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Thumbs up Seek Safety in the In-Breath / ANTI-DARKNESS

Seek Safety in the In-Breath Meditation

As the Forces of Light pierce through the financial and warmongering regimes of the Dark Forces with ever accelerating energies, we experience perturbations on all levels of life. Insanity is the result. There has never been a time when finding peace and tranquility in one’s inner world is so critical. The astral zone is in full agitation, so much so that those engaging in certain types of meditation may be inviting unwanted visitors into their consciousness who are posing as guides and Masters. Indeed some may even willingly invite these entities into consciousness, only for them to remain there as attachments or possessions.

For a more detailed explanation of what we are currently experiencing, we refer you to the following excerpts from volumes 1 and 2 of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies:

1) In Chapter 7 “The Armageddon: A Cosmic Filtering Process” in the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol 1 we discuss the present phenomenon of acceleration and the resulting worldwide insanity.

2)In Chapter 2 “The Battleground of the Astral Plane” of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 2. we discuss the current waves of agitation in the astral plane.

The In-Breath Meditation Method on this website HERE >


is based on ancient Raja Yoga meditation practices and is especially relevant today under present agitated conditions. You, as the meditator, are guided to go deeply inward into your inner world until you make contact with your Higher Self. The process of getting there and then reaching and communicating with your Higher Self, demands perseverence and discipline but is safe and without interference from the outer agitation of the astral world. The process of journeying inward shields you from the turbulent outer world and its astral influences.

Of course, you will encounter obstacles on this journey, but these problems are posed by your own astral or emotional body, not by some mischievous astral entity. You will have to face up to them while at the same time drawing comfort that the resolution of these emotional problems will bring you an even higher sense of peace, tranquility . . . and awakening.

Once you approach the realm of your Higher Self, you begin to benefit from its guidance, purpose, and safety “far from the madding crowds”.
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Default Re: Seek Safety in the In-Breath / ANTI-DARKNESS

Thank you. Will study.
P.S.: Love your avatar.
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Default Re: Seek Safety in the In-Breath / ANTI-DARKNESS

Hey thankyou very much Czymra!

It's Jon Diffool, unlikely hero of the City Shaft.....
All of which is from an incredible prophetic comic called the Incal [also the Metabarons series]

Also, it's a powerful warping of the Blake image.

And lastly, it's also a fine dance move. hhha ahhahh I'm serious!

some links here;
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breath, meditation, safety

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