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Talking Dream State

Rest is as essential to the spiritual body as it is to the physical. When you sleep at night, the spirit leaves the body and enters the inner realms where it is recharged with cosmic energy. The spirit is etherically connected to the physical body at the solar plexus and top of the head. These connecting threads can be seen by clairvoyants as silvery cords of unlimited elasticity.
While you sleep, your spirit can do one of three things: it will either stay with your body, hover near it, or travel away to other places on earth or to other dimensions.

Distance travel has no limitations. You can travel to other countries, explore the depths of the oceans, other planets or even other galaxies. All the while you are safely attached to your sleeping body via the etherically charged silver cord.

You can explore other dimensions such as the astral planes, where you can visit deceased relatives, or undergo tuition with your guides etc. This type of experience is commonly referred to as astral travelling.

There are many experiences available to the spirit while the body sleeps, and your spirit will focus on whatever will assist in its own ongoing development. This might involve healing or rescue work, a course of learning, visiting loved ones, or planning tomorrows activities with guides and teachers.

In your very deep sleep experiences, you are learning, studying and evolving.
Not only do we work on our life purpose during waking hours, but during sleep, when in communication with other aspects of our own identity, we work at tasks quite as valid as those of our waking conscious state.

While in your sleep/dream state, you choose which probable events you want to actualize into your physical daily life. You are anything but “inactive”. You are highly active. During sleep, you process your daily activities, project it into what you think of as the future, choose events you wish to make physical, and then begin the mental and psychic processes that will bring them into the world of physicality. At the same time, you make this information available to all other aspects of your self who dwell in entirely different realities, and you receive from them comparable information. You can thus draw upon knowledge that belongs to these other independent selves. Within this sympathetic relationship, much wisdom is gained and shared. You not only do this on an individual level, but as a race, you do it en masse on a national and global level. The world we see is a reflection of our inner reality. In a gigantic co-operative endeavour, all consciousness joins together to create the world you perceive.

Dreams are comments on your life. Some dreams are simply a means of releasing pent-up tensions accumulated in your daily life. Other dreams are messages from your soul. Most dreams are meant to tell you something that is important for you to know about yourself at that moment in your life. This is different from dream interpretation. Trying to interpret dreams from a limited 3D perspective only creates confusion. Dream interpretation is an approach to understanding dreams from the limitations of a five sensory perspective.

Understanding dreams as messages from the soul is a multi-sensory approach to dreams. Dream interpretation is seeing dreams from the outside in. Understanding dreams as messages from the soul is understanding them from the inside out. That is significantly different.

How you utilize these extrasensory communications from your soul is up to you. If you fail to make any sense of your dreams, its because you believe that none exists.

Write them down and after a few days you might see a pattern appearing ............................:sle ep_1:

Thoughts are boomerangs,
returning with precision to their source.
Choose wisely which ones you throw.
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Default Re: Dream State

YEP great stuff

here folks ....

thanks yet again henners

this is the stuff i came to Avalon for!!!!
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