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Default Brainwash in the school

My last post gave me an idea for a new thread. We all know that is the brainwashing in the school present. And many of us have our kids in the school, so I think it's a good idea to share the real brainwash examples for our learning purposes...

Of course, most of the cases might look like the coincidences, but i don't believe in the coincidences any more...

So here's one such a case from a first class in a primary school:

Here Kids in a school draw a loooooooooong lines behind the aeroplanes. Heh, that's like one of the exercises for a straight line practicing. Of course, contrails is the "right" answer for us - stupid parents...

Maybe they will learn how to draw a straight lines in the nose next...

So, do you have some good to know school brainwash example to share?!

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Default Re: Brainwash in the school

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Default Re: Brainwash in the school

Hi Nagual

Talk about in your face, how can anyone NOT see that for what it is. Simply unbelievable what they are up to and people ask why I home-schooled my kids.

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Kari Lynn
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Default Re: Brainwash in the school

It's all about control of the masses. What better way to control the parents than through the child? Anyone who has a child in elementary school can see it if they open their eyes.
How many times I've had my children come home thinking their dad was a horrible drug addict and criminal because he smokes ciggarettes. Those are drugs you know.
And that is the most openly visible mind control that can be seen.
Gun control is another a little more visible. Remember as a child we used to play cops and robbers, or cowboys and Indians, using our pointer fingers as guns? My son got suspended from school one day and I had a 2 hour long lecture with the school staff about how this type of play was bad for my son, bad for society, and has zero tolerance in the school. All the teachers, councelors, principles standing over me, while I was seated.
There are things said and done to kids behind the scenes that most parents don't see.
And it is just as abusive as any abusive parent could do to their child, but it's okay because these are professionals, and what they're trying to accomplish is right.

My mother being a foster parent, I have learned many things that they do to the kids to brain wash them. And how they control the parents through the kids.
Any one that has a hard time believing they use kids to control the parents, Go to a Foster parent support group meeting, and a foster parents training class! Or view the goings on from a foster parent point of view, with an open mind.
I could list so many things here that I've seen, but it would turn into a book!
Needless to say, because of my view on child rights in school, gun rights, and because my husband smokes cigarrettes. I don't fit the school's mould of a parent that is "benifiting society"
So yes we butt heads all the time. And I have a few select officials in the school, that is trying to take my kids away. I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, and dotting my i's, just to stay one step ahead of them. I'm thankful when summer vacation comes. And they can't understand why I don't want the kids in summer school?

If I could home school, I would. But....they have it set up in such a manner as to make it hard for kids of home schooling to succeed. Not to mention the parents as well.

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Default Re: Brainwash in the school

Thank you for all replies! Wow, Nagual, what an educational collection! Some are even funny in some bizarre way...

Now listen to this former Senior Policy Advisor in the US Department of Education:

And she have more to say here:


That's... spooky.

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