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Default truth in fiction (ff7)

This is probally not the right place to post this but I fell it somewhat importent.

Here is a short time line to give You a idear.

2000+ year's ago
" The Ancient's (Druids?) Were on a continues pilgrimige to find there promis land where they could settle and rest and live with out distrubtion to the earthe and haveing advance abilitys such as healing and being able to speak to the planet and the dead "

2000 year's ago
" A Biological Diety came from space and landed in the north pole & the Ancient's found it (Alive) and the Diety ( Jenova a female version of Jehova? ) Befriended the Ancient's due to it possested the same power's they had though on a higher level though was imposting friendship and start creating deseas's and ecconomical disaster's. Then the Ancient's caught on to this while majority by this point have given up there search for the promiss land and just accepted the bad things and started to settle in citys world wide the last remaining true ancient's fought the diety and were able to place it in spastended animation (basicly freeze it with out killing it)

Around 60-100 years ago
" The planet has a current of life known as the "Life stream" which every liveing thing "humans Birds Animals Plants ext" are made from and return to once passed on (though there concious can still remain they are now intertwined with all).

A Ellectric Power Company (Shinra) Discovered that the "Life Stream" was harvestable and able to power up great city's and started to create reactors world wide and force the change of life style for all towns/citys that used them and made a giant montropulis where the life stream seemed at the time to produce out the most. ( kinda like oil and uranien in my opion )

Now People pay for the power so the Shinra company makes alot of profit fast and basicly monopolises every indurestrie over time where it gets to the point where "You work for a shinra based company and pay taxes and pay for power however You allso get Protection from Shinra due to there massive army.

Around 30 Years ago
Which leads to now needing advance weponary and if not better advanced human's (super soilders). Now they discover that You can give liveing People mild showers of pure life stream to ulter there DNA to make them physicaly more advanced then a advirige person where they started to get there 1st ellite warriors.

Later on though The Shinra Science department discover and escuvate the Biological Diety from the north pole and kept it frozen basicly but took out its blood and started to mess around by implanting the dietys cells into liveing Humans, The 1st Person was a failer due to He wasn't injected inside He's Human Biological mothers womb and the 2nd one wasnt but due to despair forced the very person He was mentoring to kill Him, & The 3rd Snaped and wanted Revenge.

Few Year's ago
Sephiroth the 3rd one who snaped (sephiroth is hewbrew for choicen one) started to become obsesive about He's biological diety mother (so to speak, he was consived as a normal human so has 2 real parents) which leaded to Him wanting revenge on those whom created Him when then Zack tryed to stop Him and got He's ass kicked (zack being a advance human via the showers not alien DNA) and surpriseinly a 16 year old normal rifflemen found zack near dead picked up He's sword and killed Sephiroth.

Zack and the Rifflemen named Cloud were internaly wounded and the goverment found them near dead and discoverd they killed there experiment Sephiroth so placed them in hybernation tubes for 4 years and injected them with the Dietys DNA.

Zack manigers to escape captiveity and Free's Cloud whom had now serious poiseing from the experimence and was unconcious untill just befor the Goverment there onced worked for there Army had pursuided and found the 2 and Zack fought as hard as He could to save Him self and Cloud but failed due to being seriously out numbered & they didn't kill Cloud due to they though He was so out of it and would die alone naturealy.

However as they were gone Cloud awoke and crawled over to Zack whom was just bearly alive still and Zack gave Cloud He's sword as evidence that the goverments statement 4 years ago that both Zack Cloud and Sephiroth being M.I.A was alie.

Though due to basicly still being a 16 year old in mind and the experimence and poisening and the trauma of Zack's death Cloud's personality snaped to where He begain to think the events of 4 years ago was Him as the advance Soilder working with Sephiroth. I guess He had to inorder to mentaly grow up instintly.

I'm sorry I know this is long and there realy is alot more in the story that to Me has alot of truth about today, Here is a link to the intro of the Movie which is based 2 years after this time line and give alittle more info.


This 2nd link shows though in the long run nature wins =)


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