the burning DESIRE. This is where we advance and achieve.

Famous athletes who make it to the top Olympic teams are the ones who are completely focused on their sport and training and have the burning desire to the point of obsession to make it to the top. They have the heart.

The enemy attacks the heart as this is where the driving life-force, ambition and powerhouse of the soul is located. The effects of a depleted heart chakra are depression, apathy (not caring about anything; indifference), only existing and not really living, being a mindless slave, disconnected from all emotion and feeling. The end result is suicide or death from just not caring anymore. Sorry to be blunt but i am not one to beat around the bush. I will tell you as it is wholey and truthfully.

The heart chakra is the seat of all our emotions as well as our ambition and drive. One can hate with a whole heart as well. If one lacks the feeling or desire, one will not achieve the objectives at hand. This is why the heart chakra is so important.

Nearly all new age teachings are corrupted and incomplete, a deliberate effort by the enemy as they know their time is almost up, so they went into their libraries twisted the true spiritual teachings of old and put them into public circulation. A final fight as to say as they know that the warrior souls are back (us). The trouble is not all remember their cause, so being attracted to meditations amongst other things, they learn what the enemy wants and not receiving true spiritual enlightenment. Some are born remembering, others have to reactivate through the awakening techniques.

What the enemy fears the most is humanity having the knowledge to defend ourselves as a whole and the self-esteem to REFUSE to be slaves. One's self-esteem also comes from the heart chakra.
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