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Exclamation Alberto Rivera Thread and histories.

Hi to all

This thread is about an old whistleblower named .eehh.. Alberto Rivera.

He was a Jesuit priest the first decades of his life (he becomes orfan early aged and was rised by jesuits to be one) until he reached the word of GOD (ok, until he reached something spiritually better than what the jesuit order offers him who, actually, wasn't so much).

He, in a middle of a lecture in a full stadium, can't more and go away and then tries to resign to the order, the order goes mad and was placed by it in an asylum to keep him controled. Then he convinced the chief jesuit of the asylum to release him because he told what he found (this better spiritual path) so he ran away to USA where got married and lives.

But he was a danger for the order because he was exposing them in several lectures all around (the order always have layer after layer of organizations and people in front of them so we don't think they are in control, example: the zionists who Leo Zagami's says that in the top are the same with the roman catholics)

After several atempts to end his life he was poisoned. But he told his history before his death.

So, here I will put the histories he told before his death, are absolutely amazing.


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Default Re: Alberto Rivera Thread and histories.

Loyola hiring by pope and some papal signs you will recognize, by Alberto

The history starts when Ignatio de Loyola (the inventor of the jesuit order) are hired by the pope to begin the counterreform, this means to eliminate the reform and reformists and re-validate the papal position.

The statue of Loyola in the jesuit headquarters in vatican city... he is stomping a person?

The pope hired him because this soldier who are really odd, in fact he was a famous because he broked a leg beacause a cannon ball hit him making uneable to go to war and he want to fight so much that he made a phisician broke it again to make the leg recover well this second time, the operation don't suceed for unluck of us, haha.

Ok, he was hired because he has a "briliant" idea to validate the pope position of power over the other humans, he invented that Peter are the first pope, that are called the papal sussession, and the excuse was the Jesus say to peter that "he are the stone in I will form my church", but this is a lie and a deformation of the real talk. Jesus say "you are a stone and I am the Rock", in fact in other post I will put the real Alberto's beginings of the Roman Catholic church. The second thing who would validate the power of the pope are that the pope have "temporal power" (power over the eartly things, aka, All), these are the 2 pillars in what the power of the pope are based.

When the pope makes the "sign of peace" (the popular 2 finger in the air sign) he are showing the 2 pillars of the power of the pope (remember, temporal power, power over All), in fact this sign are the origin and true meaning of the "peace sign".

Other curious thing. When the pope kiss the ground when he arrives into a country that sign means... He OWNS the place. Yeah, and he didn't kiss the ground of USA when arrives but he Kissed the United Nations Building, so.. you can take your conclusions.


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Default Re: Alberto Rivera Thread and histories.

The Creation of the Illuminati

After his hiring by the pope to eliminate the spiritual awakening (like what the new age are doing now, corrupting the spiritual awakening, remember that Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a jesuit priest was the father of that movement)
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the father of the new age movement and a Jesuit priest.

and eliminate those who oppose to the vatican Ignatius de Loyola Form the Illuminati, a satanic organization to control the minds of the european leaders by the means of hipnosys and witchcraft (remember that in the illuminaty pyramid the ultimate purpose is to be Demon possesed, exactly what Loyola want for the leaders, to control them).

Loyola comunicated with the spiritual realm in a search for knowledge when he erected this dammed and powerfull organization.

The spirits who are really intradimensional non positive spiritual beings (deamons, like the ascended master thing, and the mayority of the contacts with "aliens" like RAtta, Seth and others).

Alberto continues (remember that he was a ex-jesuit priest and he talks like one): Lucifer called himself the angel of light and many contactees sees him like a pillar of light, in that form was and is easy to scam people.

The dominicans who runs the inquisition pointed Loyola for his mysterious practices but he salves by a "miracle" haha.

Then Loyola goes where the pope and presented a new order of priests: The society os Jesus, the Jesuits.

Loyola invented "Spiritual exercises" to achieve the "spiritual perfection". By the sistematic meditation, pray, beholding, visualization and enlightment, Loyola went in trance and extasis. "Some people saw him elevate his body of the floor like numerous jesuits under total satanic control, even me", says Alberto. That was to have his jesuit elite in his pocket and to make they do whatever he desires. He want his order to be the intelectualest of all the catholic orders, the creme de la creme.

