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Default Re: THE WATCHER Directional Change

There had been quite advanced civilisations on Earth long before our 'up-to-date' recorded history, the records itself point out that something has happened that wiped several flourishing civilisations away .

What do I mean when I say 'advanced civilisations' comparable to ours ?

It is not in the same 'appearance' of the civilisation, human society is very flexible and changes all the time . It is not the same technologies because science in general has too many ways , in fact.
But there were and always will be common logical points , mathematics is surprisingly easy to agree on even between far away civilisations in universe .

Human brain retains wonderful potential for abstracts but we are not able to 'manifest' them all in reality.

What did old Egyptiand believe in ? Similar to other old cultures on Earth, there was someone different in their midst. Was he different ? Probably somewhat yes because as we know, they did not vote for him in parlament.
Where did 'the pharaos' ( can be Inca in Peru, emperors in old China and Japan, great kings of old times tc. etc.) , godlike beings, where did they come from ?

They believed that the temple, the pyramids protect them . They were multipurposed, anyway . But one of the rather agreeable points is that they believed in Life after human life, in heavens so to say,
they believed in Goddess Maat to weight their heart on scale against birds feather , only those with light heart without debts were free to proceed with the journey ..
The point is freedom decision . Realisation and detachement to the earth and of course, not leaving debts behind.

Then , the pyramid was pointing to the Stars, that's where they actually, exactly believed the pharaos came from and the top of the pyramid was meant to be a passage , way out of here, a vortex, power structure, do you understand it better now ?
Using simple tools of maths, advanced physical hypothesis ( they are always present with us one way or another ), astronomy etc. they've actually tried to build ''the passage home'' for the guest, the pharao and his family and I suppose they also believed that if they preserve their bodies, they may be able to come back to them, one day, that was the promise .

You may doubt again how much precision was related to the guest, the pharao , Inca, Emperor, originally , that's too long ago but some of the old cultures still exist today preserving the tradition , even if it has no meaning anymore, the long term facts are passed and preserved .

Obviously, they were dropped here and did not have ship to fly out, else they would not need the pyramidal structures.

Egyptians as well as all of the old cultures were firmly aware of life in far away universe albeit being connected to life on Earth .
Temples, pyramids, were one of the attempts for 'connection', they could 'send signals' to the universe, using other 'technics' than we do right now, sound and light and mind power as well ..

However far away this understanding is from average citizen of 'advanced' society of today , surprisingly or not for some, 'they' had been here and the connection was preserved .

It is not always happening. It is not always possible, for our 'human society' experiences lot of chaos and distress right now, for example , and even if space technoloies enable other cvilisations to travel to here, the journey is still quite long ( compared to the time that passes on the Earth in the meantime ) . So, in earthly time measures, we may expect that once these visitors had been here in more palpable form and established living connection , then left or died out but , left here usually some ;gene pool' as well.
They've also promised to come back but again, how long it may take exactly and even if they are around right now, they do not dare to enter her perhaps, becaue , I repeat , we appear dangerous to them

So, they try to find out how and what ways mankind can be guided and helped ..

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