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Default Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

Originally Posted by RedeZra View Post

I don't have all the answers

and Im not defending any beliefs

Im just questioning your certainty

I am sceptic about Collier Sitchin and the Andromedans

for it could all be pure fiction and fantasy with a motive

an orchestrated psyops operation for future false flag

to turn our culture's focus from Christ and His teachings

to replace Scripture with speculations as

there is no Savior and no Grace

you are all on your own

if not for our brothers and sisters the Andromedans

whom we will never meet by the way

but they will be watching and guiding us

to Nowhere
But you do defend these beleifs, not Creation.

Of course you can question what appears as my certainty, you are welcome to do so. I am also doing the same thing . There is nothing into Sitchin and Collier that has the purpose to turn our culture from Christ and his teaching.

Christ's teaching is not unified on Earth. It does not represent human beleif in overall. Don't get me wrong, I don't under value Christ's teaching, but you seem to think Christianity is the world beleif, which is not the case.

And the andromedans are not here to replace the 'scripture'. They are here to clarify and inform. Maybe, Sitchin and Collier and Summers and the whole lot of UFO contactee and researchers are under a psyops to mislead us into false beleives... It is a maybe I do not endorse.

My maybe is; the 'scripture' you defend and the beleif that comes with it were once true and authentical. Up to a point that it really bothers the ones 'in charge', so not able to destroy it, they simply infiltrated it, corrupted it, to a point where it is no more challenging their influence and control over the masses. But rather, help them to maintain us into a beleif system that perpetrate a victim consciousness.

Here is the real fantasy... That is what I question, it is all over, it is official, it has caused many wars and death. This is not what Creation's defend and endorse. You judge a tree by its fruits, remember...

Namaste, Steven
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