Loyola used:

1.- Philosophy
2.- Metaphisics
3.- Logic
4.- Psychoanalisys
5.- Psychology
6.- Hipnosys
7.- Telepaty
8.- Parapsychology (cientific witchcraft)
9.- Psyquiatry
10.- Psycotherapy
The now called conductists sciences.

The source of all this ciences was very old, and that's for another post, haha.

This occult knowledge prepared the jesuits for the control of the nations.

Loyola, general of an army.

When Loyola was garantizeed with power in the vatican he puts his occultist organization, the Illuminati, under the protection of the vatican. (remember that Svali, the illuminati programer, says she , when was a little girl, was in an human sacrifice inside the Vatican).

Loyola knows that the Illiminati would capable of taking over the global economy, international banking, military forces, all sort of witchcraft and religions of the world making the humanity kneels to the pope.

Never was another group that enters in the occultism more deeply. They intense witchcraft analisys and it's ramifications make the illuminati extremely close to the luciferian doctrine. Using the trascendental meditation and all sorts of Buddism (controvertial declaration haha).

In 1980 the pope says that the spiritists sects aren't a threat so can continuing it's existence. The jesuits helped these cults to develop by funding they and infiltration.

Any Religious body, sect or secret society who is forming are Inmediately visited by undercover Jesuits.

Any newly formed organization is very influencied by this nice and intelligent visitors who helped them to develop and mold. The undercover jesuits guide the newly formed organization to serve the vatican interests.

Fr. Thomas Michel sj (at left) with a great "real" smile in an interreligious dialog (or monologe?)

Some of these groups are:

1.- Masonry
2.- Jehova's whitnesses
3.- Mormonism
4.- Unitaries
5.- Christian science

Interesting aclaration: When the people started to dyscover that Loyola form the Illuminati, the jesuits made a faithfull member called Adam Weishaput (under extreme oath and induccion) pretend leave the order and say that He was formed the illuminati the 1 of may of 1776. That's was done with the purpose that the world never believes in a conection between the Illuminati and the catholic system.

Inside the infamous bohemian groove a catholic mass. To the groove people of several organizations asists, illuminati skull and bones, cfr, knights of malta, pilgrims, all are joined at the top.

In this page Stan Deyo talks about the jesuits and the illuminati.

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Wink Re: Alberto Rivera Thread and histories.

The real begining of Chrismas Hohohoho

Alberto says:

This image was created by Habdon Sundblom by command of coca-cola company, the north pole history is for another comercial from Lomen Company, before that he was an elf.

If the vatican is cunning to scam us, what about the chrismas?

It could be a form of white magic?

It could be occultist in any way?

The bible says (remember taht Alberto was christian so he cites the bible a lot): "Glass of gold was babylon in the hand of jehova, who drunks all the land. Of it's wine dronk the peoples stunning by that mean all the nations"

The queen of Babylon, Semiramis (who then was knows with many names; Isis in Egypt, Venus in rome, moon in wicca and Mary in the catholic era and please don't be confused by the fact of the historic Mary, mother of Jehoshua, that woman was a normal person but the catholic institution is the descendant of this mistery cults so she must elevate some woman into the position of the "goddes" semiramis, so the roman catholic institution elected Mary to that role).

Semiramis and Tamuz, the same image for the catholic Mary and the children Jesus (did you notice the sun behind them? Why they are in the sky?

Semiramis command to the world that they must celebrate the birth of her son Tamuz (who was known for many names to, Horus in egypt, Sol in rome, etc). He, of course, was the sun god Baal representing lucifer. Semiramis declared that the 25 of december was the birthday of Baal. Her astrologes say to her that the sun is in the most distant point from the earth during the winter solstice.

They told to the peopla that the 21 of december the sun, or Baal, dies.

Then, in the 24 of december it begins to resucitate and a day late, in the 25th is it's birthday.

Beautyfull construction of the solstice

With the time in all the world the people workship the sun under many names, Tamuz, Horus, Osiris, Sol, etc. Was time of orgies, child sacrifices to baal, drunks and engoyment. Semirames command that the trees must be decorated with little balls who make remeber the sun.

The jews prohibited they people to decorate the trees like the pagans.

When the first mass was done in the midnight of december 24th of 394 aC was the mass of christ. The religious machinery change the birthday of Jehoshua for the birthday of Baal. The pagans love it. It becomes the most great day for the catholic institution.

Is a time of parties, songs, chrismas trees, gifts, but is a time of suicides and anguish for the people whitout hause and home.

