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Default UFOS Over Melbourne

Sunday night Melbourne, my wife calls me to come quickly, in the night sky on a full moon the were bright orange lights traveling right to left. "quick grab the binoculars" I said ( should have said camera). The lights seem to appear from no where and as the came nearer they became brighter. They traveled at a consistent velocity and as they drew away from us the lights became dimmer until puff they disappeared.

It would appear that the source of the light was up inside the craft for at a low angle the body of the craft obscured the light, as it came closer the light could be seen very clearly, as it moved on the light was progressively obscured until it was gone.

Anyone have any clues as to what the craft might have been?
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Default Re: UFOS Over Melbourne

Funny, I saw something similar a couple of weeks ago.

Was going out late evening, quick run to the shops. Noticed when getting into my car that there was a quite bright orange "star" on the upper right hand of one of the brightest stars we have on the night sky. (might be a planet, not too informed on that)

Anyways, I drove up to the main road, looked again, and noticed the orange "star" was now slightly to the left of the bright star. I hadn't seen it move, it just suddenly appeared there instead. When I finally got to the store, the orange light was gone, nowhere to be seen. All happened within 5 minutes or so.

I found it strange, but very very interesting of course!
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