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Kari Lynn
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Default Re: THE WATCHER Directional Change

Oh, okay, you twisted my arm!
this one, I don't recall an answer to, and I was kind of curious myself.

Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post
Thanks for answering my questions Barry, i feel many will know this info regarding elders/custodians/ there is a lot of knowledge out there just like to define which is which, so in your eyes some of the greys are benevolent because they do get a pretty dumb deal by most.
That has put things in perspective for me.
Can you tell me are the greys a race with consciousness and are they recognised as a race from original source if there are good greys out there i would guess they were but like all races there are good and bad in all. I read somewhere that the greys just want to be recognised as a race of there own.
Also when you said at the age of two you were pulled back (my words) can't remember what you actually said now but was a higher self brought forward then perhaps one of these elders?
Are you a guardian/elder/custodian, this is why the artefact had to be augmentated because you now reside in a human body.
And may i ask have you been brought forward from the future to be here at this time?
Which in itself gives questions that a possible end time scenario could be played out so much so that it was felt these elders should be here.
The name with which you use for your avatar says it all really i know but i am interested in these elders/higher beings can you tell us more about the guardians if possible, you have mentioned seeding planets yes and being watchers over them, do we have a name then of the original elders i'm digging i know i am trying to get this all correct.
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