This family has a home, house and tree but no gifts, it seems that for many people it isn't so great if they can afford them.

We see parties and children who wait for santa or the tree kings for gifts. We see the virgin mary and a little boy, both with the sun behind them.

The bible commands us to celebrate chrismas? No! Nor Christ nor the diciples ever taught it. There aren't any document that show us that the first christians celebrating the birth of christ.

That's a non-biblical practice and was invented by the vatican to Bond Christ to the Mass. Today the protestand are forced to observe this catholic fastivity.

In the past the great day of the believers in the Bible was Thanksgiving day. Was a time to thanks G O D for the new land he gave to them.

Thanksgiving is stained because the salem witchunt but that event wasn't what the history taught.

Was a separated day to celebrate their freedom of the persecution and the yoke of rome.

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Default Re: Alberto Rivera Thread and histories.

A critic overview

Perhaps the most controversial thing Jack Chick ever did was hook up with and publish Alberto. Sure, he caught heat for taking on the homos, but there are lots of folks who dislike them. The Catholics, on the other hand, are usually considered part of the morally upright crowd. It was pretty divisive for a Christian to criticize another religion that claims to be Christian as well.

At the center of the controversy is Alberto Rivera himself. Some say he was indeed an ex-Catholic priest. Many others (especially Jesuits) say he was a fraud. But if he was lying, why would he do it? There certainly wasn't much profit in it. (He didn't receive any royalties for Chick, and Alberto's religious tape and video sales couldn't have been that lucrative.)

Some say he was self delusional. If so, he certainly had a vivid and precise memory of his delusions. All the biographical details he provides about his life are much more concise than what I could provide about mine. Any minor difference given in dates from the comic book and his public lectures can easily be written off as common memory lapse, especially in light of his claims to have undergone electric shock treatments at the Catholic sanitarium. (You can bet the doc who discharged him really caught hell!) And far from dodging critics, Alberto always seemed to seek them out and confront them. He would call up radio shows and debate with them (uninvited), or meet with them privately like he did with Doctor Walter Martin. These discussions and debates never seemed to improve Alberto's credibility. He would give specific answers, but that's a far cry from hard proof. And whatever documents he DID provide were always downplayed by critics (although never proved to be forgeries). In the end, the constant attacks on his honesty made many people doubt him. It wasn't the quality of accusations, but the quantity of accusations that made him look bad. Still, Alberto seemed completely oblivious to this and continued to engage doubters whenever the opportunity arose. He often offered tapes of such debates along with his religious materials.

Alberto said he intended on publishing four 500 page books giving additional details and documents to dispel critics, but he never got around to it. Was it because he couldn't provide those documents? Or was it because, like many of us, he got distracted with other priorities and procrastinated until it was too late. There's no way to be sure...

On page 27 of the first Alberto comic (Crusaders vol. 12), Rivera's ID papers are published along with two official documents. Chick correctly points out that Fascist Spain was a police state at the time. Defrauding the authorities would not be easy and the penalty extremely severe. Chick states, "To obtain this document, Alberto had to supply his birth certificate, identifications papers and positive proof from his Archdiocese of being a priest."

Alberto claims on the same page that "I was made a Bishop in the Old Roman Catholic Church, receiving my Bull of Consecration under the Apostolic succession of Roman Popes." Some critics have pointed out that the Old Catholic Church doesn't serve the Pope. But Alberto claims he was made a Jesuit agent and placed under Extreme Oath and Induction because of his espionage work. If he was to continue his covert duties, putting him the Old Catholic Church would make sense, because it would make him appear to be outside the control of the Pope and less likely to be Jesuit serving the Black Pope ("the Jesuit General who actually runs the Vatican in Rome behind the scenes"-page 28).

Then there's the corroborating testimony provided by Dr. Gerard Bouffard. He was a high ranking bishop born in Quebec, Canada. He rose from lower levels of his orders to become an assistant for many years to Popes such as Paul VI and John Paul II. He converted to protestantism and claims he was the man who received the order to eliminate Rivera. In a documentary called Unveiling the Mystery Behind Catholic Symbols, Bouffard shows a fancy 18-carat gold plated pen containing a special disappearing ink with which the Holy Office authorities sign top secret documents. He claims, "With this pen that I am holding, I signed the order to kill Dr. Rivera". Pretty dramatic cloak and dagger stuff! His previous high profile position would make him an easy target for discrediting... Yet the silence is deafening.

