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Default Re: THE WATCHER Directional Change

Originally Posted by no caste View Post

Is it possible to post a photo of you and your dad, maybe 1 taken by your Mom or close family member - or maybe just your dad - and #2 in a work sH*T-ituation.

It's very poignant. I am glad you and your dad had that moment. He is lucky that you came, as you did.

When my dad passed away he left the entire house and contents to one person, my youngest brother whom acted as carer for my dad. This was OK to an extent but did result in arguments that meant I have not spoken to him, my sister and her husband, whom lived nearby and were constantly coming round trying to influence my dad, in ten years. Remember I was the troublesome odd one out, the black sheep of the family. I was in my dads will all along till 1998 when it was hurriedly changed. But thats another story. In that house were items that belonged to me, items I left there when I moved out to get married in 1979. Also, and more importantly, my dad had stowed away in a befroom cupboard, atop a built in above the stairs cupboard, a bag containing all his WW2 stuff. His medals, papers, tons of photographs of him and his unit in Germany, etc etc. There was also a silver cigarette case belonging to an SS officer. As a young boy I'd frequently get that bag from the cupboard and just sit and look at it all in wonderment. I often said as the years went by that I would like those items if my dad ever wanted to part with them. The last time I saw them was in 1977 during redecorating. After my dad passed away and my brother took control of the house I was not allowed to go there and retrieve not only my belongings but I insisted the WW2 stuff should at least be passed over to me. I not only asked for them frequently but being the eldest son I stupidly thought I deserved something. A massive amount of ordinary everyday photos were also in the house along with many reels of homemade 8mm cine films from over the years. All of this was denied me. I can try to obtain some unit photos but cannot guarantee. I had a number of photos taken whilst I was with my unit on Salisbury plain, will see if I can gain access to them.

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