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View Poll Results: Should Historycircus be a moderator for Project Avalon
Yes - Historycircus rocks 29 34.12%
No - Historycircus is dillweed 27 31.76%
I don't know - I thought this was a porn site. 19 22.35%
I don't care - like, shut up, yo. 10 11.76%
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Default Re: Moderator Election

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Default Re: Moderator Election

Originally Posted by historycircus View Post
I volunteer right now, right here to be a "mod," which I assume means converstation moderator.

If I'm picked, I will not delete or edit without good reason. I only have two criteria for "good reasons," as I am an incredibly busy man, and totally lazy:

1: The indiscriminate posting of porn - like that jerk on Halloween. Or bomb building schematics. Or nuclear secrets. Anything that could get Avalon sued or put under FBI investigation (he he), or multi-post giant ding-dongs will not be moved to "Off Topic," they will be deleted permanently.

2. Personal threats. "I'm gonna' track you down with my special computer shixt, your IP, and kill you man" will not be tolerated. A personal threat is a life ban - no second chances. And we might even call the cops . . . Disagreement, if expressed rationally and non-violently, will be self-regulating.

Who else will nominate me? I said I wanted to run for POTUS, maybe Avalon is the first step? Huh?

I will only accept the position if over 30% of Avalonians give thier "yay." To have one third of Avalon support my bid for moderator would be a true honor, and I hope to have it.

From the sounds of it, I would say you would make a wonderful moderator. I know, from reading all that I have read here, I would definitely pick you to be a moderator on any of my forums. I run a few forums myself and I know how hard it is to get good mods.

As an Admin, I applaud the fact that you are vowing to protect Avalon from legal issues.

My vote is for you.

Good luck!

Lady of Light
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