And of course, there's also the alleged evil content of the Jesuit Oath, which seems to outline much of the mischief that Alberto claims his fellow Jesuits were up to.

The Vatican also has its own credibility problems to contend with. From a historical context, Alberto's claims to be a Jesuit working undercover to destroy protestant churches is not as far flung as it might seem. The Jesuits were created in 1541 by Ignatius De Loyola for that very purpose (although some Jesuits dispute this, naturally). They engaged in countless dirty tricks, assassinations, and treasonous plots during their hay day. The Office of the Inquisition was an out growth of their mission which resulted in the torture and/or murder of millions of innocent people for "heresy". That department has since been renamed The Holy Office, but the Jesuits have never bothered with a name change. How much their goals have changed with time is also a uncertain. Neither organization is very transparent and both serve the interests of the Pope. Bad reputations are not easily forgotten.

If Alberto's story is a lie, it's brilliant piece of fiction with amazing consistency. There are certainly other conspiracies that have been dreamed up which are equally vivid and intricate. The JFK assassination conspiracy and the UFO /Majestic 12 conspiracy come foremost to mind. But these conspiracies were created and improved by hundreds of people over a long period of time, then pieced together and rearranged until they formed a plausible narrative. After twenty or so years of "public input" and revisions, a semi-"official" version is adopted. If any particular part of it is proven to be false, it morphs into a slightly different version without the disproven parts.

Alberto didn't have these resources. His personal story came from him alone. It wasn't revised and honed for decades by committee before Chick published it. On the contrary, it was published in its entirety and then sublimated with additional volumes (five more comics) giving more names and dates but no retractions. If he in fact "made it all up", then he certainly deserves a prize for literary genius. Especially as far as his own biographical intrigues are concerned (move over Baron von Munchausen?).

After twenty years of investigation, all the Pope's resources have failed to "prove" Alberto was a fake. Of course, Alberto failed to "prove" his allegations against the Vatican as well. So at best, the contest is still a draw. Maybe future developments will yield something dramatic. But don't count on it. We'll probably never know if Alberto was really "real" unless the Pope were to come straight out and confess it. (And that stands about as much of a chance of happening as a flying saucer landing on the White House lawn.) It is definitely delicious food for thought, however, and far more scary than any premise aired on X-files.


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Default Re: Alberto Rivera Thread and histories.


How long, I will put more of the Alberto Ribera's histories later but first a little vid of 1 minute of the actual Alberto talking some interesting thing...

Alberto talking something very interesting.

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Default Re: Alberto Rivera Thread and histories.

Is there a positive scenario whereby the paganism, satanism, etc. can be exorcised from the Roman Catholic Church? Lucifer has been, and is, the god of this world...and people, throughout history, have literally sold their souls to the devil. The RCC is all about ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Rome. Is the Pope really the Vicar of Lucifer? I don't say this in a mean way. I think the RCC is in a huge bind. This is not a simple matter. I think they are doing the best they can under the circumstances. However...the RCC needs to make a pronounced decision to follow the Teachings of Jesus...and to make their peace with the U.S. Constitution. They need to choose the path of Responsible Freedom. This would take a miracle of biblical proportions to institute. The implications and ramifications would be enormous. Of course, it is very easy to sit on the sidelines and point out what should, or should not be, done. If I were in their shoes...I wouldn't have a clue what to do. I don't envy them. I think that some of the best friends of humanity will turn out to be Jesuits. They have more real knowledge of the dark forces which haunt this world...than just about anyone. They tend to be very smart and educated people. People like you or me see smoke. We know something is very wrong...but we don't really see the fire like these people do. Unless the RCC performs a global exorcism...we are truly screwed.

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Default The New Age (and the vatican's intelligence aparatus)

This and the following are of the most interesting revelations made by Alberto in the topic of the motivations of the Roman Catholic institution.

Alberto said:

The New Age

"Betwen 1962 and 1965 the Vatican II council toke place, to the unknowing people it was a great reconciliation meeting but inside all the things was equal as allways.

A Final Purification of Heretics* must go on.

After the Vatican II, Pedro Arrupe, the Superior General of the society of jesus, The Black Pope, congregated key jesuits under oath.

He offered a mass in midnight to the regional jesuit generals of all the world and the members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Formerly called The Universal Inquisition).**

The jesuits gathered to hear these Horrible words by the Sperior General:

Is Time for the New and Final Purification of the church in preparation for the kingdom of the New Age.***

-Without knowing it he had iniciated the las profetic fact who will destroy the roman catholic system and all who are in it-

Arrupe, the Black Pope, with Paul VI.

