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Default Re: Awake but stuck

Originally Posted by lightworkers View Post
If any of you out there happen to be rich and know that our paper money will not matter much soon in the US, please consider spreading it around where it will be put to good use.
I want to protect my family and myself. I want to be here to teach the next generation, to be a part of this great enlightenment coming our way.
We don't need much - my girl, our animals and I. Whatever you may want to offer is plenty.

these lightworkers

Hi lightworkers,

Interesting request. Yes, wouldn't that be interesting if those with all the paper money just started giving it away? This world is so lop-sided in who can do what (including things like eat) because of that artificial commodity which rules our lives.

This forum may not be the place to expect return, though. As someone else said, a lot of us here are in the same boat. However, I'm not sure it hurts to ask. You can always ask for what you want, then wait and see how it comes to you.

You may have heard some weird stories in the news: The woman who gave a $20,000 tip to a waitress because she suddenly realized that she didn't need the money? The factory owner in Maine who gave each employee a $1,000 bonus for every year they had worked there, because he had had a good year in the business? Some people got a $30,000 bonus!

What I'm saying is, did that waitress ASK for that $20,000? She needed money for college, I think, so money was on her mind. That serendipity event was how the money came to her.

I think the issue may be your anxiety over the money. All the stuff people have said here is relevant. If it isn't coming, maybe it is because you don't really need it. As David Wilcock has said, you will be where you need to be. Some people will survive in cities because it is their calling to be in a city. On the other hand, if you really really want to go to SA, you will find a way. I'm sure of it.
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