The Catholic System believes that it is the fullfillment of the "Divine Commission" of the Four Horsemen of Apocalipsis, chapter 6, in witch they will produce a World Church and a World Goverment under the papacy... to achieve the "milenial Realm".

The world was deceived, the Vatican II just was a cover, a enormous teather to hide their planes of World Dominion.

The Superior General of the jesuits, Arrupe, Just iniciate one of the Greatests Inquisitions of history under the leadership of the jesuits.

They give my this order:

Go to the Vartican Library with a group of brohters to study the methods used by Neron****, Domingo and Loyola to be informed of the Methods of Infiltration estermination and penetration aproved by our Mother Church.

Iguided the jesuits under the tunnels of the Vatican Library who opens miles and miles in three levels under Vatican City.

In those tunnels is guarded information throught the centuries from the deepests secrets of history to the most new advances 20 century weaponry.

The sistine Hall at Vatican Library

The confesionaries give information from all the parts of the world and are an important source of all kind of classified information.

All the Letter Agencies in the World have catholic agents working to the Vaticans (did you know how many knights of malta are in the CIA, KGB, etc?, Did you know how many of these knights where actually Heads of the CIA?).

The Catholic intelligence is unique in the world. The catholic do that because all catholic have a dual citizenship, is an active citizen of 2 countries, their mother country and the Vatican.

/The head of the Omega Proyect who joins all the Letter Agencies is George Bush snr. He is a Knight of Malta.

Knight George Bush Senior with -former- USA pope Edward Cardinal Egan of New York.


** Alberto was in that meeting.

*** Arrupe used "purification" as a key word to describe the Purge and Extermination of all who are unfaithfull to the pope.

**** Neron created fake churches to identify the believers in times of the old roman empire.
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Default The Four Horseman

The Four Horsemen

In the previous Alberto's revelation we know that the Catholic System Believes that it is the Fullfillment of the Profecy of Apocalipsis chapter 6 (that's the one with the Four Horsemen) to make a World Goberment and a World Church under the Reing of the Pope meanhile it prepares to the "Milenial Kingdom".

Let's see what Alberto say about that.

"In the bible appears that in the apocalipsis there's an angel who ask tho the peoples of the world who's capable of open the Great book with seven seals, but nobody can even look at it.

Was a lot of unhappiness in the world until Yehoshua'ha Mechaich c-came and opened it.

In the chapter 6 Yehoshua opens the first seal and reveals his enemy:

This is an clever imitation of Him, so clever that many people actually believes that imiation is Jesus.

The White horseman:

"...When the Lamb had opened the first of the seven seals, I heard the first of the four beasts say with a thundering voice, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a white horse; and he that sat on him had a bow: and there was given unto him a crown, and he departed as conqueror and to conquest"

-Haven't own Name.

-Has an Bow without arrows. He haven't weapons, his followers fight for him.

-Has a crown who is gived to him.

-The destruccion and hell follow him.

(very creepy this guy)

Alberto makes a paralel.

The White horseman:

-Haven't own Name.

When a man comes to be a Pope, he resign his own name and is given to him a Pontifical title who Bestow a New Name.

-Has an Bow without arrows. He haven't weapons, his followers fight for him.

Meanwhile the Vatican is a soberane state, it doesn't have own army.
The Crox who bears the Pope was Intentionally Bended to identify the Pope with This Horsemen.

The amazing power of this man has builded in wars... Entire armies had fought for the Pope from before the crusades to the batles in the Libanon, Center américa and Ireland.

The Pope and his Bended Cross

-Has a crown who is gived to him.

When the Pope is crownd betwen this words are pronounced: Take the Triple crowd and know that You are the Father of the Princes and Kings, and the Ruler of the World.

The Papal dinasty haven't a true linage. Is given a crown and a kingdom who isn't their.

-The destruccion and hell follow him.

In the 20 century Armies Fought for him, Hitler, Franco and Mussolini was all 3 papal crusaders, (as W. Bush was in the invasion of Afghanistan and Irak)

Nazi's knight of Malta Von Pappen with Cardinal Pacelli, later a Pope signing a Concordate to make Germany a Tool of the Papacy.

Hitler said: In the topic of the Jews Im only continuating the policy that has adopted of the Catholic Church for the last 1500 years.. I see the danger in this race (the jews) for the Church and State and maybe Im doing a Great service to "christiandom"

The killings of Jews (and protestants) are perfectly Legal for the laws of the Catholic System. Because in the Trent Council they are considered Heretics and enemies of "god".

Nothing has Changed!!

In just the modern times the Pope had changed his makeup and with a Giant Mediatic succesfull propaganda now he is called "a man of peace", before he was clearly reckognized, in the protestant countries, as this horseman. Calvino and Luther called im the Antichrist publicly!

The Red Horseman

And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

The Horseman in the Red one is the Comunism.

Is a documented reality that the Jesuits /with help of the Vatican Bankers, the knights in the Rothchild family/ helped to create and financiate the comunist party. Until now they want to every nation to be comunist but they Don't have knowledge that they has been used by the Pope. /Just the top Papal Knights, like -sorry folks- Putin and the knights of KGB/.

An agreement will make Catholisism accepted in Russia /That has done in 2006/.

Leader of the Orthodox Russian Church and The Pope

The american faithfull catholics under the orders of the Bishops screams for the desarmament of USA, opening a way for the comunist Russia (or china, you know) enters.

Now there's a lot of motions to achieve the Take away of our liberties (You know, 5 of 9 of the Supreme court Judges are Roman Catholics) /p.a.t.r.i.o.t. act anybody?/

In 1983 eeuu saw the creation of catholic tribunals to investigate the activities of protestants and unfaithfull people for a Coming Inquisition

The Red War Machine

Rome thinks that EEUU will Loose World War 3.

The Black Horseman

"and when he opened the third seal, I heard a third living being, who said: Come and see. And I beheld, And looked a Black horse; and he that sat on it has a Balance in is hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living beings who said: A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine".

The Black Horseman: The Famine.

This horseman has a balance in his hand that symbolizes the Incredible power over the World Economy to control the production of food.

The other balance symbolizes is who controls the laws who protect the production of oil and alcohol.

His color is Black. Is the color of the Jesuit Order who search to dominate the world economy for the Pope throught the Following Institucions:

The Alumbrados (the illuminati man)

The C.F.R

The International Banking Cartel

The Mafia (The Criminal Arm of the Vatican)

The Club of Rome

The Opus Dei

The Masonry

The New Age Movement


"the vatican is the Greates fiancier power, gatherer of wealth and owner of propieties in the World... Nobody can estimate how much is it worth in thousands of millions"

Avro Manhattan, The Vatican Billions.
* Heretic is all the poeple who don't reckognize the pope as ruler of the world!

The horsemen has a hand in the balance of justice to Control, Manipulate and Destroy legaly all oposition.

Five of the nine supreme tourt Judges are Catholics

The portestant America is the it's Last Target.

The Pale Horse

"And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and look a pale green horse; and he that sat on him was called Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, and that they (the four horsemen) should kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth".


Alberto didn't talks about the last horseman.

Alberto talks that the europeans leaders realizeing that all was a scam and they was being used for centuries for the pope's wars and plans will attack the vatican and the pope will flee to Jerusalem where the final battle will take place.

He puts these versicles:

“However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.
You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected".


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Default Re: Alberto Rivera Thread and histories.

I love listening to ex-Jesuits such as Alberto Rivera and Malachi Martin. They were on the inside...and really knew what was going on. Obviously they became marked men when they spoke very frankly. 'The Keys of This Blood' by Malachi Martin is a great book. It's not Catholic bashing at all...yet it is very honest and revealing. I would love to see a de-paganized church. I love the art(despite some pagan symbolism, etc.), music, and architechture. I love the people. The Jesuits are very bright scholars. I would love to see a church at peace with the words of Christ...and at peace with the U.S. Constitution. I would love to see a world united by Constitutional Responsible Freedom...rather than enslaved by an Old World Disorder Reptilian Theocracy. If anyone knows what is really going on in the universe...it's the Vatican. No institution has more power to help or harm the human race...than the Roman Catholic Church. I wouldn't know how to bring about the proposed changes without destroying the organization...and unleashing chaos. This is probably why they don't change. Change may have to occur from the bottom up. Does the Vatican receive it's marching orders from deep within the earth...from the god of this world? Is the Pope the Vicar of Lucifer? Does he have a choice in the matter? These are not rhetorical questions. I really don't know...but they may literally have one hell of a problem. And when they have a problem...we all have a problem.

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